7 Practical Ways of Finding a Profile on Bumble

The Bumble app is an online virtual dating app that needs users to swipe left or right to find matches.

A good Bumble profile is especially important for men than it is for women.

This is because, women have more control on Bumble than the men.

It is up to a woman to make the first opener and this has to be done within 24 hours after a match.

Men must have good Bumble Openers in order to keep women interested in the conversation.

A good Bumble bio that is funny and attractive also helps.

You could borrow a lot from the Funny Tinder Bios.

The Bumble Dating app is so direct on its template design that it lacks a search icon.

This means that users cannot be able to make searches for other profiles from within Bumble.

It therefore becomes a task to search for a profile on Bumble.

In this article, we shall see several ways to find a Bumble profile whether you have an account or not.

The steps are practical and you can try them yourself from the comfort of home.

Here is a quick recap of what to expect.

  • To know whether it is possible to search for a Bumble profile.
  • To know how to search for a profile without being on Bumble.
  • How to know whether your lover is on Bumble.
  • How to know if someone (anybody) is on Bumble.
  • Six practical steps on how to find profiles on Bumble.

This should be a quick read, at least 5-8 minutes.

So, read on and enjoy.

Yes, It is Very Possible to Search for Someone on Bumble

In as much as Bumble lacks a search icon, you still can make a search for profiles.

This can be done in several ways as this article will show you.

The most obvious way is to start with the matches that you already have.

It is possible to search for profiles on Bumble.
It is possible to search for profiles on Bumble.

At times, matches on Bumble may disappear because users have hidden their profiles.

They may also have temporarily disabled their accounts.

This means that once they recover their accounts or log back in, you will see them.

You Do Not Have to Join Bumble to View Profiles

No, not all. You do not have to join Bumble so as to view profiles.

However, remember that if you have to interact with users, you must join the Bumble app.

You can use third party services to view profiles on Bumble.

Also, you can use your friend’s account to view other Bumble profiles.

We shall see all of these in detail as we continue with the ways to trace Bumble profiles.

You can trace someone’s Bumble account through his or her other social media platforms such as Facebook.

You can know whether your boy/girlfriend is on Bumble

All that you have to do is follow the practical steps that will be laid out in this article very clearly. You can really identify your lover’s profile on Bumble.

You can know if someone is on Bumble

Through these practical ways, you can search for profiles on Bumble.

1. Creating a Fake Bumble Account

You can pick any name that you so wish.

You can use your friend’s account to make a search for Bumble profiles.
You can use your friend’s account to make a search for Bumble profiles.

Either log in with a phone number or a social media account.

Since you do not want anyone else to know that you are using a fake profile, you must log in with a different phone number.

Learn how you can use a virtual phone number to set up a fake Tinder or Bumble account.

This should be one that cannot be tied to your other social media accounts.

You want to be as discreet as possible to the target that you are searching for on Bumble.

So, I would greatly advice against signing in using Facebook for a fake Bumble profile.

The last thing to remember is to alter your location to match that of the target you want.

From here, swipe until you match the target that you are searching for.

There are special things to consider when creating a Bumble profile.

Check out more on Bumble Profiler Tips to create a good profile.

Still write a good bio for your fake Bumble account.

To briefly recap; here is how you create a fake profile:

  • Use a fake name
  • Use a number that you do not normally use.
  • Change your location to match the target.
  • Swipe until you see them.

Just before I wrap up on this part, remember that, it is much easier to use a phone than a PC when you want to be discreet.

You can shadow or hide your own location by using a VPN.

These work very well on smartphones than on desktop computers.

The person that you are searching for will never be able to know your location.

This makes sure that you can hunt safely while protecting yourself.

I can see you but you can’t see me.

2. Using Your Friend’s Bumble Account

You must have your friend alter the location on their Bumble account to match that of the targeted profile or person.

This is the main thing to consider when searching for a profile on Bumble. The location.

Your location has to match theirs (that of the target’s) so as to be able to swipe right on them.

You cannot be in London and expect to match with someone in Nairobi, Kenya easily.

Your location has to be Nairobi, Kenya too.

Key things to remember when using your friend’s account on Bumble;

  • They must be willing to help you.
  • They must allow you to change the location.
  • They must have a controlled temper since you would be disturbing them.

Working with a friend is never that easy but could help a lot.

3. Searching From Already Existing Matches

While everyone is busy searching for technical and very hard methods, the trick is right under your nose.

Have you ever tried checking within your matches?

There are most probably several women that you guys have already matched with.

Go into your matches lists and see whether you can spot them.

They might have changed their names but their photos are the same.

They might have changed their photos but their names are the same.

This helps when you want to know why your previous match disappeared.

Check out the Tinder Match Disappeared for more tricks to use also on Bumble.

So, dive into your matches and see whether you will be able to spot the person.

Searching from already existing matches may also give you conversations that you had ignored previously.

These conversations could hold useful information such as, contacts, names or even places of abode.

So, go back to your previous matches and see what you could have missed.

4. Using a Third Party Service

There are third party entities that will help you find a Bumble profile.

Some of their services are free while others you have to pay for.

Not all are trustworthy and you must be very careful before using them.

I will only mention the one that I trust. You can use a similar method to make a Tinder Search.

  1. (i)  Cheater Buster

The Cheater Buster site helps you to identify Tinder profiles.

However, it can also be used to find Bumble profiles.

Use Cheater Buster to find a Bumble profile.
Use Cheater Buster to find a Bumble profile.

The technique is the same on both platforms.

When you get to their site:

  • Tell them who you want to search for.
  • Tell them of their last known location on Bumble.
  • Give their first name and
  • Give their age.

From there, wait for the results to be emailed to you.

Here, you can decide whether you want to pay for the service or use the free one.

5. Tracing of Facebook-Connected Apps and Phone Number (Contact Tracing)

Whenever you add a number to your contacts and you are online, an automatic search is made on that number

Bumble connects to Facebook and therefore one can identify a profile from there.
Bumble connects to Facebook and therefore one can identify a profile from there.

This search reveals its Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Instagram, Tinder or even Bumble.

Even if Bumble is not found directly, Facebook definitely will.

From Facebook, you will be able to see the Bumble app connected to a user’s profile.

This helps you know the user name of someone on Bumble. It may be just as their Facebook name.

Bumble appears among the apps connected to Facebook. Contact tracing will find it.
Bumble appears among the apps connected to Facebook. Contact tracing will find it.

I call this technique contact tracing and it reveals many accounts tied to one’s phone number.

Since you would already be having a fake Bumble account, you can use this name from Facebook to search for the person.

You may be in luck if at all they are using the same name as you had seen on Facebook.

Things to consider here:

  • Have a Facebook account, it could even be your friends’.
  • Try to get the number of the target. If it is your spouse, then that is easy. You have it.
  • Be friends on Facebook.
  • Be online while adding their number to your contact list.
  • Contact tracing will find related apps to that number.
  • Several user names will show up that will help you find them on Bumble.

All the best on this one. It is a better and surer method than the next one.

6. Cloning an Account

If at all you are in a relationship and all you need is to verify that one is cheating, you are in luck.

All that you have to do is to find out what the person who your lover is cheating on you with looks like.

You can safely take a screenshot knowing that the user will not be notified.

The workings of this are similar to that of Tinder Screenshot.

In order to not use up all your swipes for the day, swipe wisely.

You can choose your limits to either swipe left or right.

Set up a fake Bumble account as we had earlier mentioned in method 1.

Set up the location and other details to match the person who she is using to cheat.

This information you can easily find on Facebook or Instagram and other social media.

Now, try to match with your lover.

When the conversation begins, you will be able to see what sort of things that she tells him.

This can help you verify whether she is cheating on you or not.

You could also clone an account that already exists but use slightly different information such as on the name or the bio.

I placed this as one of the last methods because you really have to cross your fingers for it to work.

It is based a bit oftrial and error but can still work.

Remember not to copy everything exactly as the other person’s account.

If you do this, your account will be deactivated or banned.

Be smart as you clone the target’s account.

7. Just Ask

Yes, it may sound crazy, obvious or funny but sometimes, just ask.

If you are in a relationship and are investigating your girlfriend, just ask her if she is on Bumble.

Who knows, she may just tell you.

The best way to get anything is just to ask, nicely.

If she does not, then resort to the above four methods that we have looked at.

Wait for an opportune time when tempers are calm and just ask your girlfriend if she is playing you on Bumble.

Ask her if she is on any dating site, Bumble included.

She just may be in the good spirits to tell you the truth.

I placed this as the last method, as it is the most obvious and easiest thing to do when looking for Bumble profiles.

Just asking may be easier than all other methods.
Just asking may be easier than all other methods.

Ask someone to come in clean and spill the beans.

It may save you a lot of trouble on all that we have mentioned above in other methods.

Just remember that, you have to ask at an opportune time.

Be careful not to make her mad.

Do not force her to tell you.

Approach with sweetness and start by being honest and open with her.

She will also have the confidence to talk to you if you go first.

Tell her that you are faithful and not using any dating sites.

This way, she will not feel attacked.


Searching for profiles on Bumble is not as easy as doing it on Tinder.

It is made harder by the fact that Bumble does not have a search tool on its template.

There are only few methods that can be viably tried to search for Bumble profiles.

Some are so direct whereas others are about trial and error.

Nonetheless, you can really make a search for a profile on Bumble and end up finding it.

Just follow the steps listed above and see it happen.

All the best to you out there while you keep playing Bumble matches.