What is Tinder Boost and When is the Best Time to Use It: The Definitive Guide

With more than 10 million users per day, it is going to get harder for you to get the attention that you want in Tinder. But don’t worry about Tinder Boost the expectations of putting your Tinder profile in the spotlight and to get more matches are higher.

Tinder Boost is the best feature that Tinder has ever implemented. It will make your profile to be seen by users in your area for 30 minutes straight. This is what all of our dreams of! To have a chance to be on the top profiles. It will grow the chances of having a match and gain publicity as well.

So, Are you ready to be the top profile in your area? If yes, follow us and see how Tinder Boost works!Tinder Boost Introduction - purple lightning bolt

What is Tinder Boost?

Tinder Boost is a feature that puts your profile on top profiles of your area for 30 minutes.

While having Tinder Boost activated your profile will get 10 times more views than usual. It will automatically increase your chances for a match.

Your profile will be exposed for 30 minutes on the Tinder feed.

Once you activate Tinder Boost,  your profile will be shown to the users who are going to be logged in on Tinder that have your features.

Being seen 10 times more than usual is a great opportunity for you. But if you are not happy with it wait, there is more.

Tinder is working on a new feature called Super Boost.

Super Boost is an upgraded Tinder feature.

It will make your profile to be seen 100 times more for 180 minutes Tinder prime time.

Super Boost is available to purchase during evening hours.

This led us to conclude that the best time to use Super Boost is in between 8 p.m to 11 p.m. When Tinder activity reaches its highest peak.

Tinder has not revealed any official information about the price of Super Boost. Unofficial sources announced that the price will be $30.

For the moment, Super Boost is available in select markets for testing purposes.

They plan to release it to worldwide Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold users soon. For a features comparison between Tinder Gold vs Tinder Plus, in-depth guide check it out.

How much does Tinder Boost cost?

Tinder Boost price varies depending on the user’s age and location. You can even purchase a package of Boost and then use it whenever you need it.

If you are asking is it worthy to waste extra money outside of the subscription just to get more matches, trust me this feature is totally worth it.

It will put your profile in the spotlight and increase the chances of getting a perfect match for you.

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold users get one free Boost per week.

Meanwhile, other users who are not subscribers of these two versions will have to pay for Boost activation.

As it was noted above factors that affect the cost of Boost are age and location.

So, take a look at the table below and get informed about Boost’s prices.

You can even purchase a package of Boost and then use it whenever you need it.

Choose the package that suits you best and keep Boosting!

 State1 BoostPackage of 5 Boost Package of 10 Boost
 The US3.99$ 14.99$ 24.99$
 The UK3.99$14.99$23.99$

How to activate Tinder Boost?

Follow the steps below to proceed with the activation of Tinder Boost

  • Click the profile icon on the main page
  • Click Settings
  • Tap Get Boost
  • Select the purple lightning bolt icon
  • Choose the quantity you want to purchase

Tinder Boost Preview

Boost will be activated only by swiping in Tinder.

Now since the Boost is all set up, a pop-up window which says “for best results keep swiping” will appear on your screen. It will tell you that Boost is on and you are already on top profiles.

When the Boost is set off a pop-up window will be shown to you with some numbers in it. The numbers are the measurement of views that you got from Boosting your profile.

You will also see some little hearts.

These are the Tinder Boost hearts that will show up after the Boost is off.

Maybe you have thought that those hearts mean that you got a new like from your match. But no, you’re wrong.

Hearts do not mean anything. They are just there to entertain you until the Boost is over.

This is all it takes for your profile to be on top profiles in your area. Do not lose this opportunity. Turn Boost on and get more matches!

Does Tinder show when you use Boost?

No, it does not.

Tinder Boost offers you the possibility to be in the spotlight without showing to other users that you are working for it.

When you match with someone while you have your Boost on, a purple lightning bolt will show up by the name of your match in the Message section.

This purple lightning bolt can be only seen by you. It isn’t visible to your match. They won’t know that you have used Boost.

If you looking to find someone on Tinder out/in your matchlist we described the best methods on How to search Tinder profiles.

When is the best time to use Tinder Boost?

Now after you guys found out how crucial Tinder Boost is, I bet you want to be careful and use it properly.

Depending on your location there are “hot times” on when you should use Tinder Boost during the day.

In order for you to be exactly on time and use your Boost successfully, you have to analyze the time when people in your area are more active on Tinder. 

In this way, you will have a clear idea about when to use it.

The reason why analyzing the time is important is because you would not want to have your Boost activated while users are not logged in and swiping. This will lead you to the lack of profile views and no matches.

You have 30 minutes available to make the impression.

You need to be exactly on time and test it.

You can test Tinder Boost by turning Boost off.

Once your 30 minutes are completed the system will measure how many people have seen your profile during that particular time of the day.

If you are not happy with the results and want more views you can activate Tinder Boost again at a different time. Whenever you think there will be more users active and swiping.

Take notes and measure when were the times that your profile had more views.

Take action and turn Boost on exactly the times when you had more views on your profile.

Users are trying to realize when it’s the best time to use Tinder Boost.

For this reason, there has been researched in different countries which shows us that the best time to use Boost.

Results of this research are displayed below, take a look!

Best Time When to Use Tinder Boost - Graph
Best Time When to Use Tinder Boost

As can be noted from the statistics that the research has come up with, the time in which users are mostly logged in and swiping in Tinder is from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Even though here you have shown different times, again, I would like to mention that hot times differ from one area to another.

For this reason, you have to analyze it also by yourself so you can find an appropriate time when to use your Boost.

If you are in a rural area probably the best time to use Tinder Boost is between 7 p.mand 9 p.m.

Otherwise, if you are a citizen of a city that is active even on late-night hours you should activate Tinder Boost between 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. That’s when people will notice you more.

To make this even more accurate to our visitors we have also made a depth analysis that has shown us in what time the users are more active on Tinder.

According to our results that were based on our database the best time to use Tinder Boost is on Sunday and Tuesday between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Check our analysis and you will know when is your lucky day and time!

When is best time to use Boost - Time graph

This is everything you need to know about Tinder Boost.

Within this article, you have every information that you need regarding the Boost.

Follow the instructions and the information above and you’ll have a successful experience in Tinder with a lot of matches.


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