Your Tinder match disappeared

Tinder Match Disappeared: Where did My Tinder Match Go?

At times when you are on Tinder, you chat with a match very well and then all of a sudden, the match disappears.

You do not know what happened neither can you recall doing wrong.

These matches can disappear after a message and you do not know why. They could disappear after a notification.

They could disappear instantly, that is immediately after your first few exchanges.

They also could disappear after a notification for a match between you too. Sucks! Doesn’t it.

 Let us debunk this myth of matches disappearing.

What happens if a Tinder Match Disappears and Why Your Match Disappeared on Tinder

Sorry to say but, it may just mean that your match got bored of you and deleted the pair.

You may have said something that was off and they got pissed off.

It also could be that they are just arrogant as Tinder allows you to unmatch from someone for “no reason” at all.

Tinder allows users to unmatch for “No Reason” at all.
Tinder allows users to unmatch for “No Reason” at all.
  • A Tinder match would also disappear because your match deleted or deactivated their account.
  • They may also have Tinder Plus or Gold and have decided to go hidden for some time.
Tinder Plus enables users to hide their profiles from other matches or users.
Tinder Plus enables users to hide their profiles from other matches or users.

If you are a free user, you get edged out by Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold users or matches that may change their visibility settings any day.

  • A Tinder match will also disappear because you accidentally unpaired your match. Some users do not know that once you unpair a match, they will not be able to contact you again.
  • The fifth reason is that, may be you got hacked and someone messed up your account.
  • Hey, believe it or not, may be you are just boring and need to up your game so that matches stop ghosting you.

Especially if you share your computer with others, they may damage your account or reputation.

You Can Tell if Someone Unmatched you on Tinder

Yes, you can. Simply notice that their messages do not appear anymore under the inbox section.

You cannot even see their profile anymore especially if you are a free user.

You can tell if a user unmatched from you.
You can tell if a user unmatched from you. Their messages are absent or you have less matches than you had.

Tinder Messages Do Disappear

Absolutely! Tinder messages disappear when either you unpair from a match or they unpair from you.

They also disappear when the match deactivates or deletes their accounts.

A Tinder match will disappear if at all one pauses (deactivates) or deletes their account.
A Tinder match will disappear if at all one pauses (deactivates) or deletes their account.

Yes, they do disappear.

Why a Tinder Match Would Disappear

There are reasons that we have attributed to this above. Let me just summarize for you:

Tinder matches have disappeared due to several reasons, such as matches deleting profiles.
Tinder matches have disappeared due to several reasons, such as matches deleting profiles.
  • Your match got bored and deleted your pair. Therefore, you must learn how to make interesting conversation on Tinder.
  • The match has Tinder Plus/Gold that helps them hide their profiles.
  • You accidentally deleted the match by unpairing.
  • You were hacked.

These are the reasons why a Tinder match would disappear. If you so wish, you can safely take the screenshots of your matches just to be able to track them down later should you create a new account.

Tinder Matches Do Not Expire

Tinder does not work like Bumble and have the woman wait for the man to reply to her message. Anybody can send the first message. So, no, Tinder matches do not expire.

You Can Rematch with Someone you Unmatched With and Restore Matches on Tinder

Very easily yes!

  • If they delete their account and start afresh, you will come across their profile as you continue swiping. They will also come across your profile. They may match with you again or you may match with them again.
  • If you use Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you can revisit your former matches and therefore rematch with them. There are also some tips and tricks that will allow you to get the Tinder Plus and Gold features even if you are a free user.
  • Hey, if you also delete your account and start afresh, there are high chances that you will come across the matches again. You will most probably like each other again. People meet their exes on Tinder.

Tinder Does Not Randomly Unmatch

Not at all, it does not. The only person that can control your profile is you.

Even if you purchase the premium features of Tinder, the site will not make random unmatches on who you already liked.

You must remember however that, other users can always unmatch from you. Even the free users.

The Conversation Will Not Still be There

Since your match most probably unmatched from you or they deleted their account, the conversation will not be there at all.

Tinder deletes all history between you and the match so that you cannot see your previous conversations.

However, should the match re-activate their Tinder account, you will be able to see them again in your list of matches.

The conversations from before will not be there but your match will be there.

Remember, this only happens if your match had just deleted their account without un-matching from you.

You can recover your lost Tinder messages.
You can recover your lost Tinder messages.

There is a trick however that you can use to recover your lost messages from Tinder.

It works best if you own an iPhone as that device can be set to save all your data to the iCloud.

For those who own Androids, you can also be backing up your phone activities to Google Drive.

The iPhone Backup Extractor is able to dig in to your iCloud account and recover all your iPhone data, including messages from Tinder even the ones from umatched matches.

This is a very neat trick for the lucky iPhone users.

With Android, you need to have your settings to allow recovery of data after a factory reset of your phone.

This will allow your Google account to dig in to your Google Drive and recover all your previous data bug including the messages from Tinder.

Don’t lose hope, it is very possible to recover your lost Tinder matches’ messages!

In case you might having troubles using the Tinder without Phone or without Facebook don’t forget to check our guide.

Tinder Bug

There is a great possibility that matches disappear due to a bug in Tinder.

This could be as a result of Tinder not loading correctly and therefore requiring you to restart the app to fix the issue.

Also, Tinder may behave this way due to not recognizing your browser as you haven’t cleared out previous cookies, that is why restarting the app works.


You need not worry if at all your Tinder match disappeared or got bored with you.

You do not even have to be worried about lost messages.

You are very much able to recover not only the lost matches but also the lost messages.

Try the tricks I mentioned above or delete your account and start afresh to match again with the lost matches.

All the best out there. As always.