Tinder During Coronavirus: How to Make the Most Out of It

Dating under the Coronavirus Pandemic
Dating under the Coronavirus Pandemic

Internationally, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many concerned citizens to employ self-preservation, self-isolation and social distancing.

This has been in an effort to manage the much feared Coronavirus that has been a new entity in the world of dangerous infectious diseases facing the world.

Obviously, dating has been affected as at the moment, matches can hardly have face to face meetings with each other even just for a coffee, let alone kissing and touching.

Tinder definitely features among the dating apps that have been hard hit by the Covid-19 issue.

Therefore, it is the aim of this article to help you still make the most out of Tinder despite the current odds that the whole world faces.

Why get bored at home when there are ways to use Tinder during the Coronavirus pandemic?

It all boils down to creativity, fun, well-timed jokes and a whole lot of hope for the future.

These will help you keep your Tinder account alive, entertaining and most importantly deserving of the time of the matches that you get.

I really hope that you meant it when you said to someone, “Love you till we die”. Here is your chance to prove that you still care about them. Of course, I did not mean it literally.

Do not go out there and die per se. I will offer tips on how to keep safe yet date or hang out with your matches on Tinder.

In this article, you are going to learn these tips and Tinder dating methods while we all hope to get through the Covid-19 crisis:

  • How to stay active on Tinder amidst the panic.
  • How to have sensitive conversations during this time.
  • How to protect yourself from infection.
  • What to do if it is must that you get laid.
  • How to lighten up the fear and still have fun

You need to read this. It will keep you dating and protect you at the same time.

Let us delve in shall we?

1.Staying Active on Tinder

Yes, there is an illness that is yet to be fully understood in order to develop an absolute cure. Much worse, it can spread through, sneezes, coughs or simply inhalation.

However, this does not mean that you have to cut off your interaction with Tinder.

What we know is that, this virus is not spread through wireless means over the internet such that, when you swipe left or right you will automatically contract it.

Not at all.

It is perfectly safe to play Tinder encounters and thus, there is no reason to delete your account or snob your matches.

Staying active during the Corona Issue
Staying active during the Corona Issue

It really is easy to stay active on Tinder, all that you simply have to do is:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Contact the new matches that you have or maintain conversations with the old.
  • Update your photos.
  • Check on whether your matches are okay or infected.
  • Just swipe through profiles.

Staying active gives others hope as they see there is a romantic out there looking for love, a lonely sole looking for emotional company or just someone hoping desperately to get laid.

Staying active on Tinder is also a way to show that we as humans are still strong and not cowed by the menace that has been the Covid-19.

Nothing should ever get the best of us.

We must push back and interestingly for us, we have Tinder to do that with.

2. Making sensitive conversation

Honestly, for those who love getting laid, it may be a bit of a challenge at the time as people are being encouraged to engage in social distancing and sanitize their hands a lot.

This means that there can be expected to be almost no physical contact at all with your matches, at least until things change for the better with the Coronavirus issue.

Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that you cannot hit on a match for sex. You can but opt to postpone it for some time.

At least let the Covid-19 drama calm down as it has been a serious issue that no one can afford to ignore.

It needs to be taken seriously hence, the need for sensitive conversations with your matches.

Sensitive conversations
It is good to be sensitive during this time in dating on Tinder.

Therefore, may be your conversations should dwell more on other romantic subjects that do not have to involve sex.

A sensitive conversation could be as simple as just asking someone whether they are safe wherever that they are.

Sensitive conversation in Tinder
Checking on someone is sensitive.

This kind of taking care of each other makes you both sweet to each other while protecting the both of you at the same time.

You could also be sensitive through any of these other ways:

  • Having the courage to postpone getting laid.
  • Sharing ideas on how to keep healthy and safe, such as, talking more on phone than in person.
  • Updating each other on how your locality is coping with the Covid-19.
  • Not losing interest in each other due to the self-quarantine.

These you can easily do.

Yeah, at times love is not romantic but sensitive for the sake of the future.

Better kill me with the truth than please me with a lie, or better kill me with a lie than please me with the truth?

So confusing. Who comes up with these sayings? Just know that, it is good to be sensitive and put the needs of others ahead of your own personal ones when the situation calls for it.

Right now, we all have to keep each other safe. Social distancing is one way.

3. Protecting yourself

In as much as this article encourages you to keep on swiping and making matches, I strongly advise that you just maintain a phone conversation contact or use other apps to communicate.

This is to allow you to self-quarantine as experts try to get the situation in check worldwide.

Woman in a beard out of waiting
What if you grew a beard over quarantine?

Yeah, you could actually grow a beard if the quarantine lasts any longer, even if you are a woman.

Huh, might as well catch up on those latest inbox messages that you haven’t read, may be block some guys sending you awkward positions of their junks.

Some people are just not photogenic even if they don’t take a picture of their face. Crazy right?

Protecting yourself
Protecting yourself over the Covid-19 issue.

You should stay safe by either staying at home, avoiding meeting numerous people for sex and bodily contact and basically keep clean.

You may have to meet your matches face to face after multiple governments internationally declare that the situation is better in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Other important safety measures to take include these:

  • Disinfect surfaces, including your phone that you play Tinder on.
  • Wash your hands for longer, at least 20 seconds.
  • When you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth.

We don’t want you video chatting your matches and getting them paranoid do we?

Some may think that your sneeze may get to them over the video call.

4. If You Really Have to Get Laid

Well, yes, I will actually advise on the best sex position to use should you and your match not have the patience to wait out the quarantine.

Please, since the Coronavirus spreads from coughing, sneezing and letting out breath, you should hit the woman from behind.

Doing it the right way.
Doing it the right way.

There is no guarantee that your match will be used to sex and they may act like it is their first time.

This may make them scream, breathe out heavily or chock a bit and cough all over you.

I mean, you can’t even get a blow job at this time just to minimize the chances of making her chock and then cough on you.

This is very important advice to follow. You could write it down and store it in a safe for sure security.

Here is what to know about having sex during the Coronavirus attack:

  • Covid-19 can spread through the saliva therefore, you should not kiss.
  • Blow jobs leading to chocking will make one cough on you releasing Covid-19 to you.
  • Foreplay is dangerous at the time, go old school and use anal.

So, now you have been informed. You can see for yourself whether postponing a sex date would be better than just doing it.

There are alternatives to getting laid at this time.
There are alternatives to getting laid at this time.

There are some alternatives however that are proposed for those who have to forfeit intercourse. These are:

Video chatting that gets erotic

  • Sexting
  • Sex voice calling
  • Masturbation
  • Watching previously recorded videos.

See, nothing to worry about. You will be just fine over this trying period. Hey, we all feel it, trust me.

5. Lighten up the Fear and Use Fun Messages to Chat

Everybody is scared of the Covid-19, so, there is no need to scare people any further much less your matches.

So, go ahead and make the matters light when chatting, just a safe joke that means no harm.

You could get so creative with them that it helps keep your match calm throughout the quarantine.

When your match is happy, you also feel relaxed and know that there is really nothing to worry about.

Don’t worry, I will share with you an example just to get you started.

Funny Tinder conversation during Coronavirus
Funny Tinder conversation during Coronavirus

You can be as funny as possible just to make your match feel at ease and more so, comfortable with you even though you aren’t seeing each other face to face.

It becomes more fun when the match has a good sense of humor.

This is not the time to be a grumpy sexually deprived party-pooper, be fun and let out some steam through jokes and funny conversation. Talk about anything that suits the moment.

Keeping it funny makes Tinder feel relaxed and comforting.
Keeping it funny makes Tinder feel relaxed and comforting.

The best way to make conversations funny is to be simple and not think too hard. This has been a driving idea, where following it you will find that they are funny, simple and focus on positive sarcasm. You don’t have to complicate them.

Lighten up, loosen up, be open minded and challenge your funny side.

Go out there and share the joy that you have amidst this times of trial with the Covid-19.

Your Tinder matches need your funny side so don’t keep it to yourself.

6. Alter Your Bio a Bit

Well, remember of the first subheading to this article I touched on staying active on Tinder.

I encouraged you to keep on swiping as you search out new matches and even engage in conversations.

You must also know that other potential matches will be reading through your profile and so, you must try to make it as interesting as possible for them.

Have a look at this one here:

Funny Tinder bio during the Coronavirus quarantine
Funny Tinder bio during the Coronavirus quarantine.

Who identifies as a microwave dinner? I could also be an ingredient in that dinner.

Doesn’t her bio just make you come alive?

It makes you feel like there is yet hope to overcome the Covid-19 if at all people are being so fun and not letting it steal away their joy.

Your bio can touch on any subject that will be mood lightening in an effort to stay positive minded against the Covid-19 impact on a global society.

We want to live and not die, therefore, we want to defeat the Coronavirus. Your Tinder bio could make a difference giving matches hope.

Ideas on what to add to your bio may not be at all complicated. They tend to border on the following easy to follow tips and guides:

  • Keep it sweet and don’t antagonize people.
  • Keep it lovely. Spread love during this time and even to the different sexes (gays and transgender).
  • Keep it funny. This is a definite addition.

A beautiful bio cuts across matches to cheer them up and create interest to chat you.

Use your Tinder bio to be an ambassador of joy to a worried world.

7. Spruce up the Pickup Lines

Over this period in time, most people are bored, sexually frustrated, uninspired and just desperate for the worse.

It is like being on a Resident Evil movie where zombies are taking over the earth and everyone has to hide in some church or school. Where the hell is Alice?

So, you can be the savior, at least on Tinder and use those crazy lines that get us all interested.

Let me paint a picture of some:

Funny Tinder Pickup lines
Exciting Tinder pickup lines

I personally like the one about everything else being quarantined except for the heart when I look at you. Simply hilarious!

It is so easy to come up with such lines, you could even go ahead and steal some from the ones that I share here.

Not all your matches are a bunch of avid readers that will most probably have read this right? I wouldn’t want you to sound so cliché.

I actually find this particular point in the article touching on pickup lines to be of much importance.

This is because people need to be encouraged, feel alive and come out the quarantine eventually as winners against the Covid-19 pandemic.

That is why I want to share more examples on these type of pickup lines.

Have a look here:

Catchy Tinder pickup lines help deal with the Covid-19 lockdown.
Catchy Tinder pickup lines help deal with the Covid-19 lockdown

These are very creative indeed. They feature a lot that make people get movie ideas such as, Contagion, feel good in a mask and even have appetite for food bought from paranoia.

Having catchy pickup lines that are easy to relate to and remember will keep Tinder matches happy and satisfied with the Tinder experience throughout the quarantine lockdown.

Hey, people need to hear this. Yes! It matters.


We can keep on enjoying the services of Tinder, better yet, get matches, meet new ones online and have conversations with the old ones.

We can go further to have video calls, fancy and juicy messaging plus, check on each other. Self-quarantine does not mean that we have to shut off Tinder from our lives.

We don’t even have to cancel our “getting laid” plans but just postpone them for a safer day in the future.

And boy, do we hope for that safer future to come. You now have some tips on how to still use Tinder during this pandemic period.

You have some guides to keep you safe and those that you match with. It is up to you to be responsible, caring and keep it fun as we have discussed. Let society find solace in Tinder.

All the best out there.