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Tinder is an app that was found by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani and Whitney Wolfe in 2012, and it is by far the most popular dating app that is used by over 7 million monthly users worldwide by users from a different age. Statistics show that users from 16 to 34 age use tinder the most with 60% man and 40% women. The app allows users to post pictures of themselves and also like or dislike other peoples’ pictures. Tinder has also the short bio rubric in which users write key information about themselves and also the chat is included there in order to allow users to talk with each other and match in between.

Demographic data of users in Tinder Plus
Demographic data of users in Tinder


Tinder is free to use unless you choose to purchase premium subscription plans. For the Tinder plus version, for example, you have to pay in order to be able to use it and the price differs depending on the area you are living and what group age do you belong to. Below we are going to demonstrate how to purchase Tinder Plus for free.

What is Tinder Plus?

Tinder Plus is a premium version of Tinder. If you purchase Tinder Plus you can get access to more features such as rewind, passport, unlimited likes, and extra super likes. Now we will inform you widely about the functions of each feature.

  • Rewind: By using this feature you can take back any swipe that you have done. Theoretically, this feature gives you the possibility to re-swipe someone you unintentionally swiped in order to not lose communication in between.
  • Passport: This feature allows you to change your location and swipe into people who have a different location from yours. In this way, if you are traveling you can search and find dates before getting to your destination.
  • Unlimited Likes: Tinder Plus allows you to use how many likes you want without limitation
  • Extra Super Likes: With the premium version of Tinder you have 5 super likes to give out per day. This feature is used in order to let any user know that you “super like” them in order to have their attention.

As can be noted from above, using the features that Tinder Plus offers can increase the chances to find a date and arrange your meeting. So now you can get a Tinder Plus subscription for free by following the steps below. For those who are looking methods to find their match out of the list they have miss-clicked by unmatching and want them back you can start learning how to do Tinder Search that we got covered best ways to get back your matching back into your list.

What are the benefits of Upgrading to Tinder Plus?

  • Sending out 5 super likes per day, instead of 1 as it is in the free version of Tinder.
  • No advertisements and unlimited swipes
  • If you choose to be private on Tinder the upgrade allows you to limit who can see your profile
  • The ability to change your location.
  • Control your age and location.
  • Once per month to use Tinder Boost on the best time.

How can I get Tinder Plus for free?

Getting Tinder Plus comes also with having access in some of its features for free such as changing your location and get unlimited right swipes. Below we will tell you how.

  • Changing location
  1.  1.Download Fly GPS on the play store
  2. Then go to developer options in the settings menu, turn ON mock location and set Fly GPS as mock location app.
  3. Open your Tinder and minimize it in order to be able to also open Fly GPS app at the same time.

–  Then select the location that you are interested in for looking at the profiles.

–  Select GPS service run and then Fixed Location Mode

–  Open Tinder and you now will be in the region that you selected in the beginning.

  • Unlimited Right Swipes
  1. Go to Settings/ date and time.
  2. Set automatic mode into manual.
  3. Set the time from 24h to the current time in your location.
  4. Clear the cache data of the App/ close and open it. And you are now refilled with likes.

Is Tinder Plus worth it?

All the features that are described above make Tinder Plus totally worth it. All these features will make Tinder Plus more fun because the ability to choose what feature will you use and how will you use it will give you the possibility to explore the Tinder world in a more general way then the free version of Tinder. So, go get it guys!


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By following the procedure that is mentioned above you can easily get a free Tinder Plus with all of its features. Since Tinder Plus costs $9.99 per month we thought of making easier for people that can not afford the payment but wanted to join the Tinder Plus family. And for this reason, we decided to work on this project in order to give each of the users the opportunity to join Tinder Plus and try all of the features that the premium version offers. We are offering you this Tinder Plus subscription hack because we saw that most of the people that use Tinder version had required to be part of Tinder Plus but they could not afford the payment, and now we are giving you the possibility to be part of Tinder Plus without paying for it by only clicking (linkun) and complete the procedures that are requested on the site.

We hope that you will enjoy Tinder Plus and its features and hope that by using Tinder Plus you will be able to find a perfect match for yourselves!

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