CheaterBuster Review: What Makes It Worth It?

Nowadays, finding the ideal partner is just a click away.

Whether you are using Tinder or a different dating app, you have the opportunity to meet up with different people who have the same intentions as you: finding their significant other online. 

Technology has changed the way single people meet. 

With the development of dating apps, people are deciding whether someone is good for them based on the information and photos others provide about themselves on dating apps profiles.

General public attitudes towards online dating have turned out in a positive way in recent years.

Dating apps are playing a crucial role when it comes to navigating and documenting romantic relationships.

According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, 11% of American adults and 38% of people who are single and looking for a partner, have used online dating apps.

66% of the interviewees have gone on a date with someone they have met through dating apps.

And 23% of the interviewees have met a spouse through the apps.

But the fairytale doesn’t always end up with a happy ending. 

The same way technology assists in the process of finding your significant other online, on the same way it can destroy your real-life relationship. 

That’s when Cheaterbuster comes you in hand.

Have you been wondering if your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is using Tinder?

Do you want to find out if they are using the dating app to meet up with other people?

Have you been suspecting but you’re not completely sure because they manage to delete the proves

CheaterBuster formerly known as Swipebuster will be the answer to all your questions.

What is CheaterBuster?

Cheater buster is a website and application which offers the Tinder Profiles Search service

The service allows you to find out if someone you know is using Tinder. 

By entering their names on the CheaterBuster service, you will be able to see their Tinder profile and when was the last time they swiped on someone. 

There is no need to have a Tinder account in order to fulfill the research you’re planning to do. 

Everyone can use this service. Starting from people who don’t use Tinder, to the ones that are very active in their Tinder profiles.

The Cheaterbuster service searches, gather data and shows whether or not your partner has a Tinder account.

And if an active Tinder profile reveals after the search is done, the profile can be viewed in detail.

These details include the last swipe they made and the location from where they have used Tinder.

How does Cheaterbuster work?

CheaterBuster works to continuously keep the website up-to-date by changing and modifying it in order to make the results 99% accurate and deliver real-time results.

 For every search that you’ll make the service will collect the information from Tinder by making a real Tinder profile search

The trick for finding the appropriate results is the information that CheaterBuster collects. The information which is in proportion to the user’s search criteria.

Now you may wonder why I’m extending the conversation this long and not getting back to the point.

Okay, okay. Be patient, good things take time right?

Let’s get back to the main topic:

How can you use the Cheater buster service?

All you need is to have an account on the Cheaterbuster website. The process of opening an account starts by clicking the “My Account” button on the top of the page.

After you click “My Account” you will be asked to type your username and password.

You need this information in order to create an account and log in.

Information that needs to be provided in order to start a search is:

  • First name – don’t include the last name
  • Age – put it as accurately as you can
  • Gender- Male or Female
  • Location– Use the map on the site to point the accurate location where you think the person you’re searching for last used Tinder.

Let us take an example, so you can see how it is done.

The information that we put on for completing the searching service is shown on the image below:

This is the information with which the research will be conducted. 

But that’s not all, what else do we need?

Yes, the location.

As it was mentioned above, the location is a crucial part of the searching process.

So, make sure to narrow it down as precisely as you can. 

Some of the most relevant locations where the person could be are:

  • An office
  • Hotel
  • Their house
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop

In our search, we have chosen New York City as the location where we believe Andrew belongs to.

Now, since the information that is needed for the search process is all set up, you need to click “ Sign in”.

This option will lead you into the account that you’ve created earlier where the search results will be shown.

As you can see the search has found 417 results for people named Andrew. 

What you may also notice is that age differs from one person to another. 

The number that we have put on the age section, in the beginning, was 25. And here we see people aged 24 and 26 as well.

This is all because of the algorithm that Cheaterbuster uses. 

In addition to the age we’ve been looking for, the algorithm also shows us two more related options. These options make more people appear on the search results with the features we’ve been looking for.

After the search is completed, you will be able to click on their profiles.

After you click the profile, you will see 4 of the pictures they have in their Tinder profiles together with the last time they were seen on Tinder.

Cheaterbuster Features 

The details that are given above, are details that you will be able to see after a regular search is completed.

But what happens if you want the searching process to examine deeper a particular profile?

Well, let us tell you that this should be an Update from which you can get extra features that will include additional features such as :

  • Update

The usage of the Update feature will cost you 1 credit per search and the extra information that you will get from this feature will be:

  • Profile status

Profile status is a feature that will provide you with information about the availability of a particular account including information about the usage of premium Tinder features and if the account is closed or deleted.

  • Information about the latest pictures

This additional feature includes the adjustment of the user’s profile pictures.

If a specific picture has been replaced from the last search you’ve made, this detail will be shown to you at the “My Account” section.

  • Profile information

With this feature’s assistance, you will have the opportunity to gather the user’s personal information.

Information about their daily routine including pictures, and information this person decides to share with others in their Tinder profile.

  • Super Update

This feature will cost you 2 search credits.

Expect the regular information that was mentioned above, this feature comes you in hand with extra additional information for the person you’re searching for.

  • Location

With this feature, you will be able to see the last location in which the person was previously active on Tinder  

  •  Profile status 

 The profile status feature will provide you with information about the activity of the user’s Tinder profile. 

  •  Weekly Update 

 This feature informs users of the weekly changes that are made in the user’s profile.

After the server collects data from the searching process, you will receive an email along with the updates of the user’s profile. You can also check the “My Account” section for weekly profile updates.

  • Pricing

Cheaterbuster service charges $9.99 per search credit.

The payment should be done because of the searching servers that are needed in order to complete an accurate search.

By charging for the service Cheaterbuster manages to maintain the server fast, accurate and stable.

Is Cheaterbuster safe?

Cheaterbuster is one of the most accurate and safest website/app in which you can find people you’re interested in. 

 With plenty of similar websites operating online for the moment with the intention of misusing the information that you’ll provide them with, Cheaterbuster is what you need.

 With many years of experience in this field, Cheaterbuster uses the information you provide them for research purposes only. Without misusing it for other purposes. 

 Unlike other services that may have a small percentage of accuracy with random results, Cheaterbuster got 97%-99% accuracy in their searching results. 

 If you don’t use Cheaterbuster’s service you will be forced to use other methods which are considered to be an invasion of privacy. 

 That’s because you’re trying to have access to a space that belongs to your partner only. 

 Everyone has the right to privacy and nobody should deprive others of their rights. 

 Meanwhile, with Cheaterbuster, you will not have direct access to his belongings. 

 You will only use public searchable information that Tinder users have on their Tinder profiles. 

 In other words, this is information that can be found anyway. Cheaterbuster service is only helping you to find real-time accurate results in a wider dimension