Tinder Screenshot Notification

Does Tinder Notify Screenshots? Myth Busted

Most people who use Tinder want to be as discreet as possible, especially those who are investigating profiles or just trying to know more about a potential date.

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Therefore, users have a habit of using screenshots to save the details of their potential crushes.

In this brief article, we look at whether Tinder can notify you once you take a screenshot of a profile of a match or other.

Yes, You very Much can Screenshot Profiles on Tinder 2020.

Whether you are using your computer or smartphone, you can take a screenshot of any Tinder profile that you want.

Yes, you can screen shot a profile
You can easily take a screenshot of a profile on Tinder.

On a pc, you can use the many fancy tools such asSnippingtool to take a screenshot and on a smartphone, just hold and press the power button and any volume button.

A Tinder screenshot

No, Tinder Does Not Notify Users When Others Share Their Profiles

On Tinder, you cannot share profiles however; you can share screenshots of Tinder profiles on other platforms such as, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Look at this image here: Tinder automatically asks if you want to share someone’s profile.

Notice that you cannot share this profile to users on Tinder for some reason.

Tinder does not enable that functionality.

On this picture below, it is possible to share Tinder screenshots to other platforms.

Tinder gives you a chance to share on any platform
You can share Tinder profiles on many other platforms out of Tinder.

All you have to do is pick whatever platform and share your Tinder screenshot. Users will not know that you are sharing their profiles nor that you took a screenshot. 

You Can get a Read Receipt on Tinder if The Match Changes their Location

There is no clear way to get a read receipt on Tinder, that is, knowing whether someone read your message.

In a very special case that your match changes their location, yes, you will get a receipt that they were online.

From there, you can assume that they read your message. However, hey, how often do people without permanent passports change their locations? It would be sheer luck.

Other Users Cannot See Your Tinder Screenshots

Try as I may, I could not share a screenshot to my Tinder matches.

I only discovered that I can share contacts and for various platforms such as Whatsapp, Telegram and Snapchat.

As for photos, including screenshots, no, I could not.

Sharing contacts on Tinder
You are however able to share contacts on Tinder even though not screenshots.

You share the contacts via your inbox messaging.

There is a Trick to Share Your Screenshot on Tinder

Check out this trick though, you can use the screenshot as one of your photos on your profile and that way, yes, you will have shared a Tinder screenshot to other Tinder users.

Using a Tinder user’s screenshot as your profile picture enables you to share that screenshot on Tinder.

However, there are two very important things to pay attention to when playing Tinder matches:

  • It is possible to share your profile by anyone, even if that person never matched with you.
  • Tinder can show when someone is typing on the other side. That is, three dots appear on your messages platform against the name of your match showing that they are typing. They also see the same when you are typing.

Therefore, Tinder will not notify you when someone takes a screenshot of your profile but,it will inform your match that you are typing or deleting a conversation (through those three dots on your messages).

Does Tinder notify when you screenshot a conversation?

What made you ask this question?

We all know there are various apps out there who do notify if someone takes a screenshot of the conversation.

The most famous app that has this feature is Snapchat.

Unlike Snapchat, which is designed to delete the conversation after each of the participants open and leave the chat, conversations on Tinder can still be seen until one of the participants decides to delete the entire conversation by unmatching the other participant from their matching list.

Since Snapchat is using the method of deleting the messages automatically without giving the users a chance to show that conversation to a friend or someone else, Snapchat users are using the screenshot method to show the conversation to someone.

But unfortunately the Snapchat app notifies when someone takes a screenshot of a conversation.

But this is not the case with Tinder.

You are free to take a screenshot of a conversation on Tinder.

The app will not notify if someone takes a screenshot of a conversation.

So, feel free to share that perfect opening line that you got!


The scare that most people on Tinder had was whether users are notified when others screenshot their profiles. Well, this article has debunked that myth and mystery.

No, users do not get informed when matches and other Tinder users take or share their screenshots.

This means that you can play around Tinder as much as you want and never have to worry about being found out by the profiles you are looking at.

You can use the trick of using a screenshot as one of your photos or your profile photo so that matches will see what you took.

This will help. Remember to respect other users on Tinder and may your intentions be good when taking screenshots of profiles.

For you and your matches, good luck.