Tinder Statistics 2020

Tinder Statistics in 2021: The Company, Fun Facts, Users and Finances

Is there a dating app with better statistics than Tinder?

Personally, I do not think so.

There are many online dating apps with good success stories but they just do not match to the level of Tinder.

Not by a long shot.

This is because ever since its inception in 2012, Tinder has continuously improved and become a major force to reckon with in online dating trends.

Need I go through how Tinder works? I do not think so when there are so many global users.

It is create an account (using phone or email), confirm a code and start swiping.

The Company Statistics for Tinder in 2021

  • Tinder was first launched on September 12, 2012 originally as an iPhone app and later on as an Android app.
  • Then, it was called Matchbox and used only at college campus.
  • The original founders included: Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Christine Gylczynski, Whitney Wolf, Justin Mateen and Joe Munoz. It was a joint venture of IAC and Xtreme Labs.
  • It is based in L.A, California, the United States of America.
  • Tinder is used in around 190 countries and has 40 languages translated for users.
  • There are 57 million Tinder users and out of theses, 5.9 million pay for the Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold Subscriptions.
  • Users only started registering using a phone number in August 2019.
  • There are over 200 employees working at Tinder.
  • At least 12 % of Tinder users are not straight.
  • Of course, Tinder has very vibrant competitors such as: Bumble; OK Cupid, Badoo, Zoosk, Match and Hily.

Some Fun Facts about Tinder

  1. The United States uses Tinder the most out of the 190 countries that use Tinder. It is closely followed by the UK, Brazil and Germany.
  2. There are 1.6 billion Tinder swipes a day and an astounding 20 billion matches.
  3. There are 1 million dates per week on Tinder.
  4. A considerable number of users log in on Sunday between 5 pm to 10 pm.
  5. The more one smiles, the more matches that they get.
  6. Tinder users log in 4-5 times a day.
  7. Most Tinder users are 18-24. These are largely millennials and closely followed by generation z.
  8. Many Tinder users love music. They favor Spotify over other music sharing apps.
  9. There are at least 100 million rejects on Tinder each day.
  10. Yes, most people log in Sunday but it is a good idea to start swiping weekdays for potential matches to match with you on Sunday.
  11. Men trust more the women who dress casually. This is at a rate of 19.7%.
  12. Women on the other hand go after men showing off their bodies that is without a shirt or so.
  13. Men swipe right more than women. Actually, men seemingly just swipe right on any woman to increase their luck at getting matches.

Statistics on Tinder Users

Over 57 million people are using Tinder today.

It is a lot of work to reach over 50 million users
It is a lot of work to reach over 50 million users

It was through word of mouth that Tinder attained over 50 million users, mostly through speaking to college students.

There are over 10 million people using Tinder each day.

People are there to hookup, find friends, date or even get a long-term relationship.

Tinder is number 179 on Google Play’s most downloaded apps. Its usage has been falling gradually.

Tinder has 76 % of users from the urban centers and 17 % rural. Another 7 % are in between.

This is according to research by GlobalWebIndex.

GlobalWebIndex also continues to identify that; men are more than women in the ratio 2:1.

More men than women are using Tinder.
More men than women are using Tinder.

The Generation z (1996-2010) are almost as much as the millennials.

78.1% are male whereas 21.9% are female.

In the UK, up to 85% of Tinder users are male. This is a ratio of 9:1.

1. Active Daily Users

There are a total of 57 million people using Tinder. There are 10 million active daily Tinder users

Most 18-24 users swipe a lot on Tinder
Most Tinder Users are in the urban areas. Source

These are mostly the generations of millennials and generation z.

2. Downloads on the App

There over 100 million downloads on Tinder. Most of these come from the Google Play Store.

Tinder has 100 million downloads.
Tinder has 100 million downloads.

Tinder is more likely to be used by criminals posing as potential matches to find people to harm, rob or rape.

The more the users on Tinder, the higher the risks in criminality.

3. Successful Matches Done

There have been over 20 billion confirmed matches on Tinder.

20 billion people have matched on Tinder.
20 billion people have matched on Tinder.

This has increased the approval of online dating by 15 %.

4. Daily Matches

There are 26 million daily matches made on Tinder.

The app proves easy to use and becomes addictive to the many users in it.

It is also not hard to get matches on Tinder.

5. How Many Want Meaningful Relationships?

80 % of Tinder users hope to find meaningful relationships. Only 12 % however, ever find a meaningful long-term relationship.

Many Tinder users procrastinate to boost confidence to meet face to face with matches.
Many Tinder users procrastinate to boost confidence to meet face to face with matches.

Whether on paid or free service, the intentions of users do not vary much.

6. Daily Swipes to the Right or Left

There are 1.6 billion Tinder swipes made per day.

Tinder users make 1.6 billion swipes
Tinder users swipe a lot, to the point of addiction.

Free users get 50 swipes per 12 hours and premium users have the limitation removed for them.

Most 18-24 users swipe a lot on Tinder
Today, age 18-24 use Tinder the most.

7. How Many are Single.

72 % of Tinder users have preferred to identify as single according to the Moraa HPI.

54% are actually single and looking for all sorts of arrangements on Tinder, from long-term relationships to hookups to just friends

Most Tinder users are single, coming in at 54 percent.
Most Tinder users are single, coming in at 54 percent.

54 % of Tinder users are single.

12 % are in a relationship already and just seek a hookup.

30 % of users are married.

8. How many are in a Relationship?

12 % are in a relationship and 30 % are already married.

This speaks a lot on Tinder being a site for cheating and not liking one’s current partner.

9. How Many are Divorced?

3 % of Tinder users are divorced.

There are many reasons for them to be on Tinder such as, to get quickies, catfish or just to find a new relationship.

10. How Many are Millennials?

There are as many millennials using Tinder.

The generation z closely follows. Most millennials are using it for hookups.

The Dating Trends in 2020.

Tinder is full of millennials and generation z.
Tinder is full of millennials and generation z.

They do not think that flirting on dating apps is cheating.

As of 2019-2020, there has been an increased number of generation z users but above age 18.

11. How Many are Outside North America

The greater number of users are outside North America.

Most Tinder users are outside North America.
Most Tinder users are outside North America.

Many people worldwide respect online dating.

Tinder has proven that it can make it internationally.

12. How much Time does the Average User Spend on the App?

Spanish women spend 43 minutes on Tinder on Sundays.

UK men who spend at least 36 minutes on Tinder on Thursdays closely follow them.

There are several reasons why users log in for that amount of time such as: procrastination to meet face to face, confidence build up and more.

Most people use Tinder between Thursday and Sunday.

Most users log in at 9pm. It is the best time to get matches.

Most users log in 4-5 times a day.

13. How Many Weekly Dates are Created?

Tinder has made well over 1 million successful dates even though the outcomes are not known.

People have met face to face globally from Tinder a lot.

14. How Many College Students are on Tinder?

College students love Tinder a lot, even though they diversify over Badoo, OkCupid and Bumble.

College students still use Tinder the most in 2020.
College students still use Tinder the most in 2020.

15. How Many Countries Use Tinder?

There are 196 countries using Tinder.

16. What Age Groups Uses Tinder a lot?

Millennials are still the most that use Tinder, that is, ages 18-24. However, the generation z has been coming up pretty sharply to also be using the app a lot.

17. How often does the Average User Log in?

Users log in to Tinder at least 4-5 times a day. This has been a drop from the 11 times in 2019.

There are several reasons that may have led to Tinder losing its popularity such as, less serious interactions among matches and cat fishing.

Tinder users spend massive amounts of time logged in.
Tinder users spend massive amounts of time logged in.

18. What Age Group is Most Active on Tinder? Millenials, Generation X, Y, Z, Silent Generation and Boomers?

The millennials are more active on Tinder than the other age groups. They are sharply followed by the generation z.

19. How many look after Their Appearance and Image?

85 % of Tinder users care about their appearance. They therefore use their best photos.

Most Tinder users care a lot about how they look.
Most Tinder users care a lot about how they look.

20. How Many Daily Swipes do Users Make?

The collective Tinder Users make 1.6 million swipes a day. This is at least 140-150 swipes per user looking at both the free and premium users. Obviously, premium users get to swipe more than free users.

21. What Sex Wears Neutral Colors the Most?

More men than women wear neutral colors in their photos.

More men than women wear neutral colors.
More men than women wear neutral colors.

Not looking brightcreates a challenge to men in finding matches as women like bright colors.

22. How Many Employees does Tinder have?

There are 200 active employees on Tinder though no one is really sure.

23. Does Tinder still allow Teens to use it?

As of June 2016, Tinder raised the age limit to 18. Therefore, only teens 18 and 19 can use Tinder.

24. How much do Male Users Swipe Right to Potential Matches compared to Female Users

Men swipe right to anyone as opposed to women who are very choosy.

Most women are cautious on picking matches than men who just swipe right.

35 % of men like most profiles on Tinder whereas women at 65% are very cautious.

25. How many Subscribers does Tinder have?

Today, Tinder has 5.9 million subscribers. This has been an increase from 4.1 million.

However, as Tinder is losing its popularity, most people may be idle in their accounts or found relationships and decided not to delete their accounts.

26. Tinder Time Usage Statistics

Users spend up to 35 to 45 minutes on Tinder. Average Tinder users log in 4-5 times a day.

Most Tinder users are in college, trying to build their confidence before dates.
Most Tinder users are in college, trying to build their confidence before dates.

Most college students are using Tinder to build confidence and for other unknown reasons. They are not so much into being laid as had earlier been believed. It is mostly about building esteem.

The number of Tinder users has significantly increased in 2020 more than it was in 2018 and 2019.

Tinder is easy to use and this is one of the reasons why it has seen a rise in the number of users. However, there are accounts that,either are not active because matches met someone or took a short break from the app.

27. Tinder User Demographics

There are 5.9 million people subscribed to using Tinder and these are well distributed into male, female, she-male, gay and lesbian and a small percentage of other.

More college students than any other people use Tinder and this is because it helps them build confidence.

They would like to know how to make conversation and what their matches are into before they ever meet.

Most Tinder users are yet to meet face to face due to several reasons such as, getting to know someone better.

70% of Tinder users are yet to meet up face to face.
70% of Tinder users are yet to meet up face to face.

There are more males than females on Tinder and this has increased in 2020 compared to 2019.

Dormant accounts have made the true usage of Tinder to show a different curve as compared to the number of subscribers.

Yes, there are many Tinder subscribers but not all are active users.
Most 18-24 users swipe a lot on Tinder

As of 2019, 45 % of Tinder users were millennials and 38 % were generation z.

In 2020, there has been an influx of generation z users and they are almost catching up with the millennial users. However, only users of 18 years and above can join Tinder and this may be the only reason why Tinder has more millennials than generation z. Had it not been the case, there would have been more generation z users.

The bloomers use Tinder the least and that number has dropped in 2020.

Most Tinder users come from the urban areas and this is easy to explain. It is because most urban dwellers are busy and work from home leaving less room for face-to-face interaction. They therefore take to Tinder for finding love, hook-ups, relationships or any other reasons.

There are more single people than there are people in relationships on Tinder. There are more married people than there are people in relationships on Tinder.

28. Tinder Gender Statistics

As of 2019, there was a 38% of male users and 62 % of female users on Tinder.

In 2020, there has been an increase in male users and a decline in female users.

The gays and the lesbians alongside other sexes are not shy of their sexual preferences on Tinder.

One is likely to come across someone of a different sex in a chance of 1 is to 10 matches.

Tinder is the most open-minded app to a difference in sexes and does not discriminate against the users.

29. Tinder Percentage that are Married

A 54 % of users are single on Tinder.

A 12 % Tinder population is already in a relationship.

A 30 % of users on Tinder are married.

30 % of Tinder users are married and use Tinder for various reasons.
30 % of Tinder users are married and use Tinder for various reasons.

A 4 % of Tinder users have unknown statuses.

A 3 % of Tinder users are divorced or lost their partners somehow.

The married are on Tinder to cheat on their spouses, find a cheating spouse or just looking for a means to make the marriage interesting.

There is no one reason why married people are on Tinder and they keep on varying from one user to the next.

It is not always about cheating but also looking for trust in a partner.

30. Tinder Users by Country

The US and the UK have the most users on Tinder.

The list of countries that use Tinder the most 2018/2019 is as follows:

1. Australia

2. UK

3. Brazil

Brazil comes in at number 3 and it has been seeing an influx of Tinder users since 2017 with 10 million Brazilian internet users using Tinder.

4. Canada

5. France

6. Spain

7. Netherlands

8. USA

9. Germany

10. India

These are also the most used countries as of 2020 in passport migration on Tinder.

People tend to look for matches in places where Tinder is used the most as they believe that their chances of finding matches are higher.

It safe to assume that not all US Tinder users are from the US but could be users with a passport making their location appear to be in the USA.

Tinder has been offering users free passport as of April 1st in the effort to make dating lighter online in the pandemic of the Covid-19.

It is not a surprise that even in 2020 most Tinder users are outside the USA. They are well spread out across Europe.

31. Tinder Matches Statistics

Most Tinder users try to meet up with their matches 2-7 days after matching.

Most are yet to develop the confidence to meet up.

20 billion matches have been made ever since Tinder was first launched.

Tinder users go on 1 million dates per week. This is out of the 5.9 million subscribers and 57 million users so there are still many that are yet to meet face to face.

1.6 billion people are making swipes on Tinder looking for matches.

32. The Financial Statistics on Tinder 2020

Here, we shall look at how much Tinder earned in 2018 plus 2019 and then consider its total net worth in 2020 since the year is not yet over. This will be at least for the first quarter of the year.

33. Revenue 2018

Tinder’s revenue growth was at 19 % by the CAGR, which was considered slow.

Tinder made a cool 800 million in 2018.

This was a double earning from 2017 where it had made 400 million.

34. Tinder Revenue 2019

Tinder’s growth improved in 2019 with the app making a 20 % growth by the CAGR.

It made a cool $ 1.15 billion in 2019. Match Group benefited a lot from these earnings as they were up to half of the total company revenue for 2019.

This was another big improvement from the 2018 earnings.

35. How much did Tinder earn in 2019?

Tinder made $ 1.15 billion US Dollars in 2019. It accounted for 56% of the total earnings of Match Group.

Tinder made its money from the several premium services that it has such as, Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, Boosts and Super Likes and the consideration of one’s age and location.

That is, in order to buy Tinder Plus or Gold, users are charged by their location and age.

Even users who wish to remain free can purchase boost and super likes. One does not need a Gold nor a Plus subscription to get these.

36. What is Tinder’s Net worth?

Tinder is worth a whopping $10 billion US Dollars

Tinder has been losing popularity but remains successful and highly profitable.
Tinder has been losing popularity but remains successful and highly profitable.

As of March 2020, Match Group, Tinder’s parent company was valued at, $ 18.6 billion.


Tinder is a force to reckon with in online dating.

Yes, it has made lots of money, especially between 2019 and 2020 as we have seen.

However, Tinder has been slowly losing popularity as the 2020 facts reveal.

It could be due to its pricing and unfairness in terms of location and age.

May be people are not getting enough matches. There is Tinder for you.