How to Change My Name and Age on Tinder?

According to Tinder this isn’t possible. BUUUT, it is actually possible!

According to a lot of people who tried it, this is the ‘easy’ type of possible. You know those times you say “Oh! How didn’t I think of this before?!”…

In fact, there are a few ways that you can change your name and age on Tinder. 

I’m not pulling you into one of those “simple steps” in which you get lost and end up giving up completely. Chill, we’re not doing that here.

Let’s “easy peasy lemon squeezy”!

  • How do I change my name and age on Tinder?
  • Changing your age and name on Tinder through Facebook
  • Changing my age and name on Tinder by starting fresh
  • How to change my name and age on Tinder if I signed up via phone number?
  • You can also…

What are the ways to change my name and age on Tinder?

Perhaps you made a mistake when signing in, or you filled “the wrong” info intentionally and now you want to change it…

You connected your Tinder profile with your Facebook account and now all of a sudden you’re 5 or more years older than you actually are. How the-?

If you still didn’t get the flashbacks, imagine a teenager fooling Facebook while not being honest about their age in order to be able to use it.

 Ah, yes. The bells are finally ringing…

Note: You want to keep in mind that if you change your age, so will the profiles that are shown to you on Tinder. 

Since a lot of people have their preferences and use the age filter to ‘filter’ the profiles that are shown to them. 

We arrived at the ways you can change your name and age on Tinder.

There are two ways to change your name and age on Tinder:

  • Through Facebook
  • Starting fresh

1. Changing your age and name on Tinder through Facebook

(This is valid only if your Tinder is connected to your Facebook account.)

Changes need to be done on your Facebook account, in order for them to be updated to your Tinder profile too. 

Changing your name and age through facebook includes: 
1. Changing your name and age on Facebook;

2. Logging out and in of Tinder/pausing your Tinder account/deleting your Tinder account and starting a new one.

Changing your age on Facebook:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile
  2. Click on “About”, which is right under your cover photo on Facebook
  3. Click “Edit Basic Information”
  4. Edit Your Birth Date
  5. Save Changes

Changing your name on Facebook:

  1. Click the down-pointing arrow in the top-right of the page
  2. Click “Settings”.
  3. Name > Edit
  4. Click “Review Change”, enter your password
  5.  Save Changes.

How to update my changed age and name on Tinder?

There are a few things you can try:

– Wait to see the changes (name and age) being updated within 24 hours.

People tried this, and waiting for 24 hours for the changes from their Facebook to be updated to their Tinder account seems to have work for them. 

If this option does not work for you, then:

– Log out, and log in again.
This is supposed to be some sort of a ‘refresh’. Although it isn’t 100% sure that it works.

Still, you can try if you don’t want to lose your matches or anything else in your current account.

– ‘Pause’ your Tinder account for a while, and get back to it after a few days. 

This too, seems to have worked for some people.You won’t lose anything if you try it out. 

If you don’t see this working for you, then:

– The last option: delete your Tinder account

Select “My profile info is not syncing”, and then tap on “Continue to Account Deletion”.

All your matches, conversations, and everything else that had to do with Tinder will be deleted with your Tinder account!

After deleting your Tinder account, you can simply open a new one, and reconnect it with your Facebook (on which you changed your age and name earlier).

Note: You can’t change your age on Facebook too often, if you did so recently, this might not work for you. Hence, you will have to wait for a little while.

After opening your new account make sure you respect the Tinder Etiquette, and rock the new profile! Congrats, and you’re welcome.

2. Changing your age and name on Tinder by starting fresh


Your name and age are the only pieces of your profile you can’t change after creating an account.

If you need to update one or both, you do have the option to delete your account and start over.
In deleting your account, you’ll permanently lose your matches, messages, consumable purchases (Super Likes, Boosts, etc.), and other information associated with your account. If you have a Tinder subscription, you can always restore it on your new account by following the instructions found here.
To delete your Tinder account, follow the steps below:
Open the app or sign in to Tap the profile icon Go to SettingsTap Delete Account and confirm

After deleting your account, all you have to do is open a brand new one, and you’ll be good to go.

If you don’t want to complicate it, simply don’t connect your Facebook account at all.

However, if you still do want to connect your Tinder with your Facebook, then consider changing your name and age (as explained above) on Facebook before opening the new Tinder account.

If you don’t feel like changing your Facebook name and age, then open a new Facebook account with the age and name you want to have, and connect it to your, also new, Tinder account.

3. How to change my name and age on Tinder if I signed up via phone number?

This is an easier option compared to the one with Facebook.

The only way to change your name and age on Tinder if you’re signed up via phone number, or even email, is to delete your account and open a new one.

It is easier simply because all you have to do is two things: 

  1. Delete your current account
  2. Open a brand new one, with whatever name and age(+18) you like

Keep in mind that once your account is deleted, so are your matches, conversations, pictures, and everything else with the account really.

You can also…

…Hide your age on Tinder

This won’t be much help if you want to change your name. 

But if you don’t feel like deleting your Tinder account, then you might want to consider this option. 

Note that this is only available if you’re subscribed to Tinder Plus


This is only easy if you make it that way. You can make it simple, by being honest about your age and name (so that you won’t have to change them again). 

Or at least get a lesson to be more careful and pay attention next time you open a Tinder account.

Note: Be careful to not do this very often- deleting and opening Tinder accounts, because it might be detected as ‘suspicious’ and get you banned on Tinder or even shadowbanned.