Anatomy of Kick-ass Bumble Profile: a Guide With Real Examples

Why did you choose Bumble if it was not worth your time?

You must have chosen it out of the millions of other online dating sites out there because you thought that it was very promising.

Well, it is. However, it works best for you if you follow the advice that I give here on creating a superb profile for yourself. 

It may be harder than you thought because people tend to assume everything is easy

This article helps you find it easier to do it with a step by step guide on the do’s and don’ts that are bound to get you receiving more messages from women than you ever expected.

You will realize that just having photos and a bio is not enough.

You also need to maintain your contact until you get to exchange numbers and meet face to face. This is all part of your profile.

I explain it under the heading, “The Conversation”. What good is there to just create an amazing profile and yet you cannot talk to a woman? A waste of time. 

Let us begin.

6 Steps that you need to create your profile:

  1. The Advantages of Bumble over Other Sites
  2. Creating Your Profile
    a ) How should you login? With Facebook or phone number?
    b) Advantages of Signing in with Facebook
    c) Disadvantages of Signing in with Facebook
    d) Why You Should Log in with your Phone Number Instead
    e) What to do after signing in:
  3. The photos-How should they be?
    a) How many photos to upload the first time
    b) What should your photos say (The Do’s)
    c) What shouldn’t your photos say (The Don’ts)
  4. The Bio-What should you say in the introduction?
    a) What shouldn’t you say in your bio?
    b) The Interests-What should you add?
  5. The conversation
  6. Conclusion

1. The Advantages of Bumble over Other Sites

Here, I focus more on the seriousness of the site compared to other dating sites such as Tinder and Tagged. What is a serious dating site?

  • A site that offers more than sex. It has a proven track record of success. 
  • A site that has people who really want to date and not just to waste your time chatting.
  • A site that helps you meet real people and not impersonators. That is why meeting face to face is very important.
  • A site that opens up millions of possibilities to you. There can be participants worldwide. 
  • A site that considers your safety, health, and well-being. It does not place you at the risk of sleeping with married women on Tinder and women who already have boyfriends on Tagged.
Bumble separated networks

The five points above already state why Bumble beats other sites as a serious dating site.

It offers all of these and more. People are hardly there to waste your time. It is either you get messaged or you don’t. 

From the standards that Bumble plays by, it is a very serious dating site.

It is so serious that men don’t have the luxury to message women first. It is up to the women to decide whether they will message you or not.

I find that to be pretty serious. No jokers will ever disturb the women there.

Isn’t that just great!

It is like applying to live in the fabled Amazon, a land full of women only.

This is why it is exceptionally important to have the best profile that is possible from you.

A profile that would make Medusa turn into stone rather than turn you into stone because she cannot handle all the charm that you ooze.

Don’t worry, having much experience in Badoo dating, I can help you create the best profile that also works on Bumble dating.

I also have been actively using Bumble for research and my methods have even had women give me their numbers before I ever asked for them too.

Actually those two sites are so related that, if you succeed on one, you would also do well on the other.

Badoo and Bumble are just two of the few serious dating sites out there. We will focus on Bumble though.

The advantage that Bumble has is that it is so well spread out and opens you to more international recognition.

Women don’t just come from your vicinity but as far as anywhere else.

2. Creating Your Profile

a ) How should you login? With Facebook or phone number?

There are two major ways to sign in: first by Facebook and second, by phone number.

Bumble Sign Up Page

How you choose to sign in is very important as it either helps sell your profile to others or it badly lets you down.

We have already begun looking into the first steps of creating a super Bumble profile.

Let us look at signing in with Facebook in detail, what are the advantages and the disadvantages. This will help you decide whether you should use Facebook to sign in or not.

b) Advantages of Signing in with Facebook

  • The ladies can get to open up your Facebook link and therefore read more about you. This then means that your Facebook has to be very well designed and also looks pretty mature. The photos there must be nice and even your content must be very good. 
  • It automatically adds your info to your Bumble Bio. That is, someone can learn more about your interests and what sort of food you enjoy, what music you listen to. One can also read more about your views in life and therefore know how to converse with you. 
  • It may inspire an interested woman to add you to her Facebook page where you could get more info on her. This would boost your conversation with her.

c) Disadvantages of Signing in with Facebook 

Yes, there are many disadvantages of signing ion with Facebook as opposed to signing on with your phone number. I, however, focus on the major three. You may be placing your head under the guillotine with this move. Here is why:

  • Your Facebook may be shoddy and full of nonsense. It will make an interested woman find you disorganized and immature. 
  • Your Facebook photos may be unclear and not really portraying a good picture of you. 
  • You hardly can sell yourself differently when someone already visited your profile and made a judgment about you that was negative. Normally once a person makes up their mind about you, it is difficult to change that. 

See, signing in with Facebook must mean that your profile there is excellent.

d) Why You Should Log in with your Phone Number Instead

There are more advantages using your phone number than using Facebook in that:

Bumble Sign In
  • t gives you a fresh start where nothing that you initially had on Facebook would spoil your chances. You only present yourself from Bumble and that is what the interested w0omen get to see. You never panic about what “little issues” you had on Facebook will make an interested person think about you. 
  • It is safer and can hardly suffer the risk of being hacked or someone logging into your account should you forget to log out at a public place. 
  • You most importantly have the opportunity to upload better photos from your device rather from Facebook. This allows you to give your best and as I said at the beginning, it is a good way to set up an account that is totally fresh without any Facebook additions. 

I would advise you to use your phone number for signing in.

e) What to do after signing in:

Do not skip the adding photos part if you expect to be taken seriously. You MUST add photos to your profile.

Some men usually skip this step and believe that they are imaginatively handsome enough to be liked without any photos.

Keyword(s) is photos. Not just one but several.

Bumble Profiles Photo

Research shows that at least five photos for a start are bound to get you noticed more by women.

It also breeds interest when someone can have more to look at than just one photo.

That is why on just about any dating site that you join, part of your signing in is to add as many photos as you can, they are not limited to five.

The only limit is the quality of the photos that you choose to add. 

So, we must look at the types of photos that you should use on your profile. Even one who is not so attractive can appear attractive if at all they use the right kind of photos.

“It is not the man that gets the women, but what the man does”. 

Don’t forget that.

Screenshot of Bumble Profile

This means that you can smile, fake a bit of shyness to look sensitive or pose with an object like a cool laptop that gives the impression that you are tech-savvy.

Women are attracted to what men do in their photos, not just the photos.

Therefore, we must dwell deep into exactly what types of photos you should post on your Bumble profile.

3. The photos-How should they be?

The first thing that anyone will ever notice on a dating site is just your photos.

Therefore, you must ensure that the photos you use are superb and really the best that you ever could have done.

The saying, “A picture tells a thousand words” applies to you here more than it ever has anywhere else.

Your picture speaks to the women for you. It is your voice and your public relations manager, therefore, you must value it highly.

So, how should your photos be? 

  • Very visible. Have enough lighting.
  • Only showing you. Avoid taking pictures with others.
Profile Selfie Tips
  • Very recent. Use photos no older than two weeks. 
  • Decent. Avoid alcohol, insults, smoking.
Decent Bumble profile
  • Straight, that is, face up. Smile and don’t be sad. Photos with smiles say that you are approachable. 

You must make your photos as sweet as possible.

Besides being clear, they should also bring out a serene mood that women find it peaceful enough to flirt with you or message you.

I have seen other sites criticizing the wearing of glasses. I find it insensitive.

You can wear glasses if you do so that the women know how to adjust to you from the beginning.

It is bad to present yourself as one thing and then turn out differently in real life. So, if you wear glasses, just wear them.

If you wear braces, just wear them. Let the real you show.

Honesty is best in a relationship otherwise, you both get a rude awakening later on in the dating.

a) How many photos to upload the first time

We have already covered this above in brief. You need at least 5 photos added to your profile to keep up the interest of the women in you.

So as early as the first time, you should at least have five clear cut photos of yourself.

Bumble Profile Example

Women enjoy browsing through a profile and just drooling over the photos.

Chances are, if she does not like the first two photos, she may like the next three.

If she doesn’t like the first three, she may like the other two and just that could give you a chance with her.

She doesn’t have to like all your photos.

Bumble Profile Example

In short, having several photos helps even out the odds of being rejected for being accepted.

You may look at someone and not like their dressing, but you like their personality.

Someone may not be so handsome, but they are hardworking, responsible, sweet and promising.

The point here is that having several photos adds to your chances of making up for what the bio did not do or one of the photos did not do.

It is a very convenient strategy. 

It is not advisable to add too many photos at once but keep on updating them over time. Someone should not see all of you at once but gradually.

The best way to interest a woman continuously is to always bring in something new. 

Therefore, start with five and after some time, say two weeks, add one more.

The psychological impact of this is that people tend to find you more attractive every new time that they see you.

If a woman already messaged you, she most probably likes you.

She may ask you for more photos or once you upload new ones, she will like you even more.

It is very easy to see this, how? She adds her phone number to her message showing that she accepts you and wants you to call or text her.

b) What should your photos say (The Do’s)

If at all your photos majorly show you drinking, drunk, smoking, dressing funnily and sleeping, you give the impression that you are not so responsible.

You appear lazy, inadequate, untrustworthy, immature and many other unattractive things.

Therefore, your photos should present these about you:

  • Your general beauty/handsomeness. Yeah, it is that simple, how handsome does a certain photo that you have to make you look. There are clothing or poses that bring out the best in us. Some people look better smiling, others look better not smiling much but maybe posing as if thinking. Whatever brings out the best in you. 
  • Your level of cleanliness. You should never take a photo forcing food down your mouth. I have come across these. It is not attractive to have a mouth full of spaghetti as your main picture. Try to look clean and presentable. You do not have to be in a suit but at least a clean shirt and kempt hair or clean-shaven will do.
  • Your sense of fun or nature of interests. I have seen other experts talk of posing with your pets or an item that shows your interest such as a golf club. Yes, I agree. Your photos tell women that you love a certain sport, you have a certain interest like athletics or coin collecting. Women have all sorts of interests and they, therefore, are bound to be interested in your interests and sense of fun. However, do not overdo it. Do you know those YouTube selfies gone wrong? You want to live long enough to meet the woman not to die trying too hard. 
  • Your approach to life. No, it is not a must that you smile in your photos but, don’t be so gloomy. Look positive minded and persevering. Your facial expression inspires a woman to think that you can hold on or last through a relationship and the struggles that life brings. No one wants to date a quitter. Everybody wants winners not unless if their self-esteem(s) are so low. It is in this respect that you must put up a brave, strong and promising face. Psychology proves that women love positive mindedness on men and that is why you see some not so good looking men with the hot women. It is not always about the money and the looks rather also about the approach at life. Make sure that you include such talk in your conversations too. Be positive minded. 
  • Your sensitivity. Have you ever heard the expression, “Scars are sexy?” Scars are sexy. If you have a scar, it does not kill your attractiveness, it actually adds to it. Of course, the scar should not be too much. A light cut on the face plus a story of heroism really sells you to women. You seem sensitive and caring and that is exactly what women want. A small bandage wrapped around your arm tells a lot. Add something small on your bio to support such a photo like, “Works with the Red Cross delivering families from floods and hurricanes”.

I try to be as unique as possible in this article, maybe adding what other experts on other articles have not yet touched on.

I haven’t seen anyone telling you not to try too hard to hide your wounds.

Let them show.

They tell a story that makes you look sensitive and caring. That is kind of sweet and very attractive.

c) What shouldn’t your photos say (The Don’ts)

There are some obvious things that your photos should not be saying about you, such as:

  • You are a player. Do not take photos with three other women all mover you. That is not cool. Nobody will think that they are your sisters even if they may be. They all look like your groupies. Women do not want to feel insecure when dating, thinking about your three groupies and others. They want to know that they have no competition.
guy with three girls - profile picture example
  • You are violent. There is a big difference between taking a photo wearing boxing apparel and actually boxing someone randomly. Naked photos are frowned upon on dating sites so, even if you want to give the message that you are a boxer, you may have to wear a stretcher or something of the sort. Don’t look violent and scary. That will make them worry about that day when you get into an argument.
  • You are desperate. Remember those YouTube videos gone wrong? Don’t take pictures in dangerous positions, say with your hand inside a python’s mouth. It does not show that you are a risk-taker. It just shows that you are not so good at handling consequences. If you need to show that you are a risk-taker, take a photo of you doing something smartly brave, say, taking care of patients at a hospital suffering who knows what diseases. Take a picture of you trying to read the stock market or make a ship inside a bottle.
Guy with crocodile - Profile Example
  • You are an alcoholic. A lot of people take alcohol, they smoke and they go to parties. Good for them. However, dating sites usually want people that appear responsible, hardworking and very much can be counted upon to get things done. Alcohol taking does not sell you not unless if someone is not really after a long term relationship but just wants to have fun. Actually you should ask yourself what you want pout of a dating site. If you want a long term relationship, you must stop taking alcohol. 
  • You are too needy. Being needy means, mostly wanting to have company, someone to do stuff with, money and hardly any privacy. Most experts encourage you to take photos on your own not just to make it easier to identify you but also to show that you are confident even when alone. Always taking photos in the company of friends means that you are hardly ever alone or you are just too needy. Women want to have you all to themselves without their friends being there every now and then.

So, you MUST adhere to the red flags of the don’ts and ensure that you upload the best photos which say that you are confident, brave, dependable and interesting.

You must do your best to be the best that you can be.

Remember, “We attract who is a reflection of us”. That is why some relationships work and others don’t.

A relationship only works if you attracted the right person. Make sure your Bumble profile is showing who you really are to maximize your chances of getting the right person.

4. The Bio-What should you say in the introduction?

Your bio can include anything that is: original, interesting, funny, lovely, sweet and challenging thought. For example, look at this bio including all the 6 elements:

“I love working with computers, it is the best way for me to capture my heart and save it in a folder to release it later to you.

However, I am yet to find a way to capture your heart without breaking it. It is a feat I am interested to achieve soon enough.

Mostly I am looking at the latest operating systems and new ways to perform tasks. I love a good challenge.

When tired, I just watch a movie or have some ice-cream”.

Or take a look at this profile below.

guy with dog - Bumble Profile Example

It is so simple, original and funny plus, tells a lot about you.

It gives a good sense of humor and easiness that would make it easy to talk to you.

And ask your questions. It is not at all complicated but just an open world of you. It also does not show that you are too smart nor too much of an idiot. 

Most people make the mistake of saying that their lives are complicated or that they are in a complicated relationship.

That is just a turn-off. It makes them seem like snobs, people who are unsure of what they want in life or in a person.

Never ever anywhere in your bio say that “My life is complicated”. 

It shouldn’t be. Who wants problems when they can have easier ways of dealing with them? Don’t be complicated.

Don’t give the impression that you are a snob with issues.

Just be straightforward and simple to understand. It makes talking to you easy.

  • Your bio must be original so that you seem realistic. No one wants to date a dreamer that just dreams. 
Bio Profile - Bumble Example
  • It should be revealing a bit about who you are. 
  • It should create an impression that you are a sweet and approachable guy. Don’t seem too busy. Don’t seem too serious. Try to not be uptight. Loosen up a bit. 
  • Your bio should never give negative impressions of you having, a complicated life or relationship status. Just say that you are single. Try not to be too much of a rules drama king. Keep the rules away for now and flow with the woman once you get her. Some women will not message you when they think that you have so many rules. Simply because you don’t like chewing doesn’t mean that she can’t chew, you get the picture?
  • Your bios should not lie. Just be yourself. I already touched on this. What good is there to win the woman’s heart only for her to start discovering bits about you that were not clearly (truthfully) stated out? If you don’t work at Microsoft as a manager in a department, do not say that. Just say that you work as a teacher at a local school. Let her accept you as you are. 99 percent of men get rejected because they are not original not because they are not handsome. They lie a lot. Never lie in your bio. Always be yourself.
Don't Lie - Bumble Bio Example

Your bio is good enough to attract even women that would never consider dating a guy that didn’t have some things that she wanted, like lots of cash or a very sexy body and such.


Because it sells your personality.

Personality matters more than anything else. We men don’t like arrogant women as hot as they may be.

Likewise, women don’t like guys with lots of ego as hot as they may be.

So, your bio must bring out your wonderful and humble personality. It aids your face whatever that face looks like.

a) What shouldn’t you say in your bio?

Don’t say these in your bio:

  • I am moving on. Nobody wants you to second guess them once you begin dating. 
  • I have a complicated relationship but want to try afresh with someone else. Seriously.
Bad Bio - Bumble Example
  • I will give you cash and a good life. A good woman just loves you for better or for worse. You will both say that at your wedding day one day. 
  • I am mostly busy but I will create time for you. No, just say you will do your best to communicate as much as possible.
don't put this on your bio - bumble bio example
  • I am important in the workplace. I make lots of cash and I have never hit a woman. Yeah, most men in the world think that highly of themselves. That is not so original.

b) The Interests-What should you add?

Try to add these to your bio:

  • Your work. 
  • Your leisure activities.
  • Your likes. Though these usually have their own category on most dating sites. 
  • What you want in a woman. 
  • Why you feel that you are the right person.
good bio - bumble profile

Well, most people do not know that the Bumble profile goes beyond the pictures and the bio that introduces you. It all comes down to the conversation that you can hold down once that beautiful woman shows you some interest. This is what you have been pursuing from the beginning. 

Here, you either sell yourself or you lose. 

What good is there in teaching you how to create a super Bumble profile but you cannot hold down a conversation. It is like buying a Rolls Royce but, you cannot take it out. It just sits in the house. You tell people, “I have a Rolls Royce”. They go like, “yeah, why does it just sit at the house?”

5. The conversation

Make sure that you do these in the conversations:

Tell her that you are glad she cared to message. 

Don’t thank her too much. Women are weird, they get bored of being praised.

Allow her to ask you questions and talk to her in a manner that she can reply easily. For example, in a case where both the man and woman are into French. 

“I have always loved French, it is an easy language since it has many words similar to English words, but I cannot get through the plurals, where to use “x” and “s”

She would be more than happy to help you since you are letting her be the expert.

“Simple, it is just like in English, add s where the nouns are not abstract”. 

You see, the conversation keeps on flowing. 

“Any other languages that you know besides French?”

“Yeah, I am currently also doing Spanish and Swahili. How about you?”

Take some time before you ask for her number, don’t do it immediately. Some women may like your conversation so much that they give you their number before you even ask.

Lastly, do not take too long to reply. Reply fast and apologize for the late reply. 

There, now you have the super profile and the conversation too. Get the woman and keep her around.

6. Conclusion

There you have it. You must always do your best to create the best profile that will attract women to want to get to know you. Also, after the women come, filter them out to the best for you. You could be messaged by even 50. You must take seriously the one that seems to also take you seriously. 

They should help you know whether your conversation is leading somewhere or not.

So, you must have an A+ Bumble profile and an A+ conversation. 

Удачи! (Udachee) That is Russian for, Best of luck.