Tinder Without Facebook: How To Do It – The Definitive Guide (2019 Update)

Nowadays having a personal Tinder profile has become popular.

But it is still not a social norm in many places. A lot of people do hesitate to create their own profiles.

The reasons might be many and complex to understand.

One of them is definitely this fear of not sticking with social norms.

To open a Tinder account there are some requirements everyone has to meet. These requirements go straight into your authenticity.

When you sign up you will be required to share personal data. This will leave you exposed and others can easily understand you’re using Tinder.

One of them is that you will be required to link your Tinder profile to a personal Facebook account.

So, the probability for your Facebook friends to know you’re into the Tinder world is pretty high.

For many people, this is inconvenient. That’s because they don’t want others to know they run a Tinder profile.

This often happens with those who work in certain professions. They believe that having a Tinder is a bit inappropriate under the existing social context.

A teacher, for example, might feel ashamed if his/her students get to know he or she is into Tinder.

Whatever the reasons, some just want to keep their Tinder experience wholly private.

If you’re one of them you have probably asked a thousand times if you can use Tinder without Facebook.

The most sincere answer would be: “Sort of”.

Does this mean there is nothing you can do about this? Not at all.

Here we show the three best methods to use Tinder without Facebook so others don’t know you’re dating online.

Before that, make sure you understand that Tinder is very clear in that they disallow any attempt to open a Tinder account without Facebook.

Tinder has made it a REQUIREMENT for everyone who wants to join their community to first have a Facebook account.

In other words, you can’t use Tinder without Facebook.

Given that, the methods presented below are just little tricks to help you limit the exposure or diminish the probability for others to understand you’re using Tinder.

Method 1: Open a Second Facebook Profile

One way of signing up for a Tinder account without Facebook is to initially create another Facebook account.

This shall not be any major problem.  That’s because many people use a second Facebook account for different purposes and you might be one of them.

However, this time we’re assuming you don’t have one. So, we begin by creating a new Facebook profile.

When you set up a Facebook account from scratch you certainly know there are authenticity arrangements you need to put in place.

As you might know, you will be required to link your Facebook account to other existing online profiles of your own.

Typically personal email address or a phone number.

Anyway, worry less because fortunately your intimacy remains pretty much protected.

Step 1. Create a new email

For each Facebook profile, you create you need an existing email address at first.

This is not a difficult task and it only takes a few minutes of working on your computer.

There are different online platforms through which you can open your new email.

One of thing you will notice right away is that regardless of which one choose there are authentication factors to meet.

If for instance, you go for the Gmail you have to provide a telephone number and another email account of yours.

In view of this, you might think your privacy is still low but unfortunately, this is the bottom limit.

Another option you have at this stage is to create a so-called temporarily email address which will only serve you to use Tinder without Facebook.

The best thing about these types of emails is that it is not required to register or sign up.

Do a little Google research and see how you can open a temporary email address.

Step 2. Sign out from all your Facebook account and browse incognito

After you have created your new email we recommend you to launch Facebook.com and sign out from any other account that might be active at that moment.

It is also recommended for you to clean up cookies and history and also browse incognito.

Things to keep in mind

Since we want you to make no mistake when creating your new Facebook profile we recommend you to keep a note on the followings:

  • When setting up your new Facebook account for using Tinder you must keep note on the followings:
  • Choose a username which can be remembered and does not relate in any way to your real name.
  • Use a new and strong password.
  • State the date of your birth correctly because it will be required when opening your Tinder profile. It is however okay if you change it little probably the day or the month or both at the same time.

Step 3. Log in into your new Facebook account

Once you have provided the necessary data and you have clicked the sign-up button, Facebook will send a confirmation code on your temporary email address.

Go check it and copy it to Facebook to complete your sign up process.

Sometimes you may not receive your code but there’s no need to worry.

Just click the Send Again button on Facebook to request another one.

Step 4. Upload some photos

When the Homepage appears on the display you’ll get plenty of friend recommendations which are people you don’t know.

However, there’s no need for you to make any friend on this account because its sole purpose is to open your Tinder profile.

Next, you have to upload a few photos of yourself in order for Tinder to draw those and recognize you as a real person.

 Method 2. Turn off Tinder visibility on Facebook

The method we explained above is very good but for some, it doesn’t seem a good idea for whatever reason.

For some, it may look suspicious and for some others, it may seem a bit confusing.

If you’re one of those who insist on finding ways to use Tinder on having a single Facebook account stick with the method we explain below.

Usually, applications that are connected with our Facebook account often request permission to post on our timeline.

Luckily Facebook has a unique feature in that it blocks other applications you’re linked to from drawing data or sharing on your timeline.

In this way, your Facebook friends won’t be able to use you use Tinder.

Below is shown a step-by-step procedure on how you can deny Tinder access on your personal Facebook account and keep your Tinder profile a top-secret for yourself.

  1. First, login into your personal Facebook account.
  2. While you’re still on the main page (Homepage), search account settings. There is a drop-down menu button at the top right side of the display where you can find it.
  3. Once you click at Settings button a new window will appear. Search for Account preferences and double left click to open it.
  4. Next, you will see all other accounts that are linked to your Facebook profile including Tinder.
  5. Finally, a list of all those applications will appear and if you have already signed on Tinder it will also be listed there.

Note: If you’ve been using that particular Facebook account for a long period of time, there might be a long list of applications linked to it. In that case, you can easily find Tinder using a Search box placed at the top.

After you find Tinder on that menu there is a list of configurations you can change.

First of all, you want to change the app visibility from Public to Only Me. This ensures you’re the only one who can see that you use Tinder.

Except for that, you can deny Tinder to have access to the information related to your education, likes, post updates and so on shown in your personal Facebook profile.

Of course, this method has its own disadvantages.

When you set the app visibility to Only Me it means Tinder won’t be able to know your age and as a consequence.  It won’t know what matching results to display.

Method 3. Create a Tinder account using your phone number

There is a third method on how you can open a Tinder profile without Facebook. That is by using your phone number instead of a Facebook account.

But keep in mind that this method only works on the mobile version of Tinder.

What you basically do is link your account with your phone instead of your Facebook profile.

Again you cannot expect to have full privacy but still offers a great extent of relief.

Login Page - With Facebook - With Phone Number

SMS Verification Using Phone number - Tinder Without Facebook

So here’s how you can do it.

  1. First, launch the Tinder app on your mobile phone.
  2. Click “Log in with your phone number”. At this point make sure you enter your real number because you’re going to receive a message with the confirmation code on that same number afterward.
  3. Next, you’ll be required to offer an email address as well. Set a strong password for your Tinder account and a personal username. You will also have to specify your gender.
  4. In the next step, you will have to provide Tinder with access on phone Gallery and location.
  5. Finally, all you have to do is upload a profile picture from your Gallery and your Tinder account is ready to use without Facebook.

Final Word

One has always to understand that having a Facebook profile is mandatory to create a Tinder profile.

Despite that you might consider this to be a big flaw, it is better to see it as an advantage for one and sole reason:

It allows Tinder to act for your protection in case any harmful activity from outside aims at your privacy.

If for whatever reason you still want to use Tinder without Facebook there are ways to do this.

It is however of essential importance for you to remember that Tinder has made it a REQUIREMENT to link it to an existing Facebook account.

Given that, the methods we went through above are just ways you can increase your privacy while staying in line with rules set.

The best of all is that they don’t represent any suspicious activity and are technically correct.