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How To Reset Your Tinder Account: New Matches, ELO Score

Well, Yeah I know how this can be much disturbing and want to quit Tinder? Or Reseting Tinder without losing matches? or You Got Banned? Swipe Limits etc..

You do not have to be angry anymore. We have been testing this and it’s a successful method.

Because we passed this thing out and made this article just for you!

What you will learn into this article:

  • New Matches
  • Reset ELO Score
  • Know if you are shadowbanned
  • Ability to swipe on already seen profiles

Now let’s review the Cons

  • You may get shadowbanned
  • Inability to transfer paid Tinder subscriptions – This brings me to talk about ELO Score

What is ELO Score?
The ELO Score is a rating system that Tinder utilizes to show your profile based on popularity with other candidates.

If your profile gets a lot of right swipes, this ultimately boosts your popularity with the other profiles ALSO getting right swipes.

It is very important you DO NOT swipe right on everybody.

Heck who knew Standards would serve even an online purpose?!

In Reverse, the more left swipes your profile gets the less popular your profile will be.

Thus it is very important to handle your profile like you’re already in a rocky relationship!

Try this method when a “maybe” occurs. Figure out if you really would like to see them

  1. Would you connect with this person?
  2. Do you have common interests or at least the attention span to find out?
  3. Is there anything that stands out to you with this individual?

If you have figured out you have said yes to AT least 2 of these questions, by all means, go for it!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a maybe button. If there was I would hope more late nights would occur and some egos would deflate.

Your profile is shown to those whose ELO Score is similar to you. Hopefully, this is not the reason you have to reset your tinder profile.

This brings me to another point

  • Shadow Ban – Shadow Banned is a dark hole where your profile is null & void in the Tinder world

People don’t see your profile, so you can’t get any matches! Awful right?!

Being Shadow Banned is the next WORSE step from a Level 0.00000001 ELO Score, meaning that both tend to do you no good looking for a Tinder Match!

If your screen ever had this; at some point, you were likely Shadow Banned

We could have a whole different conversation about how to boost your ELO Score

But there are two ways to reset your Tinder account. The first we’re covering is

Reset Tinder via Phone Number

Good News! If you originally made your Tinder account via Facebook you can easily create a new account without Shadow Ban by using your phone number.

  • Go to “Settings” at the bottom you will see “Delete Account”
  • Make sure to confirm “Delete Account”
  • I waited a day out of precaution (Not necessary) to avoid “Bot behavior”
    you know like those Cam Girls you see on Tinder
  • Click “Login with Phone Number”
  • Enter a phone number with access to SMS Codes
  • Enter the SMS Code into the box
  • Use a fake email/alternative (For Future Resets)
  • And you’re ALL Set !!! If this time you wish to use Facebook…

How to reset Tinder via Facebook

  • Go to “Settings” at the bottom you will see “Delete Account”
  • Make sure to confirm “Delete Account”
  • Uninstall the Tinder Application
  • Go onto a desktop, Log onto your Facebook account associated with
  • On Facebook’s Settings Click “Apps & Websites”
  • Click on “Logged in with Facebook”
  • Click On Tinder
  • To the bottom click & confirm on “Remove App”
  • Create a brand new Facebook with an alternate Email Address
  • Tinder Plus or Gold subscribers may need to use a different Google Play
    Account or Apple ID
  • Now you can Redownload Tinder
  • Make sure you are signed onto your New Facebook THEN Go into Tinder
    to “Log in with Facebook”
  • You may need a new phone number to sign up. Otherwise, wait 3 months
    after deleting & creating your new account. If you can’t wait; use a phone
    number not associated with Tinder, that can obtain SMS Codes

Both resets are a 1-time guarantee UNLESS You get a new phone number OR Play it safe by using the Facebook method (3-month window).

Changing up Your Profile Content

Now that you got to experience, play your hand at dating with your tips and tricks Player !!!

Make sure you keep things interesting and light. No one likes unnecessary responsibility

Try to write a profile biography that highlights the personality you wish to come across as.

For example: If you are trying to convey you are a douche bag

  • Take gym selfies
  • Hurting/Making fun of your peers
  • Have the camera block your face
  • Pose with your gun or dead animal for a reaction

These are things you may want to avoid, but if you can really pull off being a dick all the power to you! However, fellas, what is the most common tinder bio you’ve come across?

Yep, you guessed it !!! “Looking for Adventure” “Just wanna have fun”

The idea is to show how fun your life is. So let’s say that a rock climber is writing a bio:

  • Race you to the top !!!
  • Looking for more places to add on my list of already traveled places
  • If you can keep up with my puppy, Dos Equis will jump at you!

I won’t go into much detail for extroverts I believe they are doing okay. Those magnetic personalities can really touch some hearts.

Their charm is not necessarily a correlation with extroversion. Rather the ability to navigate through social norms.

A prime introvert example would be Bill Gates. He has really nailed down life. It’s arguably excruciatingly hard to make an argument against this!

For more introverted personalities there is hope! Try to find like-minded people who share your interests in activities or demeanor.

For example, this Reddit page does a great service to everyone having trouble with Online Dating. Feel free to use it!

  • It is relatable
  • Funny
  • Has a strong point

Do your best to make yourself stand out innocuously or grand; whichever way you choose to present yourself, whichever method you take to make sure it is an authentic version of you!

No one likes a faker.

However, the majority of Tinder profiles seem to be either high in extraversion (reference the MBTI personalities) or introversion hermit crab sages.

The MBTI personality list will give you a great breakdown of not only what types of personalities are out there, but also you can kind of self diagnose where you fall.

Completely getting to know yourself in every situation given in and out is quite difficult. If you have already done that, the need to anticipate someone else’s behavior may arise.

This can help in traversing the dating world.

Getting Tinder matches is difficult, don’t have the few Tinder likes you managed to sprout ruined trying to be someone you are not.


  1. Shine a light on your best qualities
  2. Try to keep your Tinder bio in verbs (advertise what fun qualities you have through action)
  3. Ask yourself what do you find enjoyable and physically create the best description of that
  4. Don’t change yourself, be who you are and show off the best version of you!

Final Thoughts: If you are still having trouble there are other scenarios you may have not tackled yet!

Changing your distance radius

  • There are people who are blinded to interacting with only the people in their city, which is a shame. I wouldn’t go so far as to label someone as a “soul mate” But what if someone you really get along with has the same cultural upbringing back over in Greece?
  • Obviously there are roadblocks with the physical distance between two people, but raising the cap on your search parameter might not be so bad. +5 +10 +15 maybe. Increments of 5 are a good idea.
  • If you do meet someone in this unconventional method, treat this with care. It is a special relationship that has xxx potential. Who knows where that would go.
  • Sometimes it’s best to ride the waves. Just try to remember with any friend/relationship, try not to revolve solely on that person to the point it affects your daily living situation!
  • Or if you have paid for Tinder plus, unlimited likes and the ability to go swipe on all parts of the world! It’s a pretty good deal. Why limit yourself to the city when you can connect with the world?!

Taking really great profile pictures

  • Accentuate your physical appearance! There are many ways to show off your best looks when it comes to accessories like watches, bracelets, necklaces, bow ties, corsage (be event appropriate of course)! Wear clothes that accentuate your body type! V-necks, slim fit, sweats, jeans, costumes, club clothes like a nice button-up flannel is a solid choice.
  • Go to the gym, not necessarily to get mad big but to a level of comfortability where you feel good about yourself. That is manageable with the amount of time you can fit into your schedule
  • If you are a bit tight on a budget, maybe ask your friend to take the right pictures for you. Ask them what they think are your best qualities, it never hurts to get the second opinion!
  • Alternatively, you can get headshots, or pay for a photo shoot. Sometime in the future you will probably need these anyway. So the sooner the better ! (Try to flip through their catalog of work to see what kind of photographer you are getting)

Ask your friends about their dating experience

  • Like I said before, a second take on things can really help disassociate your ego from what is actually happening
  • It’s also entertaining to hear mishaps that the people close to you have!
  • Different people make this world what it is. Start a conversation with them to find out how they live their life, maybe you may fancy a lifestyle choice you haven’t thought of quite before

Unpopular Opinion Here. You can change your tinder profile to show what kind of profile other men are going within this unforgivable game

  • This way you have an idea of what the average Joe’s Tinder looks like
  • You can base off an edge of what not to do as well as what may work
  • It can also be a great ego boost as well!

Super Likes

  • This is a weird medium where it may be trickier than the Tinder app itself!
  • On one hand, you get your profile noticed but the downside is that it usually comes off as desperate, which I’m sure every guy has gone through High School, not a good look.
  • Some women who use Super likes are the creatures that we see bravely asking help from the universe. I tell ya it is flattering to get those EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE
  • If, however to a well-adjusted person who isn’t using Tinder millennial. Then it could serve more purpose than usual
  • It is indeed a hail mary attempt and should be taken into hard consideration
  • If you yourself are a comfortable individual, It may not even matter to throw couple spirals into the hemisphere of Tinder dating

If you have done your utmost best, maybe it’s time to face the music. Spend all the time you were investing in Tinder matching on yourself. Sometimes a root beer tastes better as a root beer float!

  • Think back and try to remember if you had any arguments in past relationships, were they tangible events you could improve on?
  • Identify any problems in your own life getting in the way of your happiness. (What would you like to change if it was in your power to)? Great. Work on that
  • When dating, it’s best to present the best version of yourself, going into a relationship a broken person isn’t ideal and shows weakness.
  • Ideally two people should come together as wholes and give their all in a situation where both parties benefit being around each other.

Dating is all about finding what works and what doesn’t. Pure trial and error.