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How to Write a Tinder Bio That Gets You Matches

How to write a good Tinder bio, tips for men.

No worries, we have been on your shoes.

If you are a man, your bio matters a lot to ladies. 

Women may get more matches as they swipe right discerningly. 

Men have to improve their bios in order to get more right swipes on their profiles.

Ladies do not need bios as much as men do. 

They could just include something about what they are looking for or something funny. 

A Tinder bio is a combination of both what one writes in their introductory statement and the picture that they use.

 Mostly it is on the statement that one writes on their profile but the photo above it is just as important. 

A Tinder bio is very crucial in that, it helps people get to know what to say to you in their openers.

If at all you are a guy, this is the ultimate guide for you on how to write a good Tinder bio.

Tips to follow to make your bio stand out

All the examples below will give a beautiful series of examples on how to best make your Tinder bio stand out. 

What I emphasize a lot on will be keeping it short and simple. 

We do not want to miss your well placed joke

1. Try to avoid using more than 500 words in your bio

A good Tinder bio is not only precise but not too long. Especially for a funny bio, matches may miss your joke if at all it is too long. 

2. Clearly state what you are in search of on Tinder

Be clear to your matches that you want a hookup or a long term relationship. 

3. Always, do your best to be funny

All that makes a Tinder bio colorful is the sense of humor in it. 

It helps your matches see that you are friendly. 

4. Let potential matches see that you are honest and even on your height

Don’t lie. At times taller women like shorter guys. The vice versa is also true. 

Be honest as it makes matches want you more. 

5. Hey, you can be kinky or safely erotic. Do not always be shy 

There is no problem with being shy but no one will judge you for talking about sex, dicks or licking up stuff. Say it in a creative way. 

You have some blank space to fill and how you do that is entirely up to you, but here are some tips to follow to make your bio stand out every time:

Generally, for guys here are a host of details that you should include in your dating profile:

1. Try to use a lyric from a song or a quote from a favorite movie

This has always been a good way to build up interest in your bio.

Especially if you are to match with people who share common interests. 

For example:

Creative Tinder Bio
Creative Tinder Bio

Tinder bio with lyrics or an artist. 

2. Say who you are to your matches 

Try to be as open as possible so that your matches end up feeling comfortable with you.

This helps them trust you and improves the chances for dating. 

For example:

who you are to your matches
Who you are to your matches

It is good to state your profession on a Tinder bio.

3. Make sure that the spelling is okay, not unless if joke is intended

Spelling mistakes on a bio could make Tinder users misjudge what you aimed to say.

They also could make them think that you are irresponsible and lazy. 

This may give an explanation to why Tinder Match Disappeared.

Make sure that you have no spelling mistakes.  

You can always recheck your writing for spelling mistakes on Grammarly.

4. Be funny and creative with it

You most probably have heard this song a lot. 

Being funny and creative helps your matches relax while they see your sense of humor. 

It also boosts your attractiveness levels. 

Look at this beautiful and funny bio:

Funny Tinder Bio

A well-done funny Tinder bio. 

Try to be as funny as you can. Keep it short and creative. 

5. Make a “need for response” at the end

This is just to tell your match what you want them to do, call you, write you or take you on a trip in the future. 

Such bios are the best in preventing yourself from being Elsa’d among the dating trends.

This is well demonstrated here:

This user wouldn’t mind a serious relationship in the end. That is your call to action. 

A call to action helps people know that they could one day meet you face to face. 

6. Be honest and humble 

It is true that honesty is the best policy so, be honest.

I admire those profiles where especially men say that they are only 4 foot 8 inches. 

It is better to be honest than to lie and disappoint your match in a face-to-face meeting.

Be humble by not flaunting your cash or bragging about things that you own.

7. Stop copying other people and be unique. Stand out

To be unique is to be attractive. 

To be unique is to paint a picture of creativity. 

So, stand out from the crowd and be unique. 

8. Do not exaggerate the details about you

You are obviously not the Green Lantern to make things happen out of a ring.

Be realistic. 

An exaggerated Tinder bio will make your matches not trust you. 

Exaggeration may make matches find you to be untrustworthy.

They will not meet you face-to-face.

9. Remember that your picture is part of your bio. It speaks for you

The kind of picture that you use on your bio has to be very neat or wonderfully funny. 

It should go with the message that you wish for your bio to portray.

This is a serious father of two children and wants serious women to date. 

It is imperative to know what sort of pictures best accompany your bio. These are:

  • Pictures that maintain the message of your bio. If funny, use a funny picture. If serious, use a serious one. 
  • Pictures that help matches get drawn to you. These show your interests or your dislikes. 

The Tinder Statistics shows how seriously Tinder users take pictures and bios.

Take the chance and use this in your own advantage.

10. Include some job titles or one

At times people want to know what you do for a living.

It helps them know whether you will make a good partner or financially stress them out. 

So, do yourself a favor and add a job title in your bio. 

This bio is perfect for job titles and the picture above it too furthers the message (trainer). 

Especially guys should do this. 

11. Allow your Tinder settings to let users read your bio

Let people see what you are all about besides your profile picture. 

Especially if you have Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus, use the settings wisely, so that matches read. 

People talk to you more if they know who you are. 

Don’t hide your profile. 

12. Use no more than 500 words 

Keep it short, simple and use a few words to say who you are or what you want.

Don’t be so blunt but keep it short. 

13. Be a bit freaky

Do not be afraid. Talk about yourself mentioning what is unique about you. 

Let your inner secrets come out and just be yourself. 

The guys should venture to put some items in their Tinder Bios

If specifically you are a guy, you might want to consider these in your bio:

Smart Tinder Bio

An example of a good Tinder bio for guys. 

  • Your Hobbies. Women love to judge you by your interests. 
  • Your level of intelligence, whether high or average. Women are different and like both. 
  • Your sense of humor. Do not be too serious crack a light joke. 
  • Your ticking point. This is what gets you excited. 
  • Your profession such as, photography or an officer such as Ansh above.

Some Tinder Bio Lines for Guys

Examples of bio lines for guys:

  • I am an upper respiratory nurse, which means once I take your breath away, I can help you get it back.
  • I really just want a girlfriend, so I can always ride in the HOV lane.
  • Have you ever said, “F*ck the police?” Well, here is your chance.
  • Dating me ensures you will always be the better-looking one. 
  • I do not want a partner in crime. I commit all my crimes on my own. I would never drag you into that.

Writing a good Tinder bio is a first step in having an attractive profile that wins matches for you.

A lot of emphasis should be placed on writing the best bios that you can. 

I am sure that if you follow this guide that I have given, you will get there eventually. 

In all that you do on Tinder, good luck to you.