No Matches on Tinder? Things You’re Doing Wrong – Explained

No Matches on Tinder

No matches on tinder

If you have been actively on Tinder for some time and you’re not getting any matches, it may not be that you have a terrible profile or that you’re ugly AF.

You could be super hot and have a fantastic profile and attractive, but you could be receiving no matches because you’ve ticked off Tinder’s algorithm.

Why is this happening then? Let’s see below!

Bad ELO score

Tinder previously used to apply a score to its users called the Elo score, but it now uses a ranking system with no special name that works pretty similar to Elo.

The new unnamed ranking system works to determine the desirability of its users and then match them with people of similar desirability.

This score determines when you will appear in someone else’s feed.

The higher your score, the more likely you’re to appear in someone’s feed.

If you have a low score you’re nearly invisible. If you’re nearly invisible, it’s going to be near on impossible to get any new matches.

ouch baby gif

Ouch, the sad truth! It hurts, doesn’t it?

How does the Tinder algorithm work?

Regardless of how much you’ll need to stand out from the herd because of the large number of Tinder users, you can still improve your match potential on Tinder.

You just have to know some things first about the algorithm Tinder uses to show you to potential matches:

1. New accounts get a boost

When you first open an account, you don’t have a score at all, so Tinder shows you to a very wide audience for about a day.

They use this time to calculate your score and then determine who your audience should be.

This is why you might get a bunch of matches your first few days, but then it drops considerably in a week.

Based on the number of swipes that happen on your profile within that first day, you then get a sort of number assigned to your profile (what was before called your “ELO score”).

Let’s say, hypothetically, you’re assigned the number 5.

This doesn’t mean you’re a 5 out of 10 on an attractive/ugly scale, so don’t take it too hard.

The algorithm is simply assessing your score.

After they’ve determined that you are a 5, you will then regularly be shown individuals who have scores between a 4 and 6.

You’ll rarely be shown anyone that has a score greater than 6 or less than 4.

2. How is my ELO score established? or How to establish my Elo score?

The ELO score is established based on several factors.

  1. How many people like you as a whole
  2. How many people match with you,
  3. The scores of the people who like you,
  4. How picky you are (swiping right 30 to 70% of the time seems like the sweet spot.).
  5. And whether you send and receive messages.

Think of Tinder as a great big voting system: the more people swipe right on you, the more “votes” you’re getting, and how many “votes” those people who vote on you are also getting contributes to your overall score as well.

How many “votes” you get might be based on how attractive you are, but it may be more influenced by your profile.

This is why it’s incredibly important (especially for men) to have a great Tinder profile since it’s a way you can definitely stand out.

3. How to calculate my ELO score?

Remember too that attractiveness is objective. Some people love a good beard; others don’t.

Some love fellow dog owners; others love a good cat photo.

Some love to see pictures of a potential mate in the outdoors; others love to see pictures of a fellow beer lover.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you’re at score 0 (because you’re a newbie).

If the only people who swipe right on you have a score between 4 and 6, that would be how you have assessed the score of 5, but if you swipe right on everyone (people who have a score of 1 all the way to a score of 10),

Tinder is going to judge that you don’t have any standards and will lower your score, so you won’t be a 5 anymore; you’ll be a 4 or 3.

If you keep not swiping selectively, they’ll lower it even more. Tinder wants members with standards.

If you don’t have standards, they may just assume you’re a bot and not want you to match with anyone at all. Make sense?

But let’s also say that you still have a hypothetical score of 5 and only swipe right on people who have scores of 10.

Tinder will lower your hypothetical score as well because your standards aren’t matching your reality. Your score is based on swipes and matches.

If you’re not matching with anyone you’re swiping right on, Tinder might be subtly telling you to face the hard cold truth that you may not be as wonderful/handsome as your momma told you every day when you were growing up.

4. How to increase my ELO Score?

If you’re going through long stretches without any matches, here are some things you could think about doing:

Swipe right more selectively

Do you swipe right each and every time on every single lady? Sure, why not?

cat swiping right

Well, let me tell you that Tinder absolutely hates this kind of swiping activity.

Swiping right 30-70% of the time seems to be the sweet spot, so read the profiles, look over the pictures, actually consider whether this is someone you would want to match with and if they are interested in the same thing and things you are.

When you swipe right on every profile you see, Tinder can decide that you have no standards or, worse, mark you as a bot.

Either can drastically reduce your score, which means you would show up in no one’s feed, so you’d be pretty much invisible.

Message your match!

Tinder keeps track of that too. Look up Tinder openers that work and just do it, since you know that whether they message you back or not doesn’t matter.

Tinder will give you a score bump just because you have a profile that is swiping based on some standards and is active and responsive.

its a match picture

Be active

If you don’t message or respond to messages or have begun swiping less and less, Tinder will dub your profile inactive and drop your placement in people’s feeds.

Tinder won’t want to show you to someone who is active and responsive if you are inactive and irresponsive.

Your score and matches will recover after you’ve been active again for a few days, but you have to remain active to continue to show up in people’s feeds.

Think about your standards

As in the example above, you may be a lowly 5, but only want to swipe on 10s.

There might be some absolutely wonderful women out there in the 4-6 range who would love to match with you, but you never give them the chance because you keep swiping left on them!

If you’re not getting matches, Tinder may be subtly telling you that you’re setting your sights too high and to think about lowering them a little.

oh come on gif

Tinder wants to show you, people who are ranked as desirable as you are, so don’t be so selective that you swipe left on everyone (just like you wouldn’t want to swipe right on everyone either).

Yes, you can have requirements and standards for a potential mate to live by, but Tinder is the king when you’re using its app.

So, think about if you’re being too picky and adjust accordingly.

Uh-Oh! What’s this noise? Did you drop your standards?

Start a new account

While this isn’t a surefire way to start (Tinder actually dislikes members resetting their profiles and there have been threads saying this can actually get your score lowered even further, but they’re still may be ways you can get around this), you might want to completely start over with a new profile and new pictures.

You’ll get that awesome new account boost available to your “new” profile and you’ll be shown a huge audience and be able to be more selective with your swipes, so your number won’t drop soon after as well.

Besides ELO score there is another reason why you’re not getting matches. Guess what? Yeah, exactly, your Tinder profile!

5. How to make a good Tinder Profile?

Getting more matches on Tinder with these profile tips has never been easier. Take notes and use them correctly.

Change up your profile or your pictures

Since you may have made your first profile without really knowing what to do and now you’ve been on Tinder a bit, make an attempt to make a really good profile!

Having a good bio and photos can substantially increase the number of people who swipe right on you. t’s also a great idea to update your profile and/or pictures if you haven’t in the last month or longer.

Choosing more recent photos or updating your bio if anything has changed could help attract some new matches.

Make sure you write an “About Me”

Guys who have a bio get four times as many matches than those who don’t.

Women are much more likely to swipe right based on your profile than pictures, so you need to write one that grabs them.

Think of this as your chance to connect with her in 500 characters or less.

tinder about me bio example

Mention your occupation

Especially if you have a “sexy” job (pilot, entrepreneur, firefighter, doctor, etc.).

Even if your job isn’t sexy on paper, make it sound sexy since women value intelligence

If you’re a college student, mention what you’re studying.

If you are doing something you’re not really proud of, talking about how what you’re doing now is just a stepping stone for your dream job.

occupation bio

Say what you’re looking for and end your profile with a “call to action.”

A “call to action” encourages someone to reach out to you.

It might be a prompt or question, like, “Tell me what your favorite TV show is” or “What’s your biggest fear?”

Saying something like, “Message me, and I’ll take it from there” is another type of call to action that is both suave and clear.

tinder bio with questions example

Make sure to be funny!

A sense of humor is a highly sought after trait in a man, so don’t forget to inject a little humor into your bio.

funny tinder bio

Since we discussed how to structure your Tinder Profile, it’s time to focus on your pictures and see how can we get the best ones.

6. How to get the best pictures on Tinder?

It’s very important to choose your pictures carefully. Pictures play a crucial role when it comes to getting more matches.

Having said that, below we will see the tips on getting the best picture in the Tinder profile.

Think about your photos

  • Include at least three photos.
  • Make sure you have at least one full-body photo and keep it classy. The majority of women find overtly sexual photos a huge turn-off.
  • If you’ve got a dog, don’t forget to include one with your best buddy!
  • If you’ve got an interesting hobby, like surfing or LARPing, include pictures of that too.
  • Limit the number of group photos you post too since you don’t want that special lady to think your best buddy is hotter than you.

If you’re wanting some real feedback on what photos you should use on your profile, try asking your friends and seeing what kind of responses you get from them. It’s free to use and could help increase your matches.

When it comes to thinking about your photos, ask yourself:

Do they convey aspects of you as a person, or are they just bathroom mirror selfies?

Are you in law school or a business professional? Then include a picture of you in front of the law building, reading a book, or in your sexy suit.

Do you love drinking beer with friends? Include a picture of you drinking a cold one on a patio.

Avoid selfies completely

These always make you look terrible. Don’t include a photo of just your truck or ones of you with just a bunch of bros.

Women aren’t going to want to swipe right on your vehicle (because they may not care about that sort of thing).

Neither are they likely to be interested in someone who appears to be a middle-aged frat boy (or really, any aged frat boy).

man in a full body picture

Go for natural lighting, as in outside, in the sunlight.

“The Golden Hour” is the sixty minutes just after dawn or right before sunset.

That lighting is universally flattering. If you’re out hiking or catching a baseball game with some friends, hand your phone over to a friend at that time to let them snap a photo of you during that magic time.

Make sure to show your face by not wearing sunglasses or a hat either.

girl in the sunlight

When it comes to Tinder and trying to reverse the sad state of your matches, all you can really do is work on your profile, make sure you’re being an active member who swipes selectively, and not take it too personally when things don’t start looking up overnight.

Put some work in and give it some time. I promise things will start to look up!