35 Of The Most Hilarious Bios on Tinder

35 of the funniest Tinder bio examples.
35 of the funniest Tinder bio examples.

Tinder is a romantic online site where people hope to find lasting relationships, friends with benefits, a marriage partner, hookup or just the most hilarious of bios. 

Both men and women have been very funny on what they write in their bios giving us a real laugh.

Let us get to sample some of these as we all could use a joke every now and then.

There is no problem with being shy but no one will judge you for talking about sex, dicks or licking up stuff. Say it in a creative way. 

Funny Tinder Bios for Guys

1. Feeds Beer to Cats

When one feeds beer to his cats, you can obviously expect it to be funny. 

Funny Tinder Bio

I make books and videos for work, and give beer to cats for fun.

This would show matches that you are a very open minded person and will make them want to talk to someone who seems funny and full of life.

2. Only Swipe Right if You Smoke Weed

This weed must be really important to him. 

funny tinder bio

If you don’t smoke weed, there is no need to swipe right

This may be a clear message to users on what sort of behavior you are into. 

So, whoever is of a similar behavior to yours will most certainly fall in love with you. 

3. You are All the Sugar I need

When people are seen as soda, especially needed after an argument that must be funny. 

With a diet soda, the match would be all the sugar that is needed.

smart tinder bio

We might fight, but please don’t try and solve the argument with regular soda. I prefer diet: we both know you are all the sugar I need.

Do not try and solve the argument with regular soda, I prefer diet.

A catchy one yet hilarious Tinder bio at the same time. 

This kind of bio helps paint the awkward side of you and people love imperfection.

It would help matches see that you also make mistakes and can be pleased to calm down in fights.

4. The Unicorn Lover

My friend kept raving about his unicorn drink, so I just had to try it

An eternity with Jake would be one full of delusions and getting lost in time. 

Funny Tinder bio

My friend kept raving about his Unicorn drink, so I just had to try it. 

Sure, I am going to live a half-life, a cursed life. But it means I get to spend eternity with you, it will be worth it.

He is sure that he is going to live a half-life, cursed but at least he will get to spend eternity with that someone special

Being weird makes you look like you know the importance of having fun. 

Many people have a weird element in them and can easily relate to you writing this.

5. The Leo Star

Leo must be a very bad guy for Jake to brag of how he did something to him. 

He believes that it will win him points with Tinder matches. 

Jake's funny Tinder Bio

Ladies, if I can do this to Leo, imagine what I can do to you.

What is he really implying, that he will step on the ladies’ faces? 

I wonder how many matches he will get through this slick joke. 

If you are a domineering man, this will help you get matches that love to be subdued.

Be careful as it may chase away matches and will let you wonder why your Tinder Match disappeared.

6. Ryan has a Kia Car with Candles in It!

I don’t know what movies Ryan has been watching but they must have been comedies. 

This guy is a joker. 

From his profile picture to the words in the bio. 

Ryan presents as a funny man who drives a Kia Sorrento. 

Creative Tinder bio

My perfect date night: I pick you up. In my Kia Sorrento. You get in. There’s candles in the car. You go. “… Is that dangerous?” And I go, “Yes-but I like danger.” We go to your favorite restaurant, and we have a fantastic meal. We come outside and we see my car on fire. You go “Ryan, your cars on fire. Aren’t you upset?!” I pull out a bag of marshmallows and go, “No, I knew this was gonna happen.”And then I kiss you. In front of my burning car.

I cannot even find the words to explain how funny Ryan who drives a Kia is. 

Be happy and act like nothing ever happened. Only Ryan can do that. 

It looks like you have never dated before. It will definitely appeal to the scared people.

Since you will appear like a virgin, it will attract others that have never kissed before. 

7. The Automatic Tinder Human

When humans became robots, they joined Tinder. 

They no longer thought for themselves but became machines that did things automatically such as this bio here. 

Smart Tinder Bio

Use the auto-fill to complete your Tinder bio.

I am going to completely use auto fill to answer each questions.

My favorite food is my day and I am a little bit crazy.

My age is so pretty much as much of my life.

My hobbies include my ex girlfriend in the past year.

My favorite activities are in there.

My favorite flowers are the best ones.

I’m on Tinder because I’m not sure if you want me or something.

You’re welcome.

This makes you look like you appreciate adventure. 

Many people prefer adventure and will want to date you or hookup. 

8. Hi, I Saved People From Asteroids

Babies being saved from asteroids is not half as crazy as using that to get matches on Tinder.

Andrew's Funny Tinder Bio

I have spent the most of my life travelling around the world working and rock climbing and fighting crime. Of course who could forget that time I saved those orphans from that asteroid whilst doing humanitarian work in all of the war zones… that’s right all of them. 🙂

Andrew is such a lifesaver that he technically saved orphans from asteroids. 

Maybe this was not intended to be a joke and he wanted to look sweet and sensitive to women. 

Well, too bad, joke very well received. 

A bio like this somewhat makes you look sensitive. 

Those who get the sensitive types will prefer such a profile. 

9. Donating Blood to Be Someone’s Type

He denotes that he was only someone’s type on donating blood. 

Perfect Tinder Bio

Last time I was someone’s type I was donating blood.

Donating blood made him someone’s type. 

Using this Tinder bio will make you seem to be a really hopeful guy to users on Tinder.

Many people are hopeless romantics and will love this of you. 

10. The Police that You can Play With

Admittedly true, I have also wanted to know what it would be like to show the police my middle finger.

Fuck the Police - The Most Funny Bio

Have you ever said F*** the police? Well now’s your chance.

Now you can tell the police F* you. 

Well, now we all have a chance to F with the police.

I would not be worried about going to jail, just what the cop will do about it.

11. John the Single Mom

John is actually a guy but identifies as a single mom. 

Funny Tinder bio

John is a single mom and must be very tall. 

Single mom. Serious inquiries only.


Can’t hit this unless you are 6’4 or taller!

Take me out for free Starbucks and pizza. 

Ask for my Snap and Insta. 📷

I’m shy so I won’t message you first, but open once I get to know you.


Live, Laugh, Dicks. 😂💦

Totally not a hoe

This is plain crazy and totally deranged. It will be good for the confused Tinder users.

Anybody that is gay or a she-male will definitely love this. 

12. The Selfish Lover

Funny Tinder Bio

I’m having trouble picking up a costume

Want to help?

Swipe left if you are a fan of ghosting.

Swipe Right if you are a fan of getting boned. 

He simply asks you whether you want to be ghosted or boned. 

Which one do you prefer?

Through this Tinder bio, you only get what you are looking for. For examples, getting boned or stoned. 

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13. The Country Man

Well, women love men who hunt game. 

Or so Mark thinks. 

Tinder bio

What’s up yall… im mark! I dont do stupid pick up lines, Im just a simple country boy lookin for a country queen… love huntin.. love fishin… love football WHO DEY!!!! GO BUCKS OH… I am who I am a lot of ppl love me… and a few hate me… but thats cause they never really got to kno me! So thats me. 🙂 wanna kno more… swipe to the right and we can talk! Lookin forward to talkin to u!

Mark is a sexy hunter who would love to take matches for hunting. 

Mark actually appears dirty and dangerous. 

He thinks it is cool to kill animals but women may be looking for a dog lover. 

They may want a sensitive person with feelings for animals too. 

That makes Mark’s bio funny.

14. Jump to New End 

Jump to new end Tinder Bio

New to London.

New to Tinder.

I like to jump in at the end. 

Being new to everything, he just jumps in at the end. 

By using this Tinder Bio you would seem like the kind of guy that would get things easily.

People love someone who understands quickly. 

15. Porn-hubber Tinder

I’m on Tinder to make new friends, sure…

And I’m on Pornhub to see if the plumber manages to fix the sink”. 

Porn-hubber Tinder bio

“I’m on Tinder to make new friends”

“Sure… And I’m on Pornhub to see if the plumber manages to fix the sink”

He clearly states what gets him on. Making friends to plumb.

This bio shows that you love sex. Being on Pornhub speaks a lot. 

Many people love sex and will want this from you. 

16. Running From My Ex

Let’s run away together. For real.  Need some assistance from my soon to be future ex.

Deliver Anthony from his future ex by being his new girl. 

Using this bio shows that you can move on.

People do not like to be stuck in the past and will therefore love you. 

17. Comparing FB Friends

If at all Facebook friends would like someone, Pablo would be really King Solomon. 

He has about 1005 of them, most probably all women. 

Comparing FB friends Tinder bio

1005 friends for common connections.

We compare your Facebook friends with those of your matches to display any common connections.

Compare Facebook friends and matches to find connections. 

It sort of assures your matches that you appreciate other social media sites. 

People love Tinder users with an Instagram or Facebook account. 

18. Node to PHP

Node.js is killing me from the inside but at least it’s not PHP. 

Node to PHP Tinder bio - Programmer's Tinder Bio

Node.js is killing me from the inside but at least it’s not PHP.

Being geeky and creative is hilariously creative. 

There is nothing as attractive as being intelligently funny. 

Women love intelligence and immediately get attracted. 

19. Diddle-Doodle

If you can’t handle me at my diddliest, you don’t deserve me at my doodliest. 

Diddle doddle Tinder bio

In the group photo I am the one leaning down trying to fit in the shot. 

If you can’t handle me at my diddliest, you don’t deserve me at my doodliset. 


If you can’t handle me at my diddliest, you don’t deserve me at my doodliest. 

This bio is random and makes people find you mysterious. 

It will make people develop interest as they will find you mysterious. 

20. To Girls Under 30-Over 30

Funny is placing rules for girls under 30 and over 30. 

Funny tinder bio

To the girls over 30: I’m an anaesthesiologist looking to start a family. 

To the girls under 30: I’m hung and breed Labrador pups

If you use this bio it will show that you value order in your life. 

Matches will find you organized and caring. You would look so meticulous. 

Funny Tinder Bios For Girls

1. Blind Man Girl

Instead of calling a blind German woman a “Nazi” she says, “NotSee”.

Blind man girl Tinder Bio

She really is not a Nazi, just a NotSee.

What do you call a blind German?

A NotSee.

Hahaha btw I’m blind

This Tinder bio is very funny and catchy. One of the best. 

People love finesse and a slick tongue. 

2. Eating Dinner For Two

Notice how short the best and funniest Tinder bios are

Keep it short and simple

Simple Tinder Bio

Current relationship status: Made dinner for two. Ate both plates. 

This is very well done Tinder bio. It adds a nice sense of humor to being single. 

This would make for a good screenshot to be shared with your friends for fun. 

You can use the Tinder Screenshot Scare to know that the match will be unaware of it. 

Go give your matches a laugh. 

May be this is why they would pick you out of many. 

3. Get in Your Head Before Giving You Head

I’ll get in your head before giving you head.

Funny Tinder bio

2nd year Psychology student, so I’ll get into your head before giving you head x

Love partying and outdoorsy stuff. 

Gymnast so I’m flexible (draw your own conclusions).

It is intelligently naughty. She has done psychology and also can give head. 

People love an intelligent woman who can also be naughty. 

4. A Very Particular Set of Skills

I don’t even know where to begin on this lady’s bio. 

What I know is that, she has had a long sexual career to build enough experience. 

Sex is like a job to her and she is really good at it. 

These good sex skills make her dream of people just like you. 

Tinder bio for girls

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. I do have is a very particular set of skills. I have acquired over a very long sexual career. Skill that make me a dream for people like you.

If you swipe left now that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you swipe right, I will match with you.

This makes you come out as a lover for sex. It easily gets you a hookup.

Many men want sex more than a relationship. This will help you get laid fast.

5. Looking For Mr. Right

Of course, I feel for the handicapped. 

I would never make jest of them. 

However, it is funny when a handicapped also finds a sense of humor. 

Hilarious Tinder bio

Speech pathology major. Looking for my right hand man.

She lacks the right hand so she wants one in her match.

She lacks her right limb and is on Tinder hoping to find it. 

In a match of course. 

Wonderfully hilarious. Gentle and well done. 

It shows profiles that you are not put down by a disability. 

6. Lost in The Kitchen

Someone seems to be lost and trapped in a different dimension. 

Everything seems upside down and words go from right to left.

She finds herself posed upside down. 

F*** where am I


Send help

I’m lost.

This isn’t the kitchen.

Lost somewhere that looks like the kitchen. 

This could be the kitchen or just another dimension in time. 

How do people send her help? 

The impression it gives is that you can be awkward. 

It makes matches see that you do not have to be perfect. 

7. The Mike Tyson Girl

Her name must be, dangerous Kethmi.


She compares herself to a Mike Tyson kiss. 

Funny Tinder Bio

If you’re trying to figure out how to say my name think Mike Tyson saying kiss me

Mike Tyson would say, “Keth me” rather than, “kiss me”. 

Her lips are actually gorgeous but she makes herself come out funny by the Tyson pun. 

Kiss me” nah, just “keth mi”. 

8. The Testicles that Tickle

I love these!

The coded messages in puns. 

They always work so well for Tinder bio jokes. 

savage Tinder bio

Give her your balls to play with and she will marry you. 

If your surname is Tickle I might have to marry you.

She loves to play with balls.

That is what she means. Very slickly done. 

Maybe for some men they are sick of seeing such bios for girls on Tinder. 

It is simply naughty and uncouth. 

9. The Mannequin Dragger

I’ve been dragging a naked mannequin around a Denny’s parking lot. 

Funny Tinder bio

I enjoy long walks in the beach with my boyfriend, until the acid wears off and I realize I’ve been dragging a naked mannequin around a Denny’s parking lot for 12 hours. 

This bio simply hilarious. 

It shows people how creative you can be and makes them open more up to you.

10. I Can’t Stand

She cannot stand the fact….

You can fill that yourself. 

Funny Tinder bio

You know what I can’t stand? Sorry let me reemphasize. You know what, I can’t stand.

There is just something that she can’t stand. 

Seriously, she can’t stand. 

She can however crack a joke. 

That’s just it, she can’t stand

Using this Tinder bio makes you appear like you have a nice sense of humor. 

Lots of people love to see the fun side of life. 

11. Limbs 3/4

She has everything except for all limbs. 

Tinder bio

Personality 10/10.

Humor 10/10. 

Looks 10/10.

Chat 10/10.

Limbs 3/4.

Using this as your Tinder bio makes the able bodied be charmed to you.

You seem comfortable with yourself and therefore others can be with you too. 

12. The Dead Alive 80’s Girl

The good times to Tattiana were when she wasn’t alive. 

She would rather listen to the 80s. 

Funny Tinder bio

80s music brings me back to good times like when I wasn’t alive

Tattiana is dead but also alive when the 80s play. 

The 80s bring back Tattiana to the land of the dead.

Weirdly funny. 

Music is always a great way to start a chat. 

13. The Shirt Stealer

A jovial 4 foot ten cutie. 

She has a series of habits that are cool and okay until…


Pre Med


I love to make new friends, so just say hi! (:

Also, I promise to steal your shirts

She is a foodie that also steals shirts. 

She steals your shirts.

She is the little shirt stealer. 

It is kinda sexy to wear your boyfriend’s shirt. 

Men will find you kinky and creative. 

14. The Noisy Neighbour

How do you deal with noisy neighbors where you live?

Your parents will love me but your neighbors won’t.

Now why wouldn’t your neighbors love her?

May be she loves to make out on the front porch. 

Using this Tinder bio makes you seem like a fan to partying and playing. 

All the party-goers will be drawn to you. 

15. Original Features

She has all the features like a car. 

Creative Tinder bio

As reliable as a car. Also has low mileage. 

For sale by owner-

1995 model with all original features 

Cheap to maintain

Dual front airbags

Spacious rear

Low mileage 

Not quite a write off yet

Reliable 90 % of the time.

With this Tinder bio you come out as superbly creative. 

People love to know that they will  not be bored chatting you. 

Tinder is the dating app with some of the funniest bios all over. 

Looking for a funny bio, you will find it on Tinder.

You too should borrow a leaf and let the fun prevail. Don’t be a spoil sport. 

Please, have fun but be sensitive. Do not insult. 

For all times, good luck to you.