Long distance dating in the lockdown by the Coronavirus

How to keep Dating Exciting, Fun and Manageable

Video calling spices up long distance relationships.
Video calling spices up long distance relationships.

Dating is usually fun, sweet and just makes us want to be with our partners all the time if not most. It makes us feel alive and at home as we hope for the good times to last forever and ever.

We never want anything to interfere with that arrangement. But what if something threatens to shatter it apart?

Something like Covid-19.

Currently, we have all been forced into a self-quarantine by the situation on the ground globally.

How to Use Tinder during Coronavirus, PickUp Lines and Funny Bios.

It is one of those times where we find ourselves far apart from our significant others if at all we were not living together.

Only anxiety, loneliness and lots of hoping are left for us to fulfill.

Yet in the murk of all the chaos caused by the Coronavirus, we still emerge with a hope to make long distance relationships work.

Amidst the deaths, scary cases of what happens during infection and myths that some make up, we yet find some tips that we can use to overcome this trying period.

This then is the purpose of this article, to help you cope with the long distance relationship that you have found yourself in at the time.

Hey, if you will like so much what you will read here, you can use it for future reference whenever you are distanced from your love.

In this article, you will learn the following:

  • How to keep it hot using video calling.
  • Taking advantage of the sexts and flirts.
  • Making use of pre-recording messages, whether voiced or video.
  • Finding romance in checking on each other.
  • Calling at least once.
  • Of course, a reminder to keep yourself safe while away from your love.

I do hope that you get a lot that will be of benefit from this article.

I also date so, this is something that I write from a perspective of, “What if you were dating and you had to be apart for some time?” Please, let us jump into it.

1. Using Video Caller Apps to Create a Sense of Being Together

What I like about the video calls is that, I can get to see whether my partner is eating my chocolate donuts.

I mean, she just takes them like I was not going to come back to have them, even if I was only gone for a few hours to return home later.

The horror of watching her gobble them down, I tell you.

So, video caller apps are now what you should be busy downloading from the service providers, Play Store, Apple Store, Mobogenie, Moborobo, wherever that they appear.

Skype calls make chatting better with a lover
Skype calls make chatting better with a lover.

When you video call someone, you get to see them and read their general mood.

Did you know that, Skype helps to keep half of long distance relationships alive? This is because, it creates intimacy among the partners plus also makes the partners feel a bit closer to each other.

May be you cannot physically touch each other but you can blow kisses, wink and hey, even strip for each other.

During these times of lock down, it would be highly welcome to get appealing gestures from a long distance partner and may be some show me yours I show you mine moments.

Viber is a good app to video call from.
Viber is a good app to video call from.

Wheneverpartners video call they actually are together in that time and they could give each other a tour of the house or room or anywhere else that they may happen to be.

They have a chance to show each other the new ship that they built inside a bottle or a new pet cat that they got and how cute she is.

Video calling helps lovers to keep updated on each other’s lives and get a reaction from their partners, mostly good ones that make you trust them and smile for each other.

It is this kind of spirit that a long distance relationship needs in order to stay alive.

2. Sexting and Naughty Flirting

Yeah, you have heard that women do not like to be in-boxed dicks by guys. That is true.

What you haven’t heard is that, women love to be made wet by guys.

You don’t even have to touch them, just have a conversation that flows and creates chemistry.

Allow me to share some messages that you could use on each other (some of these apply for women to guys) too:

Some kinky texts for long distance relationships.
Some kinky texts for long distance relationships.

These are just some of the kinky text messages that you could send each other to heat up that long distance love.

Sexting is one of the best ways to keep that long distance romance alive, why?

Because it creates anticipation.

Anticipation of what someone will do to you once you meet face to face makes things interesting.

Yeah, personally, I like the Russian roulette kinky fantasies: Something like, “I am going to shoot down your bra pin and explode on what is left behind”.

Kinkily getting the bra off.
Kinkily getting the bra off.

Sexting is good when it is both direct and flirtatious.

You should flirt a bit with your partner and tease them so that they want to play with you.

This creates an interest in both of you to want to sext more and more.

Flirting makes long distance relationships have color and desire as both parties prepare to see each other again soon.

Now, that is romantic. It is all about keeping that romance alive and playing with each other.

When you flirt, it becomes like you are hitting on each other afresh and this helps you date successfully while far away from each other.

It has the effect of making you both feel attractive.

3. Recording Cute Video Messages for Each Other

We are so lucky to be living in a world where we have so much digitization.

We don’t always have to be together to make each other happy or kill the boredom.

All we have to do is to take advantage of the many beautiful features that civilization has offered us. Such as smartphones and computers.

Leaving your significant other a voice recording or a video clip on their Whatsapp about you makes them happy, lovey-dovey and excited for you!

Recording videos for a loved one is exciting and attractive.
Recording videos for a loved one is exciting and attractive.

You do not even need a super HD camera to make recordings with, just your smartphone will do.

Take a video shot for 5-15 minutes and send it on whatever apps that you are using for video chatting.

If video chatting does not work for you, try voice recorded messaging that will help you keep it sexy for your love far way.

Here are some things that you can say in your video/voice recordings to your partner that immediately makes them never lose love for you;

Attractive things to say in video/voice recordings.
Attractive things to say in video/voice recordings.

Aren’t they fun?

Please feel free to steal some of them for that video recording or voice message recording tonight.

Even if you have a personality like Josef Stalin’s, these will definitely make you Barack Obama, simply sweet and charismatic.

So go on and be sweet and creative.

After not being with you for two weeks, it would make a lot of sense to open an app, say Viber or Facebook and find a recording of a loved one telling me of how much they love me or miss me and blow me kisses in the end.

No way would I think of hitting on the cute woman next door when my own keeps me in mind. Truly.

It is important to mention that, sending each other recorded material makes the partner replay them over and over in their spare time.

They always save them in their phones or laptops just for keepsake.

This behavior goes a long way to keep you in their memory.

4. Being Romantic by Occasionally Checking on Each Other

Of course, no one wants some obsessed person that needs an update every 15 minutes on what you are doing and with who.

It is like being in an open concentration camp or military school where you have to report to the commander almost every time.

However, it is advisable to occasionally check on each other especially when in a long distance relationship. This entails:

  • Open and honest communication.
  • The needs in the relationship.

Hey, since we are in the Covid-19 quarantine, ask whether one is still safe and uninfected.

It is sensitive to check on each other occasionally.
It is sensitive to check on each other occasionally.

It is sensitive and sensitivity creates good romance among dating partners.

It is nice to know that someone cares especially if you are not physically together for some time.

This keeps your heart at peace and you know that they did not just find another person and moved on.

Occasional check-ins help to stimulate emotion and care.

A little worry is sexy as it begs on someone to assure you that they are okay.

It also gives someone the opportunity to tell you their fears, longings and really let out whatever it was that they had been holding in.

You must do your best during this time of long distance dating caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to make it a ritual to just tell someone that you care about their health, emotional balance and a holding on to hope.

We need each other and after all this pandemic is behind us, we will need to continue with our relationships that we have worked so hard for.

5. Normal Calling at Least Once a Day

Earlier, I talked of video calling which is very important to a long distance love. Normal and ordinary with no third party apps is also important.

There is something about calling someone that makes them feel special. It is just not the same as texting nor video calling.

This is just the normal calling without the use of apps, which makes you build fantasies in your mind of what the other person may be doing.

So, if you happened to have lost your cool and expensive smart phone and have to use a burner, do not worry.

That small gadget that you have can turn a person excited, wet and very happy! You just need the right words to say and get them there.

Calling does not always have to be done using fancy apps and may be your internet is down at the moment.

Free calling, without use of apps can be very exciting.
Free calling, without use of apps can be very exciting.

You do not have to video app every time, that fantasy created by calling someone who you cannot see is important so as to improve your imagination and up your talk game.

Listening to an attractive voice plays well to our sensual feelings.

This helps us make up an image of what the person on the other side of the line looks like.

Here is why calling without apps is also important:

  • It boosts our imagination of the partner.
  • It helps us talk more creatively.
  • One’s voice sounds sexy to their partner therefore turns them on.
  • It makes things exciting as you can play with each other.
  • Through calling, we work more on emotions than what we know. This brings us closer.

Therefore, go on and call your significant other. Forget the Whatsapp, the Voip, the Viber and just make an ordinary call.

The others are good for face-face video calls which are also very important as we have seen but at times, just a simple call will do.

Ordinary calls are cheap and easy to make for most people.
Ordinary calls are cheap and easy to make for most people.

Well, normal calling is really cheap and therefore this alternative will apply well to those who lack WIFI and a good or steady supply of internet connection.

It also has no possibilities of connections being cut off all of a sudden due to weak WIFI signals or a need to update to fix a glitch on a certain app.

That is cool, right? So, do not shun away the simple and seemingly cheap phone call from your low end device.

At this moment, it is all that you may have to reach out to your love.

6. Be Insanely Creative in Your Communication

If you own fancy gadgets like drones, you could get insanely creative and attach sweet messages to your gf or bf then remote control the device to their house or a balcony. It is not only impressive but sweet.

She may just feel the gesture and lay you in this cold quarantine.

Don’t pass it up. Try it.

Remember to Keep Safe

Yeah, it is important to remind you to keep safe over the quarantine period.

We have looked so much at how to spice up and create an environment for a successful long distance relationship.

However, it is equally important that you stay alive for your love as one day you are going to meet again, face to face.

Staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

These are some tips that you can employ to stay safe over the isolation period:

  • Try to use the various other means to greet each other besides making bodily contact.
  • Remember to shower and wash your hands after touching stuff.
  • Take time to check on others and allow them to check on you too.
  • Don’t let paranoia and fake news guide you. Stay rational.
  • Keeping others safe is keeping yourself safe so, help wherever you can. Share food if you have a lot so that others do not have to go far and risk exposure.
  • Maintain social distancing and only handle those that you must handle such as your kids.
  • It is very important that you speak positively so that others get hope and stop worrying too much. As we said, protecting others is protecting yourself too. Helping others is helping yourself too.
  • If you have to, wear a mask.

This is important so that you don’t die and leave your partner sad. Stay alive!


Well, there you have it! You now know what to do over the period of self-isolation and quarantine so as to keep your long distance relationship alive.

You have the extreme means such as eroticism through kinky video calling and the simple such as just checking on someone.

A long distance relationship is shunned upon as people always think of being played or being dumped for another person.

It does not have to be that way.

If you play your cards right by following the advice in this article, you both should come out of isolation just fine.

You must always remember to be sweet and caring with your partner who is far away so that they stay emotionally attached to you. Hey, still more importantly, remember to stay safe through it all.

Keep Covid-19 away from yourself by following the safety guides and stay alive for your partner.

As always, to you I say, Удачи! (udachee). The best of luck out there.