Swiping Right or Left? – Everything on Swipe

The swipe feature is the most used on most online dating apps.

 It is very common on smartphones, especially Android and IPhone. 

Almost all modern online dating apps use the swipe feature.

There are reasons that have been attributed to this as we shall later on see. 

On Tinder, a swipe is a click/slide that a user makes on another user on Tinder. 

This is determined by one’s like or dislike on another Tinder user. 

A left swipe shows dislike while a right swipe shows like. 

So there are several items that encompass swiping on Tinder.

These are:

  • Making a Right Swipe
  • Making a Left Swipe
  • The advantages of swiping left
  • The impact of too much of swiping right
  • Having Limited or Unlimited Swipes
  • Making a rewind swipe
  • Enjoying a swipe surge
  • Making a Super like
  • Taking note of the Tinder statistics on swipes in 2020. 
  • Knowing how long you can make swipes
  • How to decide if someone is worth swiping on
  • The effect of too much swiping
  • The apps that use swiping as a feature
  • The idea behind the integration of swiping and dating apps
  • How to make swipes on Bumble

I elaborate on all these in detail below. 

You will find that there are advantages to some behavior in your swiping.

These will be explained under the left swipe. 

Making a Swipe

On online dating apps, a swipe go either to the left or to the right. 

This can be done many times except for limitations placed by the service providers. 

A user swipes right if at all they like the profile of the other users.

They swipe left if at all they do not like the profiles of the other users. 

At times, swipes are only made out of accidents. 

On online dating apps such as Tinder, users are allowed to rewind these mistake swipes. 

All they they have to do is subscribe to the premium services

So as to successfully find matches, one has to make a swipe. 

Swiping is an addictive behavior. 

Many online dating users make endless swipes per day and at short intervals. 

The more one swipes, the more likely they are to get a match, even on the next day. 

However, too much swiping may create too many matches that overwhelm users. 

1. Making a Swipe on Tinder

A Tinder user makes a swipe by either sliding an image to the left or to the right using a smartphone.

Tinder Swipe

You make a Tinder swipe by sliding the image to the left or right. 

On a PC, a user clicks using the mouse either the heart (like) button or the cross (unlike) button. 

If another Tinder user also swipes to the right, then, that creates a match.

Both users become compatible and like each other. 

Tinder swipes are easy to make and create flexibility within the app. 

They are allowed on both sexes, whether male or female. 

2. The Tinder Right Swipe

Swiping right on Tinder means that a user likes the profile. 

Tinder right swipe
Tinder Right Swipe

Making a Right Swipe means that you like a profile. 

It is the only way to make a match on Tinder.

You cannot make a match if you do not swipe right. 

Another Tinder user must also swipe right on you in order to make a match. 

Free users only get 50 right swipes per 12 hours. A limited feature for them.

3. The Tinder Left Swipe

Swiping left means that a user does not like the profile. 

It prevents users from making successful matches with each other. 

It does not mean that one is not good looking only that they were not liked. 

People have different tastes. 

Tinder left swipe
Tinder Left Swipe.

Making a Left Swipe means that you do not like a profile. 

There are no limits to the number of left swipes, which users can make on Tinder.

4. The Advantages of Swiping Left

Swiping left means that you do not like a Tinder user. 

This allows you a chance for more right swipes.

It helps you to avoid being affected by the Tinder algorithm that creates less matches for users.

The more you swipe right, the less of potential matches you get. Swiping left takes care of this.

Swiping left on Tinder helps you have a steady flow of potential matches.

5. You Should Not Swipe Right on Everyone on Tinder

There is an impact of too much right swiping on Tinder:

  • It gradually reduces your chances of getting matches due to Tinder’s algorithm against this habit.
  • You will get less and less matches interested back in you and this because of Tinder settings. 
  • Also, if you are a free user, it quickly limits the number of right swipes left for the day.

So users should not swipe right a lot. 

Deliberately let some profiles just get swiped left. This helps you eventually. 

At least this is what the knowledge out there tells you.

I think personally that it is a whole bunch of fear for nothing. 

You can swipe right as much as you want. 

What you should do is wait at least one or two hours in between your right swipes. 

The advantage of swiping right is that it keeps on improving your chances of securing matches in the future. 

People may not always swipe right on you but a good number will. 

Who cares about some algorithm? 

You are a human and not a machine; this guarantees that other users will respond you to like a human. 

So go ahead and swipe right as much as you want, just remember to watch out for that one to two hour interval. 

Don’t exhaust yourself and your profile page. 

6. Limited Swipes

As a free user, you get only 50 right swipes in 12 hours.

This is a limited right swipe for you.  

Limited Tinder swipe
Limited Swipe.

Limited Tinder swipes occur after 50 right swipes per 12 hours for free users. 

You can easily bypass limited swipes by following the 5 Definitive Steps on Getting Free Tinder Gold and unlimited Plus.

Several proven methods will have free users swiping right more

7. Unlimited Swipes

There are several ways to get unlimited Right Swipes.

The obvious ways are through purchasing Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus. 

Tinder plus
Unlimited Swipe Feature

Tinder Plus and Gold will get you unlimited likes or right swipes. 

Unlimited swipes occur only for right swipes and for free users. 

Unlimited right swipes enable users to increase chances of getting matches.

8. Rewind For Tinder Gold and Plus

Users who have Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus can unswipe on matches that they swiped right on. 

This is called the “Rewind Your Last Swipe” Feature. 

Tinder rewind your last swipe feature
Rewind Feature.

Users on Tinder with premium features can rewind swipes. 

This could be because they swiped right by mistake. 

Tinder premium features allow you to rewind on a match.  However, this is the most recent match.

Normally, Tinder does not want users to make other feel bad. 

That is why you can only unswipe on the most recent match. 

The rewind feature is going to help you explain why your Tinder Match Disappeared.

9. Tinder Swipe Surge

This is an interesting feature on Tinder that is totally free for everyone. 

Tinder Swipe Surge
Tinder Swipe Surge.

The Tinder Swipe Surge increases your chances of getting matches and replies to messages.

It occurs when many Tinder users are active at the same time in your locality. 

This increases your chances of getting matches, replies to messages and contacts. 

It is not a feature that you activate rather just using Tinder when lots of people also are. 

The swipe surge ensures that you are more likely to get a conversant match. 

10. Tinder Super Like 

This is a special kind of swipe, which is made by sliding a profile up.

Tinder Super Like feature
Tinder Super Like Feature.

The blue star shows a super like and means users like each other a lot.

It is denoted by a blue star and is a gesture of liking a user a lot. 

It is a very easy way to guarantee a like back. 

When a profile likes one back, they also see the super like that was made. 

Free users get one super like per day while premium users get up to five a day. 

11. Tinder Swipe Statistics 

Tinder users make an average of 1.6 billion swipes per day.

Tinder Statistics show that this creates 20 billion matches a day. 

It is encouraging and means that you are likely to get a match by swiping right. 

You are likely to find what you are looking for on Tinder. 

Many Tinder users swipe left on each other. So, don’t feel bad.

This does not in any way mean that one is unattractive.

It should not make you have a low self-esteem. 

12. How Long You Can Keep Swiping 

You can keep swiping right on Tinder until you exhaust 50 right swipes in 12 hours.

 You can swipe left as much as you want.

 Only premium features remove the swipe limit. 

You can swipe on Tinder forever. The limit only lasts for 12 hours. 

After that, you can continue swiping. 

This means that, you only have to be patient until the next day so as to begin swiping again. 

On Bumble, you can keep swiping until you hit 50 right swipes. 

It also resets after 12 hours but more or less, you will be able to swipe again the next day.

Bumble allows you to swipe on either males or females. 

Sex is neither barred nor limited for you. 

Swiping on Bumble is tricky as once 24 hours end and your match does not respond, that swipe gets wasted. 

A match has only 24 hours to respond. 

For men, it means that, if she does not contact you in 24 hours, you get wasted. 

Your swipe disappears just like that. 

13. How to Decide if Someone is Worth Swiping Right on

It is easy, just look for someone who shares your interests or has photos that you like.

There is nothing to it. 

People are different.

Therefore, when it comes to making this decision, it is entirely a personal approach.

You could swipe right on someone because they are tall, handsome or have a nice body.

Another will swipe right because someone is independent financially and has a job, even if they are short.

Another will look at how serious someone is as they do not like funny bios. 

Another will prefer to look at the profile picture to decide if they are worth the swipe. 

There are still those who will wait for their friends to recommend a profile to them after a screenshot. 

Does Tinder notify screenshot? The Myth Busted proves that Tinder does not notify users when you recommend or share their profiles. 

The same principle applies on Bumble. You can recommend profiles to users. 

14. Swipe Tip From Tinder Expert

It is good to swipe right as many times as you can so as to maximize your chances of getting matches. 

Do not swipe after every 2 minutes. Log in at intervals. At least 4 hour gaps. 

This defeats that Tinder algorithm that denies you matches. 

Only swipe left where you do not like a user. 

To be honest, you can only get matches if you swipe right. 

In as much as there is a Tinder algorithm to deter your chances of matches due to too much swiping, you still must swipe right. 

Your matches do not have to be made today.

It takes time for people to log in so be patient. 

A profile that you swiped right on today may log back in tomorrow or after that.

Be patient and wait for them to swipe right on you. 

You do not need the premium features to make successful matches. 

All you need to do is to have a good profile and a bio to go with it. 

These will attract matches to you. 

Always smile in your photos or most of them.

It makes women find you not only attractive but friendly. 

15. The Effect of Too Much Swiping

Too much swiping will get you addicted to Tinder.

Too much swiping right at short intervals will decrease your chances of matching.

Too much left swiping only denies you a chance to make matches. 

These are the theories that other people have been giving. 

From my own experience, too much swiping hardly has any ill effects on your online dating.

In fact, it only allows you to make more matches in the future. 

I just mentioned before, people do not log in every now and then. 

Give them time to log in and they will swipe right on you.

Therefore, the more that you swipe right, the more likely that someone will notice you.

It is like casting a net over a fishing ground, only that your net is wider. 

You will get more fish than those who are scared to fish far. 

So, yes, there are algorithms that try to interfere with your chances to match but, hey, machine is to error.

Swipe like a human and get matches. 

You are not limited to what some machine will do or not do. 

16. The Apps that Use The Swipe Feature

The swipe feature is like a virus when used in online dating.

It is overwhelmingly used on touch screen devices these being, smartphones and computers. 

It is flexible and therefore easy to integrate into apps. 

There are so many apps that use the swipe feature in online dating. 

These are:

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Badoo
  • Tagged
  • Adult Dating
  • Afro-introductions
  • Happn
  • Zoosk
  • Mingle
  • OK Cupid

The list goes on forever. Those are just ten of the most used apps in online dating. 

The best out of these is Bumble. It is full of mature people and offers more than hookups.

You can read more on Tinder’s performance on Tinder Statistics.

Any specific company does not own the swipe feature and that is why these ten use it. 

Even you, if you created your own online dating app, you could integrate swipe into it. 

There are no permissions or copyrights to it. 

May be this was a flaw that was made by whoever created the swipe feature. 

He or she should have patented his invesntion.

17. The Idea Behind The Integration of Swipes Into Dating Apps

Swiping makes it easier for users to make decisions. 

Swiping is very easy to do on touchscreen devices. 

Swiping is easier than clicking and hardly encounters lags when system resources are in use. 

Tinder initiated the swiping technique, followed by Bumble. 

A host of other apps followed such as Ok Cupid and Happn. 

Many people who follow peer pressure will be attracted to what everyone else does.

The most popular online dating apps are using the swipe feature. 

These are Tinder and Bumble. 

Therefore, in order for other dating apps to also maximize on profit, they copy others. 

They also use the swipe feature in their dating platforms. 

This only makes people love Tinder more as when they are on these other dating apps they see Tinder.

They remember the app that uses that feature the most. 

This may be among the reasons why Tinder is the most favored online dating app. 

While other online dating apps are busy trying to integrate the swipe, they make users see Tinder rather than their apps. 

So, I can safely say here that, the integration of the swipe feature into online dating apps is as a result of copying each other. 

Most developers are just not original

18. How Swipe on Bumble Works

Both men and women are allowed to make swipes on Bumble.

Women get more chances to make swipes than men. 

Women get favored more in getting matches than men on Bumble. 

Swiping on Bumble works the same way as it does on Tinder. 

If you swipe right, that makes a match. 

If you swipe left, that does not make a match. 

You are also limited to only 50 swipes a day. 

It also has a surge, which is the time when many people are logged in. 

These times remain to be Thursday nights and Sundays just like on Tinder. 

There are more men than women making swipes on Bumble. 

Bumble is well carved for women and therefore, women are more likely to find matches on any right swipe that they make. 

There is however a lot of competition to find a match on Bumble for women. 

Women have to message men first and therefore, they tend to swipe a lot to find men. 

Men are lucky on Bumble.

They have to just sit and wait for women to “fight” over them per se. 

Each swipe a woman makes is crucial to getting the few men that use Bumble. 

If one does not text a man in the next 24 hours, she loses that man. 


Swiping is very wide.

There is no article that could ever be written that could ever complete stuff about the swipe feature. 

It is such a wide topic that this article had to carry all the sub-headings to discuss. 

Most probably, there will be more apps using the swipe in the future. 

It will never stop being a feature. 

Tinder swipe has a lot about it from swiping right or left, unlimited to limited swipes and rewinding a swipe.

 Tinder is not possible to use without making several swipes either to the left or to the right and therefore, users must swipe. 

Remember that, the Tinder algorithm will bear influence on whether you keep on getting matches.

Knowing this, do not always swipe right. 

At times just swipe left or wait a bit for some time to pass. 

Swiping everyday boosts your chances of getting matches. 

As you swipe, I wish you nothing but good luck.