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5 Definitive Steps on Getting Free Tinder Gold and Plus

Is it always a scam when someone tells you that they can help you access Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus for free?

Yes, sometimes it is. But not always.

There are some legitimate hacks that you could employ that will help you access Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold features very easily.

You will actually be surprised that it was that easy! Please, over this period of isolation from the public, you need to be inspired that you can get more from Tinder.

There is a lot to share here and it will be done in a step by step, easy to understand methodologies so that you can do it from the comfort of your house.

These tricks have been tested and they would not be included here if at all they were not going to work so, trust us! This is real.

You must realize that the tips and tricks that will be shared here are very practical and as you read along, please do try them out on your phone or computer.

We know that searching for someone on Facebook is very easy, but what about on Tinder? Isn’t possible at all.
But wait don’t give up yet we did our work, and we found that with CheaterBuster you are capable to search tinder for someone’s profile.

Do not take our word for it but, just practically do it from home and see for yourself.

Keep an open mind and learn.

As crazy as some methods here will be, please, be open minded.

Some methods work best on a laptop or desktop PC, such as the open chrome developer tools inspect element method.

Others work best on a smartphone such as the rapid swipe.

Therefore, you must ready your devices and allow the work to take shape as best fits. This is going to be a very practical read and you will find that you will read and do at the same time.

I find it very important that after all the discussion that you will read here to include a verdict for those of you who may be confused about whether to use the hacks method or to buy and keep on paying for features monthly.

The verdict will be precise and concise so that you can have a peaceful conscience in your decision making.

So, in this article, you will get to know some, Do-It-Yourself methodologies that will make sure that you do not get thumbed, lied to and totally disappointed by scammers.

In this definitive guide, you will learn the following about bypassing into Tinder Gold and Plus features:

  • How to get the “Likes You” feature for free.
  • How to access unlimited right swipes for free.
  • How to attract more sure likes by double clicking the “Super Like”.
  • For those with already a Tinder Plus, how to subscribe and unsubscribe for Free Tinder Gold.
  • Exploiting Tinder’s Free Passport that runs to the end of April.
  • Remembering to be sensitive over the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Of course, how to protect yourself from scammers.

Are you ready to break the limitations and trials of Tinder features and use Plus and Gold for free?

Great, let us begin.

1.Get to See who Liked You For Free

There are at least three different methods to use so as to know who Likes You feature without having Tinder Gold.

i) Inspecting Browser Element to get Free Access to Clear Photos of who Liked You

This is not really hard to do and it is very interesting.

All that is required of you is to sort of engineer the codes on the Tinder page a bit. Do not worry, we will have a step by step guide on how to do this successfully.

Before we even begin, I would like to mention that this method works successfully when you are using a computer rather than a smartphone.

It’s easier to see source code. So, take note.

Right click besides the photos to inspect element.
  • Access your Tinder
  • Access your “matches” icon. It is the one before the messages that shows you all your likes.
  • Right click besides the photos. Select the option, “inspect element”.
  • You should see Developer Tools (Dev Tools) UI accompanied by a link. This link is under the background-image.
  • Simply right click on the link to open it in a new tab and viola! You should see a clear face of the like/match.

If you follow the step by step above you do not really need to have knowledge in programming. This is also something that you can do yourself at home.

Things to watch out for if it does not work for you:

  • Clear out your browser cookies.
  • Refresh your page or restart your browser.
  • Repeat the steps as pointed out above to open the link in a new tab.

It should now work.

All this coding will just make us smarter like geeks….
All this coding will just make us smarter like geeks….

You could show this off to those who don’t think you are smart.

“Oh look, coders are geeks, now there are more of us. Cool uh?

Do you also wear glasses? Oh my God, we have so much in common”.

ii) Changing Your Distance to 1mile/1 Kilometer To Easily See Who Liked You

So, the trick here is to find out who swiped right on you.

In as much as you could look at the blurred image under your matches, you will get an instant clear photo using this method instead.

It will also avoid any use of altering codes for those of you that hate coding and find it complicated.

Know who swiped right on you by changing distance
You can know who swiped right by altering the distance in your settings.

Follow this procedure:

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down to search distance.
  • Put the distance to 1mile/I kilometer
  • Go back to search

You will discover that, the first profile that will be shown to you swiped right on you.

However, know that the profile could be of a person that could be even far away from you and not necessarily a mile away.

While using this method, you should always remember to refresh your browser and even clear your cookies to avoid a repeat of results on any new likes that you want to view.

It is the third time that I am reminding you to clear out your cookies.

Normally, browsers store cookies and you may get the false assumption that a similar profile liked you twice.

There is something about distance altering that always makes Tinder reveal hidden stuff to you.

This is a trick that you should practice a lot.

iii) Logging out and Logging back in To Trick Your Way To Know Who Liked You

This feature works almost like the one above except that you do not need to change your location distance.

Usually, Tinder has an algorithm that makes you get your most recent likes come upfront and this is something that you might have been experiencing unknowingly.

Log out to log back in.
Log out to log back in.

Well, now you do not have to be oblivious of it anymore.

It is not by accident that when you open Tinder or log in you get the face of the person that has just liked your profile.

It is a working algorithm that you can deliberately use. You just need to force a refresh of your account and this you do by logging out and then logging back in or you could also close the tab with Tinder and reopen Tinder on a new tab.

The first person that pops up will be a profile that liked you. Go on and click the heart or like button and you will see that you have a match!

The reason why this happens is because, the profiles that liked you most recently are brought up firs especially the most recent one.

There could be five or six and even if they do not follow each other consecutively, they will be very close to each other.

2. How to Access Unlimited Right Swipes for Free!

One of the best things about having the free Tinder is that, you can bypass almost all the basic restrictions that Tinder has set for you.

Here, I use the term “Swift Click” to refer to that action of you pressing the like button rapidly so that you can like more people after you exhaust your likes (right swipes) for the day.

It is the last trick that anyone would think of and it works wonderfully.

It eliminates the trial feature of only getting at maximum, 50 likes a day.

Quick swipe method
Click on the “like” button quickly to bypass limited likes on Tinder for the day.

Wait a minute. Recognize this early that this method works best from a smart phone compared to a desktop computer or a laptop. So, try it on your smartphone first.

The reason why I keep on differentiating from smartphone to computer is because I was trying out these methods myself and compared what device they best worked on.

So, please, trust me.

Yes, Tinder can control their website but they cannot control our cheesy fingers from playing mouse around the swipes! Your finger becomes like a mouse waiting for the cheese to show up and you bite quickly before it disappears again.

Normally, Tinder used to give you up to 100 right swipes and favored women over men.

Tinder today gives you only 50 right swipes for the day until you purchase a Gold or Plus Subscription.

This is a new feature in 2020 in the revision of the Tinder rules.

Luckily, there is a trick that has always been hanging right under your nose and you can do it several times.

Making rapid swipes enables you to bypass Right swipe limitations.
Making rapid swipes enables you to bypass Right swipe limitations.

That is, click on the (heart) or like button rapidly and you will see that your Tinder will show you fresh photos of potential matches.

The reverse also works.

That is, if you do not like a person, click on the cross button rapidly and you will get fresh potential matches.

Though the worry lies mostly in swiping right. They limit that for free users.

Now, when you see that hot profile that you really like, you don’t have to be worried that tomorrow they will not be there anymore. It is like being roomies with someone that you really like but you cannot kiss them, touch them or anything else. Well, not anymore.

Go ahead and try out that rapid swipe right now. Simply double-click or triple click to bypass limitations.

Remember, it also works for swiping left, not just right.

Also note that, you have to click that like button twice or thrice so, you will most probably like the next person after the one you wanted or if swiping left, you will also unlike the next person but, the try is worth it. Totally.

It only has one major disadvantage, in your rapid swiping, you might like someone that you don’t really want and you might reject a profile that was really good.

The advantage is that:

  • You do not have to get stuck until tomorrow or 12 hours later.
  • You also can do this several times and yet you do not have a Tinder Plus.

The 2 major advantages outweigh the single disadvantage right?

However, remember not to overdo it. At least five to seven times and at intervals of 20 or so minutes.

I take it that you do not spend your whole day swiping on Tinder so, don’t “swift click” too much.

We do not want you to be flagged for unauthorized behavior by Tinder.

Do it safely, at least 10 to 15 rapid swipes to the right or left should add you something extra after your swipes for the day run out.

Now, should that Selena Gomez look alike show up just when your likes for the day were over, you know what to do.

Rapidly click the like button to include her in your list.

3. Using the Subscribe and Unsubscribe Method To Access Tinder Gold as a Trial

N/B: This only applies if you want a Tinder Gold Subscription and already have a Tinder Plus so as to get the “LikesYou” feature.

Use your Tinder Plus to cheat into your Tinder Gold.
Use your Tinder Plus to cheat into your Tinder Gold.

The Likes You feature helps you get an edge over profiles by seeing who liked you before you ever swipe on them. The-subscribe-unsubscribe method works this way.

Today you purchase a subscription on Tinder Plus and tomorrow you upgrade to Tinder Gold.

After that period is over, you unsubscribe, meaning that you will not be charged monthly for using Tinder Gold.

There will be that cancellation that takes care of that.

The next month, you repeat the same procedure.

If you do this, you will be able to see who liked your profile even before you liked theirs, (The new “likes you” feature of Tinder Gold).

So what if you were to walk to the White House and scream, “Down with the system!”

You could get arrested.

Then later on while in police custody say, “I have been suffering from schizophrenia for a year”

You may not go to jail. So subscribe and unsubscribe.

4. Bypass the “Super Like” Trial by Using the Double-Click Trick!

As a free user, have you ever tried to double click on the super like? What happened?

Super Like - Tinder Premium Feature
The super like is the blue star after the red mark.

The button made you Superman/Superwoman cause you hit it twice. It gave you super powers.

No, it didn’t, at least not in a literal sense.

However, when you hit the super-like button twice as a free user, you can make more than one in a day, actually even more than three!

This is great news, it means that you can bypass the trial or limitation that has been set for free users on usage of the “Super Like”.

There are two major advantages of using the super like button. These are:

  • The super like has the major advantage of moving your profile to the top of the person’s page whose profile you super-liked.
  • Another advantage is that, it increases your chances of being liked by three times over!

For real.

The super like button boosts your chances of matching successfully by three times.
The super like button boosts your chances of matching successfully by three times.

Yeah, Jesus walked on water and we double click on profiles. They are both miraculous feats.

This is as easy as peeling a banana. All you have to do is double click on the blue star and the first profile will be super liked while the next one will not.

If you however also want to super like the next profile, guess what, just double click on the super-like again!

Yes, it works on both the PC and smartphone but I like it more on the smartphone.

The super like is such an impressive feature that it helps you stand out from the rest of the potential matches that a person could have.

We have already looked at the two major advantages that it has and also, once someone likes you back, you get a very attractive notification of how you super liked each other. How about that?

Imagine the impact that this has on the heart and esteem of the match. They must be feeling very beautiful or handsome to have received a super like from you.

This boosts the chances of attraction even more, as we mentioned, three times more.

So, yes, you need this hack. You need the super like to attract sure matches that simply cannot ignore you.

Double click that button and you will be on your way.

5. How to Get Tinder Gold for Free with no Trials and Regular Subscriptions

Well, that is what we have been talking about since the beginning. Basically, all the methods above help you overcome the trial and limitations that Tinder has set for free users.

They enable you to see what Tinder Gold users are seeing in part.

There is no clear-cut way to access Tinder Gold for free and it all falls for hacks to bypass the trials that have been set.

For some methods, it pays to be in a certain location so as to access better deals to Tinder Gold.

Other methods claim to have promo codes that will get you a free Tinder Gold but they need you to first subscribe to some mobile services that waste your time and cash.

I will not lead you there in this article. Stick to the methods above as they will not trick you and disappoint you.

So, how do you access Tinder Gold for free with a trial or with no limitations?

You use the methods that we have looked at above in detail.

Especially pay attention to number 3.

As a Temporary Alternative to Get Free Trial Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold

Could it be just worth the try to attempt a Free Tinder Plus or even Tinder Gold by exploiting the Passport feature?

Use the Tinder Free Passport to get an Easy Deal in the USA, Canada and UK

We have touched on this in detail but mostly as regards the Covid-19 issue.

Now, let us look at how we can use it away from the Corona virus pandemic.

Your purchase of the Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold is based on where you are currently located.

So you find that, it is much cheaper in some places and expensive in others.

For example, in the USA it is only about 10 dollars a month for a year’s subscription and in Kenya it is 40 dollars a month.

The current free Passport could help you to a better deal with Tinder Plus/Gold.
The current free Passport could help you to a better deal with Tinder Plus/Gold.

Currently, all free users have been given a free Passport to use and you can change your location to a more favorable area if you so wish.

Remember that this is for the period between now and 30th of April, therefore, you do not need to make a lengthy subscription on your account.

I will not touch a lot on this as it is for a time only and will not always be there. However, it is worth the try.

Be Sensitive and Remember the Covid-19 Issue

It is important that we handle the elephant in the room and that is, the Covid-19 issue.

So, given recent developments on Tinder and usage, you can now get to passport yourself to various locations worldwide.

This is because, Tinder is sensitive to the Covid-19 issue and so should you.

I find it reasonable to talk about the Coronavirus and how you can continue to shed hope across the world by putting Tinder’s free Passport use into meaningful venture.

You can now eliminate trials and a need to make subscriptions and this only means that, you can use Tinder to reach out to everyone affected by the Covid-19. That is the whole world.

 Take advantage of the Free Passport Featureto Overcome the Covid-19 Limitations

In recognition of the Covid-19, Tinder has come up with a free feature called the Passport.

It may sound strange to many who have always been using free mode without ever subscribing to Tinder Plus of Tinder Gold.

Allow me to explain what the Passport is.

You can use Tinder passport to alter your location.
You can use Tinder passport to alter your location.

The Tinder Passport is a feature that enables you to alter your location and therefore reach out to profiles that are far outside your current locality.

You could drop the pin on the map on a certain geographical area and Tinder will allow you to play with the potential matches on that particular area.

Here is how to change your location in passport:

  • Tap the profile icon.
  • Open settings.
  • Scroll down to the “location” entity.
  • Now add whichever location that you want.

Of course, by default, Tinder will give you potential matches based on your chosen location.

Tinder is offering this feature for free until the 30th of April! So, take advantage now!

This feature would be very useful in finding a cheating spouse that you have always been wondering about but, you however know where they live or work or visit regularly.

You can take advantage of this feature to check on those who have been hard hit by the Covid-19, locally and internationally.

This will help you and others out there technically get out of self-quarantine virtually.

You will be able to use Tinder as more than just a dating app but a meeting app to check on people all over the world. You can flirt, chat, date or just assure each other.

Since you will be using a free passport to find matches worldwide, it will be imperative to know what to say to them during this Covid-19 issue.

There are some brilliant ideas that you could follow so that you do not get bored or rather, you could be able to bring them out of boredom yet remaining sensitive and romantic.

Remember, you can only use one location at a time.

Up to this point number 8, we have talked of a lot of methodologies to acquire Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold for free. Which one was your favorite?

We have also laid down the step by step means on how to work with them so that you are not lost. It should be easy for you.

You know what, the craziest idea just came to mind on hearing that Tinder will be giving a free Passport to April 30th.

Watch Out! These are Scams

Earlier we talked about whether it is always true that someone could hack the Tinder Gold and the Tinder Plus.

We said that it is not always the case and some are just out to scam you, especially if there is any money to be involved from you.

Watch out from Fake Tinder Gold and Plus
Some people are out to trick you with fake Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus acquisitions.

Therefore, let us beware of some of these scams from unscrupulous people out there.

These scams have these items in common and you should pay very particular attention to them:

  • Beware of the survey that you must first take before accessing a download link.
  • Do be wary of those “links” that you must first open before you get what you want. These links lead you to unrelated websites that do not really help you in the end.
  • Never share your credit card information before accessing a download or a service. Such sites try to hack into your bank credit card, PayPal, Skrill and others that you use. Therefore, you must be wary of these people that ask for signing in with your credit card.
  • Multiple YouTube videos that have endless methodologies to get you Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. These waste your time in watching videos and they are out there to attract subscribers and viewers to their You Tube pages. They do not really want to help you. So, watch out.
  • Supposed apps that hack into Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. There are so many apps that impersonate Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. They however come with third party apps that interfere with your machine such as, antivirus engines, web browsers and spy ware. You must be very careful not to use these.
  • The code generators. There are many sites that claim to have special code generators which will access Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus for you. These are however scammers and you get disappointed when you get messages like, “device not compatible” or “server down temporarily”. You must do your best to not expect too much from these sites.
  • The subscription to a service or email newsletters. There are those sites that first of all need you to make subscriptions to their newsletters before you can proceed to a download. These are just horrible as they waste your time with meaningless information on useless things unrelated to your Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold needs. Avoid them.

There, you have been warned!

Don’t say we did not warn you.
Don’t say we did not warn you.

You must heed to instruction and always trust only what is practical.

You must see a step by step definitive guide that helps you access Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold for free.

The steps must be so open to you that you are sure it couldn’t be a scam. This is where You Tube videos go wrong.

They give you the final product but do not tell you that, before you access any downloads from the links that they send you, you have to do surveys, share your credit card information and even subscribe to a service or an email newsletter. 

They leave these out just to entrap your curious mind and really play on your passion and desire to get Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold for free.

What is that they say? “When the deal is too good, think twice”.


Think twice.

Notice how we started with the coding and more coding because, nothing good comes easy.

You may have to do a bit of work yourself before you get there.

You may have to copy and paste something and even research more on the workings of a particular phenomenon such as, a webpage or a developer tool.

Notice that nowhere did we say you must subscribe, pay or share your credit card information. Nowhere at all!

So Why Buy it if You can just Crack Through it?

Honestly, I wouldn’t buy something that was possible to hack through and enjoy full features. I would only purchase it if I were not to get the full features.

Yes, you can get Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus working for you for free. Now, the question is, “do you get full features?”

I feel like it is important to give you a verdict on whether it is okay to use the normal paying method to get Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus.

In this sense therefore, I break down some advantages of using the normal pay method and you can in the end decide which best works for you. That is, to pay or to crack.

You realize that there are some features that are still not available and what you get are the introductory features to Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus.

There is a special feature in Tinder Gold called the “Likes You” feature and this enables you to see who liked you even before you swipe on them.

That is, you will see who swiped right on you even before you swipe yourself.

Tinder Gold Features
The full feature list of Tinder Gold. Are they worth the payment?

This is a very interesting feature that may make one see whether swiping left is worth it.

Also, there is the accidental swipe that one may make, that is, making a left swipe when you really wanted to make a right swipe. With Tinder Gold, you can easily undo this and make the proper swipe.

In as much as the passport is free until April 30th, it may come in handy to be able to change your location occasionally. This may help you track down lost matches, rematch with people from before or even hit on people outside your locality.

To sum it up, is it still worth it to get Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus through subscription even though you can hack some features?

The answer is yes and no. Both are correct.

It all depends on you the user and what you really want to get out of Tinder.

For some, you do not require much while playing Tinder and just getting matches through unlimited swipes and being able to make a connection is all that really matters to you.

Please, go ahead and hack the methodologies that we have so abundantly given. No need to make purchases for you.

For others, you want a lot, you want to know so much that you may just have to make a purchase.

No problem with that either. Go ahead, it is your choice.

That is my verdict!


What else do you want to know about getting Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus for free?

I believe that this article has laid it down so wonderfully for you.

It has given you lots of methodologies to try yourself at home and never have to worry about paying for a single service.

That is the best part, you can try these out yourself! It is now up to you to make exploit of the methodologies and see yourself enjoying the free services of what you could have purchased on Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

There are those that seem hard but you have a guide and then there are those that are so easy you could do them with your eyes closed. All you have to do is choose.

It is very important that you are very careful not to be scammed by the other sites that have proven unscrupulous to giving you free Tinder Gold and Plus Subscriptions.

There are at least seven different items that we laid down for you to keep an eye out for.

Protect yourself while out there and please, have some fun. Remember to use that Passport to check on each other during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As always for your well wishes.