12 Best Bumble Openers: Know What to Say and Say it Right!

Bumble Openers

Are you on Bumble?

I wonder how your experience has been so far. Good, I hope.

Well, there is one thing that stands out on Bumble and that is your opener message. In this article, I refer to it as the Bumble Opener.

Don’t worry, I will define it for you so that you can appreciate why this read is necessary for your dating success on Bumble. 

Openers are not really lengthy conversations between women and guys.

They rather according to, Lisa Clark is the first message texts that make you an instant interest and keep a match hooked on the conversations.

She goes further to place a burden of Bumble openers more on women than on men because Bumble’s rules are that, the woman has to message first. 

However, in this article, we shall be as fair and objective as possible as a woman cannot talk to herself but the man to has to reply.

Yeah, some women are so hot, just looking at yourself in the mirror is good enough. You could create a clone profile and hit on yourself. 

You want to get to the guys though, depending on your sexual orientation.

Therefore, both men and women have to know how to create splendid Bumble Openers in order to not lose the match. 

As my grandma used to say,

 “It feels good to steal somebody’s heart. It feels even better to steal it and get away with it for life”. 

It is never easy to know what to say the first time that you message someone or how to respond when someone sends you a cheesy or a boring message.

In this article, we handle all that.

1. Casual Bumble Openers

casual bumble openers

So what is your favorite color of apple? Red or Green?

How about, your lips?

The easiest way to kick off your interaction on Bumble is by asking questions.

Normally when people make their profiles, they leave out the part on age or lie.

Others tend to not be so open on height and where they really live. So, there are tons of questions that you could always ask as an opener. 

If someone asked you whether you were flying, you would most probably say no. 

They would then reply something like, “That is odd because I could have sworn you flew right into my dreams”. 

The reply is not only funny but also lightens up the mood for the other party to reply easily. 

Mental health expert, Melinda Smith gives the tips to successfully build and cultivate friendships with strangers that work! 

Clever Bumble Openers

She mentions being open-minded as a good starter to get someone to stay in conversation with you long after introductions.

Bumble is an open site where you can meet all sorts of people and express yourself in the best way that draws interest and desire to later on meet up with you face to face. 

Look at this very simple and sweet casual opener. 

Casual Bumble Opener

You must know these facts about casual openers that work well:

  • They are very random. You don’t have to think so hard about them. 
  • They are full of fun and life. 
  • They tend to focus on positive sarcasm. That means that you can crack a joke that is well-timed and not too sensitive.
  • They can talk about anything. A house, a job or an animated TV show.
  • They are brief so that you don’t lose the whole point of your intentions. Keep them short.

Let me make it easier for you to make casual openers by looking at these common subjects that people touch on.

2. Bumble Openers About Your Interests

We all have interests.

They are like fantasies, we just can never run out of them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to fly like Superman so that you would take your match all over the world in a week?

That is how interests are, always keeping us in conversations. 

Bumble Fun Opener

Look at this. 

Man: “I am into bungee jumping because it is the wildest thing I have ever done, how about you?”

Woman: “Oh gosh, I would never do that. I am not that wild”.

Man: “I know, I wonder whether you would do a jump to the clouds if I bought you ice cream, after all, I am an ice cream chef”.

Woman: “Sounds interesting, now that I can do”. 

Notice how it is easy to turn a woman’s heart to your advantage if you use the right openers. 

Even if the woman was about to turn away, your interests still back you up.

All that is needed from you is your creativity.

In the above example, the mangoes from talking about bungee jumping which involves clouds to ice cream making which still in a funny abstract way involves the clouds.

He manages to score points with the woman because he talks of sweet stuff that women like such as, ice cream and also becomes open-minded by cracking a rather light joke. 

Notice also that he uses a question to keep the woman hooked to messaging him. 

Clever Bumble Opener

Now, isn’t that just a smart way to make an opener? 

Use your interests to keep her hooked. If one fails, quickly think of another and let it work for you. 

Let us see another example below: 

Creative Bumble Opener

Remember earlier we said that good Bumble Openers are random?

Well, just look at that, talking about shooting game while hunting just out of the blue.

It is so open that any positive reply can come back your way.

Even a woman can try this on a man especially after going through his bio and finding that he is interested in hunting. 

Another reply that would have come up other than asking whether he or she shot it with a bow would be, 

“Great, good for you. How often do you go hunting?”

Now tell me that you can’t use your interests or his interests to get him to notice you. Easy-peasy right?

Seriously, if you can’t pull off an opener with your interests you should be an interest yourself dubbed, “That guy”, so that others can use you in their conversations. 

The matches would be like, 

Woman: “Whenever I am in California, I love to throw stuff at That-guy, how about you?”

Man: “I totally love that! A good pass time activity. When can we meet up and do it together?”

You are not limited to interests for openers, there is more. It all depends on your creativity. 

3. Bumble Openers about What Music Gets you Freaky! Or High!


All of us love a certain type of music.

We either listen to it alone or enjoy it more with friends around or better yet, with a match from Bumble.

Therefore, using music is a sure way to get someone’s attention with an opener. However, word to the wise:

Make an effort to visit someone’s profile so that you can see whether they filled out a specific type of music that they liked.

Don’t be lazy just throwing things around without knowing what you are doing.

A profile bio exists so that you can read it and get some bits of information about a match even before you throw the first opener. 

Sydnee Lyons, lists the advantages of using music in your opener:

  • You do not have to be confined to a specific genre. People love various forms altogether. 
  • It helps you set the tone to ask someone for a first date. You could even go to a concert. 
  • It guarantees a sure reply from your match. Music is a very universal language. She further goes on to favor the 90’s hits more than any other time’s music. These are the TLCs, Backstreet Boys, and The Fray and so on. 

Here are some examples to help you get along on your way:

Woman: “I am an old school Hip Hop chic but if Pearl Jam were playing in my town, I would be there in a jiffy”. 

Man: “Hmm, I don’t know much about Hip Hop but you got me hoping for that concert with Pearl Jam”. 

Notice how if one genre fails you, you always have a comeback genre that works well for you.

The dude is not into Hip Hop but he is into Rock. So at the end of the day, you can build on something from that genre. 

My advice is, when messaging someone about music, try to use more than one genre so that you maximize on your pool of musical choices that will most probably feature one that the match also likes.

You can hardly go wrong with musical openers on your Bumble profile. 

4. Bumble Openers about pets that you treat like your own baby

cute bumble openers

Why do people love pets so much on dating sites more so, Bumble?

Almost every expert on dating that I have read supports using pets first on your profile picture and then on your openers.

There is a magic that pets bring into the picture of dating on Bumble.

So, if you have one, go ahead and let a dog really be a man’s best friend or a woman’s. 

Why are pets so popular in openers, well, they are everywhere, you can just pick one up and use it on your conversations and photos. Well, not really. 

Here is why pets are so popular:

  • They are cute. They make you look cute.
  • They help show how responsible you are. You take care of them, right?
  • They are just sweet and show that you are not cold and heartless. 

Now you know. 

great bumble opener

You can hardly go wrong with pets whether they are yours or someone else’s or you just plan on buying one in the future. 

However, you should not feel pressured to bring up pets.

The best thing in dating is just being yourself.

In this article, there is much on Bumble Openers so, if you aren’t really a pet person, please, use any other openers that are featured here.

Hit on the right person for a truly satisfying relationship. 

unique bumble opener

Aww…how sweet for an opener. Talk about a pet and then get asked to come up with some suggestions on a name. They make it look so easy.

That is just sweet. 

You too can do this and more with your pet openers. Don’t be shy to ask, suggest, create and be as creative as you possibly can. 

5. Office Bumble Openers Because Work can be Interesting

Ever had an office crush? 

Most people do, they just don’t know how to approach their crushes.

After all, it a workplace, people aren’t supposed to be fraternizing.

Hmm, Bumble is just like an office and there, you can fraternize using work-related scores. 

conversation bumble openers

Picture Bumble like an office and you just spotted someone that you like.

How would you approach them?

Now, put that into a Bumble Opener and you are on your way.

Even if they don’t reply immediately, they will know that you like them and are interested. That promises a reply. 

Man: “If you were a white pen, I would write on the sky with you and if you came in multi-color, I would draw a rainbow for every day that you felt sad”.

Woman: “How unrealistic. Hey relax, you must be pretty abstract in your thinking, I like it”. 

When it comes to office Bumble Openers just look around the office and set up a conversation on a topic, it could be about something that most people don’t like regardless of where they work or something most people wish for, like a salary raise. 

Everybody can relate to the challenge of paying rent and the issues that arise out of not being able to deny a duty not stated in one’s job description.

People also love trips and tours especially if the company is handling all costs. 

Free things are like money begging you to just take it. Who wouldn’t?

In as much as I feature office openers here, I would not recommend them to be used first as they limit creativity compared to music, food and pets Bumble Openers.

Many people do not like to work, they like the money, even if it is free money. 

Nakeisha Campbell finds that, it is not as easy to use office intros as it may sound.

Therefore, in her advice, she goes sexual and hilarious with matters.

Such lines in her suggestions include:

simple bumble openers
clever bumble opener

Word of caution, however, you must ONLY use these if you know that your match has a nice sense of humor.

Sex talk works well with others while it totally gives others the impression that all you want is sex and nothing else.

If your match just wants a one night stand, they may like it.

If at all they want a serious relationship then it will be a turn-off. 

Be careful. 

6. Bumble Openers to “Hello”, “Hey you”, “hi”, “What’s up”

Well, in my recent article, Bumble Profile Tips, (Part 5: The Conversation), I had pointed out that how you talk to a woman as a guy is very important and is the ultimate reason why you created your profile.

A message that is as plain and cheap as “hi” tends to not open up more room for further conversation after your reply in kind, “hi too”.

Therefore, you must spruce up the opener so that she doesn’t get bored rather builds interest in talking to you more. 

simple bumble openers

Oh, by the way, this also applies to you women. Since you hold all power to be the first ones to text men, you must never ever just say hi.

Not unless if you are angels and have magnificent levels of attractiveness that men can’t resist.

They will get bored.

There are plenty of fish on Bumble that can do better.

Always remember that. You are in competition with 100 other women. Same for men. 

You have a tougher job of keeping the man interested from the very beginning. 

Try out these tricks so as to get favorable responses to a “hi”, “hello”, “what’s up” and “hey you” message: 

  • Reply on an interest that you saw on someone’s bio. This could be an educational achievement, job or place of abode. 
  • Try to use obvious conservational routines like, “I am Ashley from California, 33 now and a single mom, you?”
  • Try to be casual, sensitive and open-minded. This would involve messages like, “What a day it has been, work all day, at least now I can rest. What has your day been like?”.
  • Make a light joke, something that anyone can take. 

Notice how you are obligated to bring up interest to a conversation that started out boring and shallow with a simple, “hi”.

Your Bumble Opener has to be the lifesaver otherwise, you bore each other and that match you had initially just fails like that. 

unique bumble openers

I wonder what would happen if someone messaged you just a simple “hey” and you replied, “You are as bored as a bully that has been to war with bigger bullies.

Too much fail for a day”. 

This example below looks so simple but it is a wonderful way to break off that emptiness of just a, hey you.

simple bumble opener

If there are no ego issues with the receiver, they will most probably reply with, 

“My day was just horrible, how about you?”

“My day was excellent, how about you?”

Remember, most people that just give you a, hey on Bumble are not worth the reply. 

They could be any of these; boring, full of ego and not really interested in a relationship.

So, I will leave it up to you to decide whether to reply or not.

Bumble is full of men and women, sometimes, if not most, the best reply to a simple “hey” is no reply at all.

I try to be as objective as possible in this article.

No need to send you to feed some people’s egos. 

This inset below is a comment on Reddit about Bumble openers with a simple, “hey”. 

I couldn’t agree more.

The behavior of such plain texts usually stems from lots of egos. 

bumble opener

Move on to the next who really wants to talk to and know a snob. My verdict, totally. 

Remember, try to first make an opener before you make your decision.

Maybe someone is busy.

Don’t force things though. 

7. Good Bumble Openers in General

There is already much that we have looked at up there.

I hope that so far, you have picked up a lot. The key thing about being on Bumble is getting fulfillment, not getting a date that snobs you, gold digs you or hurts you deliberately.

Fulfillment is to be found in the chemistry that you and your match build.

That is the sweetest experience of being on Bumble.

At least, this is what Christine Karaoglanian thinks about Bumble dating. 

good bumble openers

Therefore, no matter what openers this article or any other that you have ever come across gives you, make sure that you are really getting to feel love and that, “my heart skips a beat” moment. 

I want you to be happy and even happier in true love. 

Trust me, chemistry in dating is equal to good sex without even doing it. 

Let us look at some good openers that are specific for women and specifically for men. 

clever bumble opener

Now that picture above, is what I call a fun Bumble Opener. It is so simple, open minded and anyone can drop a fun rap lyric. 

You can do that right?

8. Bumble Openers Specifically for Women

Women must generalize what guys like so as to come up with good openers. Talk of the obvious. 


Many guys like similar things, such as: soccer, cars, wrestling, “being the man” in a fight, working out and of course, beer and alcohol. 

Making things easier for you women already?

A good opener for a woman to a guy or must involve these:

  • Something that settles the guy’s ego so that he doesn’t have to be showy or prove a point. For example,

 “I like your chest, you must really be good with the weights”.

That already humbles him and he does not have to show off about it. 

  • Something that touches on sports, intellect or cars and food. For example, 

“You seem like the type to enjoy a Derby Sunday, what is your favorite English soccer team?”

  • Something that shows you are not a snob. For example, 

“How about we talk tomorrow, same time, or Whatsapp me on, +7-677-9xx-xxx”

As a woman, you must know that a guy’s judgment on women is not the same as yours. Guys notice your face and your level of humility.

You must therefore be as humble as can be, not unless if the guy is being all rude and downright unfriendly with you. 

casual bumble opener

9. Bumble Openers Specifically for Guys, Lesbians and Gays

Just like women must generalize what men like, men must also generalize what women like.

Not all women like the same things but, most have similar tastes and preferences. 

epic bumble openers

Women like things such as: music, success or talks of success, cute cats, surprises, cakes, and ice-creams or traveling. 

Therefore, a good opener from guys, lesbians, and gays to women must involve:

  • One has to be the most sensitive and cautious. Women are more sensitive than men and therefore they may not get your joke. Your first message must be strictly introductory with a bit of praise. Guys are better at taking jokes than women, so be sensitive with your opener. 

For example, “How do you do, I am Will, 35 and a school teacher. I love board games but, I am sure that your pretty dark eyes would simply confuse my Chess play. I see that you love Ludo on your profile, snakes and ladders?”

  • You must at least praise her and engage with a question. Most guys will reply to you even if you don’t ask a question. Women however are different and if you don’t query, they may not reply. For example,

“Snakes and ladders as a board game take me way back. I used to play with my little sister. What memories does the game give you? Would you like to relive those moments again?”

  • You must try your best to be the one to be the conversation mover. Most women will not compete with you on who will keep up the conversation. Naturally, women expect men to take charge and in as much as Bumble has the golden rule that women message first, men must still know that they have a burden to be the ones with the best openers. For example, 

“Oh I am now self-employed but looking into outsourcing to maximize on opportunities abroad. You seem well versed with procurement, I would love to keep your number close and also I would like to meet you next Tuesday”.


Notice how the guy makes his move and creatively too.

But you must never assume that the woman is shallow.

You can simply tell her that you also want her number so that you can meet her sometime within the week or next week. 


Well guys, ever tried to talk to a woman about a movie? 

That is a good way to approach them in your opener. Women love watching various movies and tv shows. That will not fail you. 


The best way to approach an opener with a woman is to be respectful and even if cracking a joke, do not overdo it’.

As I mentioned earlier, several dating experts tell you to use sex in your opener.

Try to be careful with it.

The wrong interpretation and there goes your match to block you or just quit replying to you. 

10. Bumble Openers where there is no Bio (The Blank Bio)

At times, there is no bio information that helps you create a good opening. This means that, you cannot go to someone’s profile and see what they like, what food they are into, what activities interest them and so forth. I call this, “The Blank Bio”. 

It is like running on sharp rocks without any shoes at all. Pretty messy right?

bumble openers

You are therefore left to keep guessing and cross your fingers that whatever you broach as an opener will be good for the match. 

It really sucks when he or she does not like it. 

It is like sucking on lollipop that is completely sugarless. Not sweet at all. 

Luckily for you, there are some slick openers that you can try out which will help you a lot find an ice breaker with the blank bio. However, before we go into that, consider these essentials about approaching the blank bio:

  • You must be as respectful as possible since you do not know what to expect. The match may be kind, jovial, hostile or just too serious for jokes. For example, 

“I own a warehouse, we deal in cosmetics and clothing. I noticed that your necklace is of mixed origins with the metal and the wood finishing. Are you into fashion?”

“Actually it is a gift from my grandmother. I am into exotic antiques such as bracelets and leg bangles. Does your warehouse make those?”

It comes out beautifully doesn’t it? Your chances of making mistakes when you approach the blank bio professionally are very minimal.

It is at this point that I will take you back to the office openers. Use those here. 

  • You should consider asking questions since opportunity has presented itself through the blank bio. For example, if you wish to know what food they like, they never wrote it anywhere, so, that itself is an opener, ask about the food. 

“I am about to indulge this turkey wing with burger, I hope one day we can share it together. What is your poison?”

“Oh Turkey is just too meaty for me. I am a vegetarian and I prefer Chinese rice”. 

See how that works wonderfully?

  • If you can’t get info on the bio, get it from the photo. Look at the clothing, mannerisms such as, drinking apple juice, the background or even the person alongside a match. For example, 

You can also send a creative message like this one below.

creative bumble openers

If at all someone has a photo standing next to a horse, may be they just like horses. If a match has a photo sipping ginger ale, may be they just love ginger ale. Build an opener from what you see on the photo. 

It is really not that hard to get something to say on the blank bio if you follow the above rules. 

Here are just some things that you can say to break the ice on the blank bio:

  • What did you win awards for from the medals that I see behind you?
  • I wish I could share in your chocolate donuts, they seem good?
  • Your work must be tiresome if that is how you rest in the chair.
bumble openers
  • How about you take me hiking too next time? 
  • Working with kids must bring you a lot of joy judging by the smile.

Yes, it is possible to make openers on the blank bio profiles.

Relax and work with what is available. 

Talk about that hot body. Make someone feel important and appreciated. 

fun bumble opener

11. Bumble Openers about Crazy Experiences that Twist your Brain Literarily!

Ever just felt like telling someone about your nasty experience at the restaurant that left you with a scar?

Or how about that time you were dropped in the middle of nowhere when it was raining and you had to travel by bus, because your car had been towed?

You could also create a fictional crazy experience or suggest a crazy game

creative bumble opener

Such openers are usually among the best to use.

People love drama that involves others with their crazy, awkward, weird and out of the ordinary experiences as finds.

You can never run out of crazy experiences as we all have had our share. 

They usually help make the interaction interesting and guarantee a reply.

Crazy experiences openers are superb on for any type of convo, whether it is about the office, the school, home or just some political teaser at the democrats or republicans.

So, go out there and be all-the crazy-experiences–that-I-have-been-through person. 

Check this out. It is about not getting a good job after all that college study. 

clever bumble opener

You must remember not to sound too unrealistic.

No one likes to be measured for a fool. Be creative with your truthful crazies and the fictional ones too.

Try to keep in mind that you should never overdo it.

Within no time, someone who had been bored with your interests will definitely love your courage, personality or the fact that you survived some ordeal that was too much to be overcome. 

This one below was just an out of the blue experience on trying to hold on. 

clever bumble opener

Even I don’t understand how he drew that but, it got the job done.

It was a nice fictional experience, game or whatever that guy did there to show he needed saving from something. 

12. Bumble Openers about Kids, Separation and why You are Trying to Date Again

Not everyone on Bumble is single, unmarried, childless and just there to look for a quickie. Well, many people try so hard to hide this fact.

They have been told not to talk of their exes, it would be a turnoff. Well, that depends on who you are talking to. 

If at all, your match has been married and divorced before, has kids and is trying out something new, talking of the past is a great ice breaker.

It helps both of you release that hate and grudge that you carry and you feel like your match is taking your side and agreeing with you.

That is exactly what a match who has been married before wants. Someone to LISTEN!

There are those who have been married and divorced, heartbroken and trying for a second chance at love or just trying out online dating after many fails from those office romance-getaways. 

fun bumble opener

This is actually good news.

It means that one can be a single dad and meet many single moms on Bumble and vice versa.

You know what I see when I think that way, opportunity to breach a conversation!

Talk about where you once went and had a great experience and want it again. 

casual bumble opener

A conversation on your kids, the stressful teens, the experience with the ex and hopes for a new start. Fancy uh!

Why can’t life be just that easy? 

Don’t be a drama queen. Just go with the flow. If you get dramatic, you lose the match. 

The advantage of such conversations is that they help draw sympathy for you as they draw out emotions.

Women more than men tend to feel secure with a person that has faced similar circumstances as they have in life.

They feel like they have a helper to listen, care and treat them rightly. 

bumble opener


Bumble Openers are a slick way of introducing yourself to the match.

They are meant to be catchy, creative, open-minded, humorous and brilliant.

You are not limited to talk about anything, though you must be cautious where you choose to use sex as a topic.

Always remember that people are different and they either have a high tolerance or very low levels of it.

Go forward and be as creative as you can be.

Don’t be afraid, after all, you are still talking to the match online and no one is seeing you face to face.

You can be as confident as possible. Do not troll however and guys, no dick inboxes.

After this article, I am of a firm conviction that you will give it your best with the openers and score as many points with your match.

As I always love to say, Удачи! (Udachee). That is Russian for, good luck!