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Tinder Search: Ways How To Find Someone’s Profile 2021 – The Definitive Guide

Tinder is the most popular dating app with millions of users worldwide.

That’s why it would be difficult for you to encounter a person that is familiar to you while scrolling.

Why would anyone be interested in searching for a profile on Tinder?

Well Guess what? Now you can use this to search someone on Tinder, just by entering the name and their age below.

Many people have various reasons to search out Tinder profiles.

There are various reasons for this, stating them from the most common:

  • To catch a cheating spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend.

This is the main reason why people try to find Tinder profiles. They fear for unfaithful behavior.

  • To know more about potential dates.

When one meets someone, it gives peace knowing that, he or she is not active on Tinder.

  • Just for fun.

It may be nothing more than personal fun for one.

  • Jut to know whether it is possible.

Many people wonder if ever it is possible to find profiles, especially without being a member on Tinder.

For this reason, I offer to Tinder users some of the search methods that allow you to search for a specific person out of your matching list or even without you being a member.

In this article you will learn the following:

  • The various free methods that exist to search out a Tinder profile.
  • How to use this free methods, step by step.
  • The best apps to target while searching for a Tinder profile.
  • The third-party maneuvers that you can employ to help you find Tinder profiles.
  • How to make the most of your friend’s Tinder to help you find a profile.
  • The best-paid services to help you get Tinder profiles.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Free services in looking up Tinder profiles.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Paid services in looking up Tinder profiles.

So, this is bound to be captivating. Hurrah!

Buckle up and let’s go.

Finding profiles on Tinder. Can it really be done?

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Your Guru

I bet you want that, right! Yes, we want that too! Tinder is the most popular dating app with millions of users worldwide. It only makes sense that many users and non-users are interested to search for user profiles.

Funny Meme about finding Tinder Profile
Yes, we found your Tinder profile.

Well, after many requests to spill the details, today is the day you’ve been waiting for!  I’m finally going to teach you how you can find someone’s Tinder profile.

I strongly believe and understand that most of you are here for the free and easy methods that you can use without spending a penny.

People love free things. Free business should be a human right uh? I will definitely start with the absolutely free methods for you.

However, I am going to be very complex and offer you both the free and the paid methods so that you can decide for yourself which one will best suit your needs.

It is always good to find a need to push yourself further where the cause is worth it.

The methods available to search for profiles on Tinder can be broken down as follows:

  • Free Methods
  • Paid Methods

Before we dwell into that, let us start with the easiest method to search out a Tinder profile. Anyone can do this.

How to find a Profile - Introduction under free and paid
Finding someone’s profile on Tinder

It’s easy enough to do, so let me break it down into a 10 step process.

  1. Create a brand new Tinder account so you know you haven’t already swiped left or right on the person you’re looking for.
  2. Edit your setting to include their age and how far away you think they are.
  3. Gather up your patience. This is going to take awhile.
  4. Swipe left, left, left, left, left x 1,000,000 looking for their name and age. Do this mindless task twice a day as Tinder limits your swipes unless you pay for unlimited swipes.
  5. Keep swiping left on people that aren’t the profile you’re looking for.
  6. Keep swiping left.
  7. Think you found them but it’s another user with the same name, age, and location – just a different face.
  8. Decide to give up but remember you’ve come this far.
  9. Keep swiping left.
  10. GOTEEEEM! 

You found them!  Now, at this point, if you want to match with them, *very carefully* swipe right.

Now, I had introduced something earlier, remember? The two main methods of making Tinder searches.

Let us continue to it.

Under both free and paid methods, there are specific methods that follow:

Free Methods

1. Using a vanity URL

That is this URL:

P.S: Do not write @username but replace it with the name of the profile that you are searching for.

The username is the name of the person whose account you would like to find, for example:

I want to find Jeremy, therefore, I will write the URL this way:

See this result below. I found a Jeremy who is 36 and a CEO at River. I will explain why later on after the picture.

Finding Jeremy from Vanity URL
How to find a Tinder profile by the handle name

There are a hundred Jeremy(s) on Tinder, so why did I find this particular one?

Because you must be close to the person to identify their specific profiles. (That is, your location must match their location).

You do not just use the Vanity URL but have to consider being around where they live when you search for them.

To solve this issue for Free method users, that is those without a Tinder Plus Subscription or Tinder Gold Subscription, you can further use the social media handle URLs of the people that you are searching for so as to have very specific profiles.

For example, if Jeremy’s Facebook or Twitter account handle is@jeremy253, then you should replace the URL above with @jeremy253.

This method works superbly well, where the person has merged their Tinder with their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.

2. Using the SpokeoSearch

Spokeo presents users with the ability to do the following:

Spokeo's features

Spokeo’s numerous features.

Make online searches without creating any form of accounts.

  • Use a phone number to search for a profile/person.
  • Use an email to search for a person/profile.
  • Use an image to search for a person/profile.
  • Use location or address to make searches.

It comes as both free and if you so wish, allows you to pay for more. Look at all that you can do when it is free. I tried to search for a Sasha Kelly.

Have a look here:

Finding Sasha Kelly - Example
The results of Sasha Kelly.

I got so many Sasha Kelly(s). This is good.

It means that, I can narrow down to the specific one I want and should I find her, I can also see whether she is using a  nickname and has added an extra name such as, Michelle.

So what can one do with information from Spokeo as regards to Tinder profile searches?

You can now alter the location settings to match those of the target that you wanted, either on your smartphone or on another search tool.

You can get to see a specific name that they are using and use that as a supposed Tinder handle name if at all you will use yet another free method to make your search.

Spokeo also allows you to modify your searches and find a specific person immediately.

See this picture below.

If you know the phone number of the person whose Tinder profile that you want to search for or their specific email address, then you can refine your search to include only those details.

Spokeo filters
Refining Spokeo’s searches.

N/B: What to remember when using the Spokeo: The location that you enter is very important as it is the one that determines who you will get in your search results.

Enter the wrong location and find a lot of strangers.

Don’t forget that. It is an added advantage if you can use the phone number or filter service.

3. Using Find Your Facebook ID (Facebook Graph)

Now referred to as, “Find Your Facebook ID” is a search engine that allows users to have access to Facebook data.

It displays the information that is needed and reachable for you.

Facebook ID-Graph
Simply enter the Facebook link of your target’s profile on the space and click enter.

In this case, this method will distinguish which of your Facebook friends is on Tinder.

Signing up on Tinder without your Facebook account is a different method and worth trying if you want to find someone on Tinder.

Most of the people who join Tinder, in their bio, they write another social network which they are using for the moment.

Therefore, it makes even easier to do a Tinder Search account using these other accounts that they add.

Depending on what other social network users are using, you can even do a Facebook Search Method as well.

With this method, you will be able to know if that particular person has a Tinder profile.

Below you have the steps that you have to perform for the application of the Facebook Graph Search method.

  • Open the Facebook profile of the person you are searching for. You can easily do this even from your own Facebook account.
  • Go to
  • When the page is opened, you put the user’s URL.
  • Now click “find numeric ID”
  • After you click to find the numeric ID you will be led to a new page with the numeric number appearance.

You have to take that number and write it into the link below where it is written “Numeric ID” and search if they have a tinder profile.

4. Using a Fake GPS on Your Phone

You can enter a fake location on your phone to match that of the profile that you want to search for.

For example, if at all the targeted person lives in Omsk, you can enter your location as Omsk and you will be within a search radius of that person.

This you can do totally freely!

You can also download and install the app called, Fake GPS from Google Play store or from Apple store.

If your device is rooted, you do not have to worry much about this. There is so much that you can alter on your system settings.

Here is what to do:

  • Create a new Tinder account that has not yet swiped the Tinder name you are trying to find. This can include a fake picture too, obviously not yourself.
  • Get a copy of “Fake GPS”, and set your location to match theirs as closely as possible
  • Configure your settings search a 1 miles radius.
  • Swipe left to avoid hitting Tinder’s rate limit until you find the name you are looking for.

Now at this point when you have found them swipe right carefully to avoid doing all that work again. If they swipe right, then congratulations.

You not only have found them, but you have undeniable proof they are actively using the app.

5. Use a Trap Method

This is working with a colleague of yours or a friend that you trust who already has a Tinder account and lives close to your targeted profile’s location. They may also have a Plus or Gold Subscription.

Fake Tinder Profile
A fake Tinder profile to help set a trap.

They can play Tinder through swiping across many users and eventually they will spot the person that you are looking for.

Setting a trap has the advantage of allowing you to just stand by the sidelines while your friend does all the work of swiping through profiles.

They may even go a step further to start a chat with the person that you had been looking for once they find them and confirm for you that indeed someone is cheating on you.

Through the setting of a trap, your friend could also impersonate someone with the specifications that you know your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse likes.

They could fall for the bluff and confirm for you that indeed they were cheating.

You ever watch that show Cheaters?

People cry when they get caught as if someone promised to take everything else from them except their tears.

Crazy uh?

Caught cheating on Tinder
Man caught cheating on Tinder.

I can only imagine the look on your spouse’s face when you and your friend bust him/her.

6. Using the Target’s Email Address or Phone Number

There is a free method that makes work easier and that is using the person’s email address and their phone number to make your searches.

You could either use both or just one of them.

This is because this person whose profile you want to find may be familiar to you such as, your long time crush, an ex-husband/girlfriend, a current dating partner or just that cute guy that keeps on disturbing you even when you give signals of not wanting a relationship.

Search by phone and email
Find Instagram to help you find Tinder.

It is assumed here that you already know the phone number and the email address, all you want to find is the person’s profile on Tinder or a name on other social media sites that will help you suppose a name that they could be using on their Tinder.

You can use your knowledge of phone numbers and emails of your targets to find out what they now call themselves on other social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram and from there, build a working Tinder name that they could be using.

This is the best use of one’s phone number.

As for the email address, you can use it by letting LinkedIn offer you a suggestion to add contacts from your saved contacts.

Normally when you sign up for Linkedin, you are asked to synchronize with contacts and if at all the target is on Linkedin, you will be able to read info about them.

Telegram is also another social media platform that reads your contacts to give you suggestions to add a user in your contact list and from there, you can get much info about them.

This will again help you work up a possible profile name for Tinder.

Almost all apps that we use nowadays want to get access to your contacts and email, from Whatsapp to the games that we play.

N/B: You must add the email and phone number to your phone contacts or Gmail contacts so that, you will get suggestions from Linkedin or Twitter to add new followers from your phone contacts lists.

Once you see the profiles of who you were targeting, you can use their info from Linkedin, Twitter, or Instagram to make a Tinder search using the other methods listed on this article, whether free or paid.

Rocket Reach for Phone and Emails

If at all you are not familiar with the phone number, there are several sites that will help you accomplish this, some of which I have already mentioned such as: Spokeo, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold, Rocket Reach, Contactout and Radaris.

7. Searching from within your existing matches

You may have struggled with all the above when all you needed was to just search within your existing matches.

So, you may only have to look through your already liked matches and find whoever that you had been interested in

Searching within your matches
Click on the messages icon to see your existing matches.

This is how to go about it:

  • On your Tinder interface, you will see two icons, the first one is for finding new matches, the second for messages. But you do not want to find a new match you only want to find an already existing one, hence the next step.
  • Click on the one for messages.
  • You will then see clearly the number of likes (matches) that you have and if at all the person you want is among the messages, then, you will have no problem seeing them.

The next step is to open the icon that reveals your “likes” showing you precisely the number of likes. This feature however will require a Plus or a Gold subscription to fully use.

Can you Find a Specific Person on Tinder?

Well, I can be sure that most of the people are reading this because they want to search on Tinder for unmatched people since this is what matters the most.

Having the possibility to search for profiles that are already on your matching list on Tinder is not enough.

We all want to always look out of the box and catch up with new people.

In this case, users will be more pleased if they could be in touch with other people too.

So, we worked hard on presenting you with the Facebook Graph Tinder Search method.

I have touched on this method above on the free methods to do Tinder searches.

However, you should note the following.

The Advantages of Free Methods

There are several advantages of using the free methods for Tinder searches.

  • You can do it yourself at home and therefore maintain anonymity.

You do not have to leave the comfort of your house as you can simply just use your WIFI and search as much as you can.

  • They allow for trial and error with no financial repercussions.

Since one is not parting with any money, they can try searches for as many times as they want. There is really nothing to lose.

  • They allow one to test many options without really worrying about failure.

One would worry about failure if at all they paid for searches and the service provider did not find what they wanted.

They do not involve risks of being swindled by scammers pretending that they can trace profiles.

  • They involve the compilation of several other free methods like using Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to trace profiles.

The paid methods may only concentrate on Tinder and forget to encompass other social media handles even though there are some that try to be as conclusive as possible.

  • They are the best for just having fun and testing whether someone could really find a Tinder profile.

It must be fun for some to just test out theories. How good it is if at all you can just use many free methods without ever having to run out of options to try so quickly.

So, free methods are also good. Who said free things are bad?

Take advantage.

The Disadvantages of Free Methods

Well, free is, um…

Okay, let me not criticize it when I have already tried to praise it.

Here are the disadvantages of free methods:

  • Free is limited as you may get only half of the information that you initially wanted.

The major disadvantage of the free methods lies in limitations to wide search results. You only get as much as your capability permits you.

  • They limit your determination to get results.

This is because if you fail, you leave it at that as you haven’t spent money to get more results.

  • They are erroneous to those who do not bother to read in detail.

You should not assume that you know. Please read what I have written from the beginning so as to get well acquainted with these free methods.

  • They may discourage you if you try them too much.

The more you fail, the more likely that you are to see a need for a paid service. At least you will try to get someone that will do more than you.

  • They can give you false results.

Just as we will see under paid methods, free methods could also give you false results.

Paid Methods

1. Using a Tinder Plus Subscription

You either have to join Tinder and use the Tinder Plus Subscription or get a friend who you can trust that has one to help you.

Among the amazing features of Tinder Plus, include:

Tinder Plus Features
The Tinder Plus Subscription.
  • Unlimited Likes
  • Rewind your previous swipe
  • Up to 5 Super likes a day
  • A single Boost a month
  • A passport that allows you to swipe worldwide (the most important function).
  • No Ads

The most important function is (the passport for worldwide swipes) which that allows you to set your location to anywhere that you want.

This means that even if you are in England, you could set your location to a neighborhood in the USA.

However, remember that the location has to be close to your target’s location. That is the person that you are searching for.

Tinder Plus benefits your search experience through the many benefits that I have listed above.

You can trace a profile that is in a different state, different region or different country and in this, you have an edge over most of the 6 free search services that we talked about above.

So, sure, the Tinder Plus method makes a difference in boosting your chances of tracking a Tinder user or a cheater.

2. Using a Tinder Gold Subscription

Again, you should either have a Tinder Gold Subscription or get one of your trusted friends with one to help you out. Tinder Gold has all the above features that Tinder Plus has and further includes: To see who likes you before you swipe (who knows, could be your cheating spouse).

The new top picks each day.

Do you remember that earlier I had introduced under the free methods, searching from within existing matches?

Now Tinder Gold enables you to see the specific people that matched with you.

You can open their profiles and either un-match if you so wish or message or even ask them why they un-matched from you.

Being able to search from within existing matches becomes an easier task having a Gold subscription.

Tinder Gold pricing
Tinder Gold pricing

This feature makes sure that you can maximize on the hidden features of Tinder such as, knowing who liked you long before you ever liked them.

Earlier I had mentioned that you could use your friend’s account that has Tinder Gold to set a trap for a cheater if at all you wanted to identify one.

You could also use it to find random profiles on Tinder. This is because the Tinder Gold feature opens for you the ability to see faces that already saw you or appear interesting, may be familiar.

3. Using CheaterBuster is a site specifically made to find cheating spouses and partners from dating
sites, much more Tinder.

Search on Tinder via CheaterBuster

Its working is simple, following these steps:

Before we begin, know that you do not really need a Tinder account to use this service and
they charge 9.99 UD Dollars for the work.

Good, so, here is how it works:

♥ Only enter someone’s first name.
♥ Enter their age
♥ Enter their gender
♥ Give their location last used on Tinder and be very accurate.
♥ Sign in before getting your results.

You will also need to pay for the service and it is worth it and highly verified to be a legitimate
service provider.

Cheaterbuster has a high success rate as a paid method compared to others out there. You are
less likely to be scammed using this service.

Read about review about Cheaterbuster.

The Advantages of Paid Methods

  • The major advantage of paid methods is in the provision of widespread results.

They can either filter for you the results or give you everything and let you filter them yourself.

  • They allow professionals and experts to help you find profiles.

There are people that have had a lot of experience looking for profiles. Not all of them are fake. Therefore, they allow you to take advantage of these people, some of who used to be private investigators with skills in the game.

  • They give you more than just the Tinder profile in results.

You will be able to see any other accounts that the user has been using. They could even be having two different Tinder accounts but under different names. Experts using paid means will be able to trace all these for you.

  • They allow you to rest easy as someone else does all the work.

You just have to wait for another person to do the work. They are the ones who carry the burden of struggle for you, while you wait for the results.

  • They consider your safety and you can hardly be tracked by the person that you searched out.

Many people do not know that they leave digital footprints that can be used to trace them. Using a paid service helps you to use a third party to clear the digital footprints from you, therefore, keeping you safe.

The Disadvantages of Paid Methods

  • Well, yes, I know that you were waiting for it, they could be scams!

You are very likely to be scammed using paid methods. Lots of quarks out there.

  • They may just keep on taking you in circles while finding nothing.

You may wait forever and nothing will be found at the end of the day.

  • They give you false hope.

Simply because something is paid for does not guarantee that it will work. Free methods may be more promising.

  • They may steal your data and use it elsewhere.

You have to be very careful with you share information with nowadays.

  • They may ask you for extra cash before delivering results.

Too much extortion out there for work which you can freely do yourself under the seven free methods that I gave above.


Yes, it is possible to search for profiles on Tinder despite anybody’s disagreements that you may have come across.

It all depends on who you are searching for, whether they already are in your matches, the proximity of their location to you, the method that you are using and how far you are willing to go.

The free methods are very practical and you can play around with them and see whether they help. I stated down for you step by step procedures on how to use them.

If at all those ones do not reveal what you are looking for, proceed to the paid methods.

At the end of the day, it is the weight of the advantages over the disadvantages that will determine which methods will best work for you.

Have a good reason to search for Tinder profiles and you just may find what you are looking for.

Good luck!

Can I search for a person on Tinder?

Yes, you can. But the person you are searching for should be part of your matching list otherwise you can’t.

Does tinder have a search option?

Yes, it does. Tinder has a search option which functions only for your matching list.

Can I search for a person that isn’t in my Matching list?

No, you can’t. Tinder still hasn’t come up with a search option for people outside of your matching list but we did!
You can use our search methods that many people are using and considering as the most successful search methods ever.

How to search for someone on Tinder?

To search for people that are already part of your matching list, click the message icon (on the main screen) and tap and pull down on the screen until you see a search bar.
After a search bar appears you can type the name of the person you are searching for.